Which one should I get into?

which one should I get into?

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Neither of them.

Rimworld. Dwarf Fortress is ok but runs like shit and is overrated. It's one of those games that get too much praise from mouth-breathing nerds because "hurrr it's hardcore and deep" but it's always bullshit. See: Dota, Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, etc... same shit happened with all those games.

Rimworld, its not even a contest at this point.

Rimworld if your autism is high-functioning
Dorf if your autism is low-functioning

DF is harder to get in and harder to look at
rimworld actually kind of tries to teach you how to play the game

Rimworld. You're a weak pussy to get into DF

Rimworld if you're a casual
Dwarf Fortress if you're not

Rimworld, don't be stupid.


See: Dota, Monster Hunter, Dark Souls

but those are all good games

they're both completely different games.
if you play DF, play one of the better older versions like 0.34 or something, newer versions just added pointless fluff that reduced the framerate by 60%.
you'll get extra enjoyment out of DF if you're into maps, histories, drawing etc. drawfags have a lot of fun with it

when it comes to difficulty, Rimworld is the harder game.
when it comes to just learning how to play it, DF is.
the whole "DF is hard xD" shit came from 2004 when no-one knew how to play and people were swapping stories on the SomethingAwful forums.

to "survive" in DF you can literally just get your guys underground, block up the entrance, plant two 4x4 farm plots and make nest boxes for your turkeys. congrats your fort is self sufficient and will last forever (until someone goes crazy)

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Played DF all throughout highschool. it's a lot of fun, but Rimworld + mods beats it out by a long shot.

Dwarf fortress if you want to focus on the colony, rimworld if you want to focus on the people I adore dwarf fort, but another good option is songs of syx. Fun game with a neat combat premise. If not your style, just 'try' dwarf fortress, it's free after all.

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All those epic greebtext dorf fort stories youve read took multiple hours and also neglect to inform you of all the other bullshit that happens in between lines. Get RimWorld as it's an actual game

tantrum spirals spurring civil wars are goto for me

its also kind of like Factorio versus Satisfactory
both are great games, but just play slightly differently.
Rimworld has its charm, i especially like that i can just focus on my ~dozen guys and managing power, research etc is fun.
Dorf Fort you can build in 3d, your fort has ~250 dudes in it (a 'small' fort has 80 dwarves in it) but its harder to learn.

a big difference too is while shit in Rimworld is mostly fluff text, everything in Dwarf Fort is actually simulated (for better or for worse).
which leads to a problem where objectively Rimworld is the better "game" cuz it's actually designed to be a game.
whereas Dwarf Fort is a 1:1 sandbox simulation first and a video game second, so in DF you'll experience issues like lag or silly bugs simply by the virtue of "that features isnt planned for 10 years from now" and your PC melting thru your floor cuz the game is calculating the toenail growth rate of every one of 400,000 NPCs in a map the size of Texas

tl;dr play both

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when/if rimworld adds proper z level DF will officially be obsolete

Rimworld has better mods.

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>dwarf fort steam this year

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rimworld is an incomplete game with an awful modding scene, won't bother playing dwarf fortress either, i'd rather play something else

Dwarf Fortress when it releases on Steam


This Play Rimworld, you normie.

Dwarf Fortress 2012
it's the minecraft beta of this game. it has none of the issues of modern DF. still has its own issues though
be sure to pirate the 300 page tutorial book for extra comfiness

Rimworld have the best coomer garabage. Dorf felt too bland since your control over dwarfs isn't as personal as in rimworld

Both are overrated trash but are fun in their own rights. Dwarf fortress does colony better, rimworld does colonists better.
Songs of syx is also worth looking at.

>paying $30 for a worse UI and an ugly tileset
>2/3rds of that money doesnt even go to the dev

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dwarf fortress has fallen behind over the years. Still good for a few runs if you haven't played it before but the game itself will always run like shit and after a while you realise it only starts to get somewhere when you get your population up.
I really loved making meat grinders and intricate traps for goblin armies but the army size is dependent on the size of your colony so you have limit yourself weirdly to ever see cool shit unless you want to see it frame by frame.


Rimworld is like dwarf fortress without the bullshit autismo stuff. I like both but play rimworld more because its simpler to get in to, it cuts out the nonsense and is fun to mod, I also like the space cowboy aesthetic a lot. When I stop playing dwarf I go for years at a time and have to relearn all the hotkeys cus I'm too adhd addled to stick to it for any length of time to create lifelong muscle memory.

DF was more interesting ten, fifteen years ago. the novelty it had has permeated everywhere, so anyone playing it for the first time today is unlikely to appreciate the parts that actually were new and innovative back when the game was first released

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>Rimworld is like dwarf fortress without the bullshit autismo stuff.
>when Dwarf Fort is literally just place 2 farms, dig a nice drinking hall and sip your bottle of scotch while watching them have fun little adventures

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I got 78 dwarves on my first fortress. When is the game going to start running like shit?

Dwarf fortress is dead for all intents and purposes because of technical issues
>Extremely CPU dependent game that can't utilize modern CPUs, making it do so will require reworking more than decade worth of cpp code
>Also other issues that cripple performance which are easier to solve but dev doesn't give a fuck even about those
At this point the only situation where DF has any future if he sells it to someone, as of now it's unplayable.

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>shart souls
lmao, the only good soulsborne game is Sekiro

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who could have suspected that tracking the temperature of every single lost sock would end up like this

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>2/3rds of that money doesnt even go to the dev

i don't know why i didn't realize toady wasn't self publishing
why isnt he?

Rimjobworld pedophile extension anyone?

Dwarf Fortress had a BLM popup. Let that judge your decision for you.

DF is a bit more in-depth but Rimworld is a lot better with playability which is the important part

Both are good, Go with Df if you like story type shit and don't mind the UI autism. Go with rimworld if you want more gameplay type shit.

Vampires made Dwarf Fortress unplayable

>unlikely to appreciate the parts that actually were new and innovative
such as?

gaben takes a cut
then toady sold out to a canadian indie dev team solely based on the fact that they had a high post count on the bay12 forums.
they also have the guy who killed the game's modding community and 1 actual basedlad taking a cut each too.

and it all only happened cuz toady's brother got cancer and the fat fucking retard is too stupid to realize he can either pay $100/mo for health insurance or just live somewhere with free health insurance off of his $3k~9k/mo passive income

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>complaining about migrants that are literally immortal, are perfect supersoldiers and will keep your fortress from ever failing
>a bad thing

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dangerously based

>they also have the guy who killed the game's modding community and 1 actual basedlad taking a cut each too.
Meph is out of the project for "forgetting" to remove stolen art from his pack.

Get a proper game with gameplay and goals instead of le wacky situations I can post on reddit simulators. If you really want just that get AI Dungeon and skip the pointless boring mechanical part.

guns n weed >>> gay dorfs

>complaining about an element that casualizes the game


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>ai dungeon
lol no one is going to play your neutered trash, mormon.

Neither has Steam achievements, so both are shit. I'm being serious here for once.

his name has permanently tarnished it, like everything that kid has touched

Dwarf Fort literally has an achievement system built into Soundsense you fucking cheevo-zoomer

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You don't need extension for that, RJW already support that naturally

What else did this guy do ?

he stole mods for his modpack, then edited the mods so they became reliant on his modpack, then he set up a patreon and, at one point, was making $9k/mo in donations when the actual dwarf fortress dev was only getting 3k
naturally, once people realized that any mods they posted would just get stolen they just stopped making mods
even the dwarf fort general had some guys that would refuse to post their mods because they didnt want them stolen

in RL the dude was a richfag german kid completely disconnected from reality.
he ended up going on a cycling trip thru fuckign SYRIA and acted surprised when he got held up at gunpoint and robbed.
apparently his external harddrive which had the only copy of his modpack was taken as well