Doja Cat House Party Expansion

Do we get to fuck her or see her tiddies and vag?

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These weeb virgin nerds don’t know who Doja Cat is faggot

what the fuck is a doja?

I guess that looks like her

Wtf isn't this a shitty Unity coom game? How the FUCK do they get Doja Cat on this?!

is she a tik toker or a music artist

Fuck off siiiiimp

Ligma balls

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can we cuck her with Frank?

>tfw you can creampie Doja in VR

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I will now buy your game

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this game could have been something and instead it turned into advertisement for incelebs

Yup, still NOT asking for it, chuds.

our negress

She's 100 percent asking to be degraded. Never forget that she let ugly neckbeards on the internet call her nigger just because they were white.

why the fuck are you on a site full of "weeb virgins" cool guy

I wouldn't fuck this with OP's dick.

it always was an eternal early access drip feed porn game, and always will be

to laugh at you, obviously

Would, but only if she keeps this look

whats not to like about a woman that only does anal and likes being called nigger

sorta but not really

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that's cool, i used to do something similar when i was 13

Yep, I'm thinking I'm cooming

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publicity and money, why not
would you refuse the opportunity to be put in a game tangential to your real world activities and persona?

do you better

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She looks like she fucks white guys.

They’re places where people practice fighting

Didn't she used to be based and then sold out? Not that I blame her, but still pretty disappointing

Would love it if America would stop exporting their mystery meat rappers

No. Writing one meme song years ago and not following up doesn't make or break someone's character.
Disavowals may be disingenuous but have to be convincing to be worth putting out, for the sake of one's career.

She is based

Literally handcrafted for BWC (Big White Cock).

so whats the gameplay like

>he has crazy free time even as an adult
>you don't t. wageslave
kek, retard

She does actually

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Lmao fuck no

turd clit sisters...

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Why are you guys so scared of women?

Oh no no no HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

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That's cuz she does.

What race is her?

Light skinned black


>Literally not hear or know about her and she's retiring

>Her mother, Deborah Sawyer, is a Jewish-American graphic designer, and her father, Dumisani Dlamini, is a South African performer of Zulu descent


the ugly race

sadly she's what anons have said and also jewish. look it up. wish i wasn't right.


Why are women so scared of me?

Too fat


She unironically worships white cock.

her what?

how come 99% of the current pop world is industry plants


The absolute state of WEG faggots.

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Literally fucking WHO


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the 50/60s for example had literal street niggas picked up to sing dowoop tunes
80s and 90s also had plently of grass roots musicians but without exaggeration every single artist thats not flash in the pan tiktok bullshit on current top 100 has a parent who worked or works in showbiz (and is jewish)

whiter than you

Marketing first design, the industry has boxes they want ticked, talent is the least important one of these boxes.