Did you know there are more female gamers then male

Did you know there are more female gamers then male.

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How do I find a thick black gamer GF that is into pegging


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>Admits that female "gamers" mostly play Candy Crush

If you count mobile games, yes.
Because women make up 51% of the population, and men have to work while women stay home with nothing to do.

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This guy was actually raped once. Like full stop, dick in ass raped. I was a security guard in LA at a comedy club in I think either 2016 or 2017 and he showed up. I don't think to perform. Anyway, at about midnight I get a call on my radio to call police and escort people outside. They said a sexual assault was happening, like actively happening. It was some methed up homeless guy who wondered in and decided he needed to nut, saw Adam taking a piss and just went for it.
Horrific stuff really.

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Does liking farm sims make me feminine?

I don't know who that is and I'm not going to click your link but I can already hear exactly what he sounds like and know the bullshit that's going to fall out of his mouth

By mass, anyway

yeah just gotta make sure to include "females" in the count

So just an average night out in California

Amogus if he real.

Adam Lies About Everything

mobile games aren't vidya

my favorite part of this episode was at the end, two people sit down the play a game, but the game was singleplayer

>comedy club
A fucking what now? Fucking kek that sounds like the gayest most cringe shit ever. The only thing you were "securing" that day was the existence of fags and homos LOL.

maybe, if you count phones.

>survival roguelike
What does that even refer to? My guess is that actual roguelikes are ~0%.

>"Women are majority of gamers!"
>Female E3-staff releases stats of what games women play.
>Gets accused of being a problematic white male.

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Freaky literally sperged out about this exact topic last night to my gf

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honestly impressive

Man, pygmies are adorable.

Why can't womoids go 5 seconds without attention whoring?

>any dumb bitch plays candy crush or dragon harem on their phone is considered a gamer

Fags and homos are the same thing, why are you differentiating them?

"Adam Purposely Misrepresents Data to be a Contrarian Asshole" didn't have quite the same right to it.

You should also have changed 'right' to 'ring'. I appreciate the attempt, at least.

kill yourself autist

Its not for contrarianism but propaganda. Every topic he ever does has some anti white male agenda

Yeah it's fucking stupid that they keep pushing the idea that all the males playing League of Legends, or Call of Duty need to accept that girls outnumber them in gaming.

It means every mother and grand mother is gamer since they play candy crush.

This episode was so retarded, they acknowledge that girls play games and say that the industry should pander to them even though the stuff they play are facebook and mobile shit.
Most dont give a fuck about the other stuff.
Yet they keep saying to pander to them more when they already are pandered to.

>present the truth in an unbiased manner
clown world

Autist website, normalfag. Now that I think about it, a good measuring stick of roguelikeness would be how many women play or even know about it. How many women do you think play Nethack?

Remember when he got on Joe Rogan's podcast? Shit was hilarious.

>grand strategy the same as fps
huh? I thought egirls only play warzone

If gender doesn't exist then why aren't all genres 50%?

Overwatch is decently high

>womyn play games more than men and you need to make games catered to them.
>ok, but most don't play the games guys want, they already have an industry for them that caters to them
what did they mean by this?

Egirls are only a small percentage of women, I assume.

See Overwatch kinda makes sense if you think about it but what the fuck is Spelunky doing there?

but what women are playing grand strategy games?

This guy has the most punchable face ever.

When I became a woman my taste in vidya didn't change so this whole women only play mobile games isn't really true yall.

I have no earthly clue. GSG feels like one of the genres that is the least interesting to women.


spelunky looks cute xd and is played by "women"

Adam isn't entirely wrong on this subject, vidya was a genderless novelty in the early 80s, you's play frogger/pong/pacman at the local bar or whatever.

Young girls are more or less the same as young boys til they reach puberty and will play consoles or whatever. then they get that male attention and dont have time for vidya from the age of 12~ or so, except the autismos

Girls don't dive into the niche alienating vidya marketed to lads but theyll play ultra mainstream stuff like overwatch.

Who watches this shit?

>Young girls are more or less the same as young boys til they reach puberty
literal babies have different toy preferences based on their sex

Overselling it a bit with the y’all

Captcha: YWNBW

>spelunky looks cute xd and is played by "women"
It's a shame you just can't get good info on demographics these days with everyone changing their gender left right and center. Statistics like these always really fascinated me and it's really frustrating when people will lie on these surveys. MtF still have male tastes and FtM still have female tastes nearly every time

Why are people's personalities and mannerisms so easily deducted from their appearances? I wonder if people are even sentient creatures, that perhaps we are merely automata reacting to things.

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>A woman watches tv half an hour per day.
>"I'm now a movie enthusiast!"
>A woman changes oils on her family car once"
>"I'm now a gearhead who knows everything about cars lol!"
>Woman kicks a ball in her backyard one evening.
>"Holy shit I'm such a huge soccer fan!"

Women on average have slightly longer lifespans, and are subject less to forms of physical violence (such as war) which reduces the male population.

No I mean shouldn't 50% of Grand Strategy fans be women, 50% be male? Same with sports, FPS, and Match-3s?
Side note how the fuck is Match 3 only 69% female? I have never seen a single man play those games while I would always see girls playing candy crush saga and what not

Maybe they count hentai games as Match 3

If I were to play Match 3 I sure as fuck wouldn't shout it off the rooftops.

Without even watching it, I would guess that it is about how boys were pushed towards tech-y stuff and due to that there are less inputs for women getting involved which is true. Maybe it is because I lack mental illness or an allergy to grass, but I'm not going to suddenly disbelieve observable data because the guy delivering it is a faggot with an onions haircut.

That is exactly the same reason why AIs are racist and sexist.

>present data without any analysis
>try to derive prescriptive claim from data
>get confused when people want more to analysis than two blocks of data next to one another
You do not actually hold this position. If I said ''99% of all crime done in Japan is done by Japanese people'' you would shit your diaper.

The retarded lefty take is that "society" is brainwashing gender roles into people.

Which is obviously retarded since societies are a product of the people and gender roles are the same in 99% of the societies on earth throughout history because men are men and women are women and anyone inbetween is just a dysfunctional faggot.

If you are going to make an appeal to history, you have to by definition accept the same arguments from other people. Cross dressers, trans people, ''third gender'' shit have existed as concepts for thousands of years. This is why you retards should get an education instead of jerking off fallacious arguments with other NEETs online, it is one of the many reasons you dumbfucks have lost the culture war in the developed world.

Devil's curliest hair

depends on the match 3 I guess
like I played puzzle & dragons for a while, which is technically a match 3, but its so far removed from what people think of as a match 3 that I personally wouldn't really call it one
people get so autistic about the orb matching in that game which is incredibly difficult to hit the higher combo counts and you can find people who just speak as if its incredibly easy and everyone can do perfect orb combos and learnt all the movement techniques to shuffle orbs around.

its a casual game with flashy cartoony characters, just like everything else on the list.