Now all they need to do is ruin stalker and mechwarrior and I'll gladly kill myself

Just, jesus fuck come on. How is this halo anymore?

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>arbiter is now a human female who wants chief cock
making a gay dino would've been more canon friendly than this.

I don't get it, what is this?


I thought the suit jacks him off???

Your childhood is in flames and there is nothing you can do to put it out

...what? Where is this from?

Well, it may be shit but at least it kills the retards that claims that Chief doesn’t have or has a reduced sex drive.

I'm looking up "halo tv series arbiter" and see no girl.

>implying this garbage is canon

the tv show also says that cortana was an actual adult clone of Dr. Halsey who had her brain ripped out and turned into a computer
not exactly lore-friendly

halo tv show

>they just couldnt help but put sex in a Halo tv show

It's like they're straight laughing at the video game fanbase, "HAHAHA THESE HALO NERDS HAVE NEVER BEEN WITH A WOMAN, LET'S SHOW THEM HOW IT IS"

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That's what the girl is supposed to be? I thought it was going to be a new villain, how the fuck is she the arbiter?

The writers never looked to the video games for the story, they were given an outline by 343/Microsoft and let the writers run wild with it.

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>literal fanfiction based on a synopsis
why is this allowed?

>suicide over media
The eternal Jew has you wrapped around his fingers, goy

lolwut, is there anything printed in any official Halo media that suggests this?

Well, to be frank, the reduced sex drive thing, which was a risk, was a book thing, not a game thing and Joe was going to put Chief with Miranda until Marty got involved in Halo 3, lol. Marty denied Chief Keyes pussy.

post the scene.
also the way microsoft is letting their franchises get trashed is turning me into a snoy.

>retards discovering that halo is normie trash
wow shocking

Is the second season already confirmed? Viacom loves to confirm 2 seasons even before the first one is broadcast, i hope that this time its different, i heard investors were starting to pulling out as they invested a lot in the halo show, i don't think it's true to be honest.
Sony ain't much better bro.

Yes, S2 is already confirmed.

Microsoft is barely involved with this, good luck with Sony’s gay sex push.

fun fact all these pussies are wearing cups
they would all fall down within a instance

how about Nintendo?

Do xbox fans really enjoy watching another dood fucking on the telly

Video game adaptions are just an excuse for the writers to rework previous material that didn't manage to get it's own series.
Halo is about a masked spaceman shooting things + background lore if you for some reason pay attention beyond that.
It's not supposed to have a personal focus.

is this for real?

Castlevania Netflix all over again, but at least it isn’t gay this time.

They’re fine but I’ll wait and see how their movies will do.

Someone post the webm of chief unconfortably looking at that black guy flirting with a white girl on a subway train

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it would be weird if cortana got cucked

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>and mechwarrior
mechwarrior online and mechwarrior 5 already did that

thankfully TV Chief hates Cortana

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hello i am master chief

>the only reason why they put cortana on John's head instead of helmet is just so they could have the actor helmetless as much as possible.

>implying gaylo was any good to begin with
I really miss old times.


Sounds like a fanfic.

Put enough points in Disguise and you can blend in anywhere!

>arbiter is now a human female who wants chief cock
The fact that this sounds like fanfic me and my friends would self insert in all the way back on the halo 3 days is fuckin scary.

its already over
trannies already infiltrated the community

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his name is john halo

what is this show even about?
whats the plot?

HBS doesn't count since it was a cpu hog, a unfinished mess, and will never get a sequel doesn't it did poorly.

who the hell knows. its a mess

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All they had to do was make Kurt Russel's character from Soldier. How hard is that anyway?

What the fuck was that anemic slide? Why did he try to slide in the first place? What?

at least I'll always have mechwarrior 2

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7th gen console niggers deserve post-natal abortions. This is nothing.

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Chief gets pussy

>runs directly at the brute
>just to pick up a shield
>just to protect himself from the melee weapon
>when he could have just maintained his distance

From what little I've seen it's about MC learning about his past and of Dr. Halsey's antics in creating the Spartans. He touches an Artifact that diminishes his emotion inhibitors and starts acting like a girl on her period which leads to scenes like this This Artifact is supposed to lead him to a Halo ring. Then the show will end and we'll have to wait for S2 for more.

>The field is full of corpses with ranged weapons efective against covenant
>he only grabs a shield and doesn't try to attack.
This is retarded


What was his plan here?

Yo wtf is this real?

This easily looks like the most obnoxious Cortana, both in design and attitude.
What the fuck were they thinking? Who is paying to watch this slop?

what were they thinking

Halo was always kiddy first fps garbo.

>What the fuck were they thinking?
"Those silly video game writers don't know what they're doing. Let us Hollywood geniuses show you plebs how it is done!"

You're probably not far off. Hollywood freaks have always been known for their massive egos.

Explain the story. Is this some new trans-elite human who took up the mantle of arbiter? Or did they literally gender/racebend the arbiter?

>What the fuck were they thinking?
Outrage bait. Do you really think any of this shit is made to be good or enjoyable? No, it's to be offensively bad so people talk about it.

And I sure as hell am not saying that Halo's story is some sort of literary masterpiece. Video game stories in general aren't the cream of the crop, but most of them are at least serviceable and a good enough reason to help drive the player forwards.
That small quote about how the show's writers completely disregarded the original story shows how much respect they have for the IP they're working with.

Pretty much. Indie film directors aren't the only ones who have taken up the strategy of trying to be the next The Room.

Chief also hates Halsey and literally wants to burn her alive. He fucking hates everyone

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I mean, I'd hate everyone too if I lived in that dumb-ass world.

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I'm not sure why everyone is so bothered by this. It's clearly just televised fan fiction.

this is the dumbest shit i've seen in my entire goddamn life

Actor needs screentime.

Why are humans fighting humans? Aren't there bigger problems, considering the angry aliens intent on wiping humanity off of the face of the universe?

Truth be told the actress has a really hot body.

>halo fanboy
do it anyway