Is Tifa Asian?

Is Tifa Asian?

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is this a reference to italian senate girl?

asians wish

Is barret asian?

She's built for white dick

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if she was she wouldn't ride barret's massive penor

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she's American

Yes. Aerith is canonically hapa and therefore superior.

she only fucks white men so yes

I thought Aeris was white.


She's Nibelian.

built for black bmw owners

yes and my wife

Half asian. Half European/Russian/American. A Happa.

Who cares just post more of her


Half-italian, half-asian

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Nose bridge to strong to be asian.



Tifa is ugly, as are all mutts with dark hair and dark eyes.

Red > Strawberry Blonde > Blonde >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I don't consider the rest human so they're not getting rankings.

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>no unchink Tifa mod

looks like a man

Tifa is Finno-Ugric

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she's an Tifa, geddit?

Nobody cares, just post her feet.

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she's our now

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No, her name is Tiffany Lockhart. That is not an asian name and therefore she isn't asian. In fact nobody in FF7 is asian except Hojo.

>He doesn't have a Tifa real doll

What are you, poor ?

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And thus she was built and handcrafted for Clouds blond pubed aryan cock

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she's half asian, half spiderman

Is Nibelheim in Asia?

god i wanna impregnate Yuffie's cute tummy.

she's not real, weirdo

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She's my ryona waifu. Currently working on commission of her getting double teamed by Hatkid&Yuffie and Skyla&Elesa

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I'm going to become Tifa!


Do you think Tifa can make good pasta?

"Tifa" appears as the suffix of 4 known girl's names.
These names are:

From Arabic. "Kind."
From Arabic. "Flowering."
From Arabic. "Gentle, pleasant."
Form Arabic word. "Clean, pure."

All of these are Arabic, making Tifa most likely to be some form of middle Eastern.

Tifa and Aerith is just Tiphereth from the Sephirotic tree separated

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then she should dress more modestly

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Most Muslim girls in the West don't dress like grannies anymore.

Yourr actually retarded faggot

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You haven't been to France

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She is perfect.

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Still can't believe SE approved this

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she isn't even from earth is she?

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It's practically part of Northern Africa at this point.

I want to talk with a femanon about final fantasy sfm

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whatever race she is doesnt change the fact the ff7 redditmake is still shit
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