Cryptofags 2013-2022?

Yea Forums pc bros whats your thoughts on crypto crashing, ive been mining on my 6800xt a little cause ive been too busy to game and if you cant beat em join em so i have a little eth but i never put any of my actual money in so im not losing alot but still kinda stings but also ecstatic that cryptofags that fucked up msrp and stock by buying 50gpus are fucking being punished by devine intervention

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>Yea Forums

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Oh, good, here comes another opportunity to buy.

Have some fucking empathy, you sociopath. A lot of people are going to die unless this market recovers soon.

fair enough

Nigger, learn how to write.

slurp the dip

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/biz/ here. Blackrock is behind the crypto crash.
To put it simply, they are crashing the price of Bitcoin through fear mongering of stable coins.
They then plan to buy up a bunch of Bitcoin for cheap as soon as it bottoms out and use the stable coin crash to push for regulation.
This will result in only 'verified' companies being able to be able to sell Stable Coins.
Blackrock will become the owner of the top digital stable coin on the market, and become the go to 'bank' for crypto currency / digital money.

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is this ironic


fuck cryptoniggers

So they're spreading misinformation to causes retard paper hands to sell for low prices, will buy a fuck ton once it hits a certain threshold then announce it as a stable coin comparable to the USDC, inflating the price to higher-than-original levels before the dip?

Yes. They will own everything, and you will own nothing.
Creator of Cardano (ADA) confirmed it.

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Good, they deserve it for being drooling retards.

It's not like this has happened several times in history

you already did lol
>Yes, everything on eth when it hits 2000 please
how low can we go, boys?

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magic internet monopoly money won't make you rich faggot

Where my Shibabros at?
should we buy the dip??

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>i never put any of my actual money in
You got free energy?

Just remember what goes down must go up.

I heard retards on Reddit that put all they had in crypto are offing themselves. True?

i brought $100 worth of this shit before doge even took off. whats it worth?

Good. Like the clown says YOU GET WHAT YOU FUCKING DESERVE. Fuck them for making my job harder for the past 5 god damn years trying to procure simple shit.

that's what they said about old man jenkins
he never has been the same since

i meant like i never actually bought if you include powerbill i put in like 15 bucks a month and i started in march

Did the same, got a good 1k out of it last year
Now it's trash again

>people should die because i had a hard time buying a video card
Unironically get help.

>>people should die because i had a hard time buying a video card
Yes, fuck them and their lives for making mine harder

>of this shit before doge even took off
Then your time passed, Shiba hit the ceiling in October from last year iirc. Today it isn't even worth 1/8 of its all time high.

This isnt biz kys street shitter

Yes. Problem faggot? They cause problems for me, I'll be happy when they're gone.


>n-nooooo i need this graphics card for uhhhhh my family
go fuck yourself nigger

Guys, people are suiciding over this. Have some sympathy and compassion.

Damn :(
I remember trying to cash out sometime in August? but couldn't because it costs to convert that into a cashable currency. Never touched crypto again after that.

We need eth to be under $800 to have gpu with normal price

Unironically he's right. Cryptofaggots burned a ton of resources just to get a shot at getting rich off of selling literal fucking nothing.

Fuck yeah, cheap crypto.

do i buy my coin of choice now or wait a week or so?

Healthy person's compassion is reserved to people close to them or at least sharing common interests, not random tards who Darwin'd themselves trying to play online casino and definitely not for those who cause commodity shortages impacting everyone because of their investment in that casino. Let them all die, I'll laugh at them.

this time, surely, crypto is dead
h ah a ha ha ha ha haaha ha haa haa what a scam is what we say ha ha ha ha

Maybe, maybe not. The thing is at least a handful of cryptominers and investors lost all their money and some of them will kill themselves. (And that's a good thing!)


I hope everyone partaking in this shit kill themselves.

We are in the middle of a climate and energetic crisis and these faggots are wasting electricity for Monopoly money and getting scammed by "totally not a piramidal scheme"

Maybe? This time its a bit different, the normal stock market is also crashing, and interests are going up so cash is king again. People who made big bucks in the last decade can now just sit on their money. I dont see a huge reason for something this volatile to be picked up again in at least a decade since we will see interest rate go up for a long time to come and then the cycle will repeat

There are people who threw their life savings into it. Sadly people kill themselves for less.

It's literally the fourth time this happens and people are somewhow still suprised. The cycle topped in 2021, see you in 4 years when you're bitching about it again.

Why would i feel bad about someone's bad life choices? You take a gamble and sometimes it goes south. Those people could spend their time and money on learning an universally useful skill that can be turned into value, yet they decided to go for highly abstract 'business' stuff. Some did well on it, good for them, some did bad, bad for them. I'm cracking bad jokes about some of my childhood acquintances who ended up as lowlifes due to their bad choices, and I won't hesitate from joking about cryptofags either.

"Muh climate and energy"
Go back to twatter.

Fuck you. I'm sure you were laughing at how smart you thought you were by buying on the criptomeme, and spewing "have fun staying poor" and retarded shit like that.

So fuck you. If people kill themselves over this, they fucking deserve it. I too would kill myself out of shame for falling for such an obvious scam

BlackRock brainwashing is working well i see.


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Stablecoins got ripped apart in a month. It just proves BTC is king and any other shitcoin is a rug pull and I hope everyone who bought kills themselves.

Crypto is dead.
Who the fuck is investing money into crypto now? You had your chance over 10 years ago - You had your chance another 1-2 times after that. Now everyone is fucked thanks to the global economy being shit plus you had garbage like NFT monkeys giving every crypto project a bad name.

Nobody thinks after this "Now is the time to invest!"
Nobody wants to buy your shitty bags.

Muh "I'm a retard who doesn't understand he lives in a world with finite resources"

I see BlackCock is working for you

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I don't mess with crypto, but I got gifted $2000 worth of ETH a few months ago. Now it's worth around $800. I should have sold that shit immediately.

Except if you are retarded like Square Enix. Remember they sold all those fucking IPs for peanuts to enter the cryptomeme and NFT.

Talk about good business decisions

Hey, look at it this way, you're still up $800. Are you selling it now?

Who the fuck gifts 2k of crypto?

Crypto is dying now that the mainstream knows about it. Everything was going well until NFT shit put it all over youtube and twitter and now people think every single crypto thing is a ponzi scheme with the person behind it simply trying to fuck you over. You have multiple 3-4 hour long videos telling people that everything about crypto is a fraud and a scam.

>now people think every single crypto thing is a ponzi scheme with the person behind it simply trying to fuck you over
It is

it wasn't before?

Sell it now, you will still win 800$ and will contribute to lower the price for everyone, it will be hilarious

This is clearly wrong.
Not every crypto project is a ponzi scheme.

Some crypto projects are pyramid schemes. Others simply exist for money laundering.
And some are simple rugpulls.

Terra devs

Crypto was only relevant when the stock market was doing well. Now that there's a recession looming, its over, it wont recover for another 3-4 years

>that one time /biz/ gave hundreds of thousands of dollars in crypto to a bunch of indians - thinking they had the next LINK with the poos rugpulling them and running away with all the money

[citation needed]

B-but crypto was IMMUNE to fiat currency value, it was a safe value like gold in the good ol' days!

Crypto can only do well if the economy is doing well.
Nobody has any money to invest right now - People need to pay their bills and prices are exploding. I am not eating instant noodles for 30 days a month just so i can put another 500 hundred into a different shitcoin.

That was epic. Epic for the win

Don't worry my dear. Your Rubic will stay kubic.


Crypto can do well only if money keeps entering. The moment money stops entering, it all goes to shit because crypto doesn't produce any product, service or benefit.

The money that enters goes to pay the people who are already in crypto. I wonder what other kind of organisation or scheme works like that, if any

Yay more stimmy checks :)))))))))))

graphchads we are back

>buy in to unregulated ponzi scheme that screams ponzi scheme at all levels
>be surprised when gigantic fluctuations happen
the retards deserve it