What games have the best lighting

what games have the best lighting

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You have a flat brain user zing ding wing wowzer

Nick, you're a dumbass unfortunately.

Do we really need a conspiracy thread?
Also FEAR I guess

Are flat earthers brain damaged?

Light does bend over curves though. Light bends over near the proximity of black holes

>Do we really need a conspiracy thread?

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Did you escape /x/?

kek i love flat earthers

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even if the earth was round we would still see a reflection like this.
the best flat earth argument is still why does the horizon rise to eye level.

At this point, flat earthers would need to create and agree on their own alternate model for celestial movement, complete with accurate predictions and provable denial of current scientific fixtures. If I were a flat earther why wouldn't I just kms right now?

A sphere is made up of infinite flat surfaces, it’s basic calculus

it doesnt at high altitude

Because eyeline =/= eye level. When we look at the horizon, our pupils are pointing ever so slightly downwards. The horizon may appear to rise to our physical eyeballs, but our line of vision is pointed downwards by a matter of degrees.

for me personally, it's the ice ball.

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Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition
Minecraft RTX

user, they think the Earth is flat, not even Columbus and people thought the world was flat, of course they have brain damage.

>the best flat earth argument is still why does the horizon rise to eye level.
Uh, because you move your eyes to look at it?

Based, there's still no answer as to why we can see way farther than the horizon should let us

I live here and have only visited it like twice in my entire life. It's just one big mirror. Big woop.

Maybe I just don't enjoy things. I feel this way about every tourist site.

But who would win, a sun made out of flat earths or a sun made out of lions?

What the fuck do they think happens when people fly to the same destination by going opposite directions to have the shortest possible route?

clouds are created by megacorps for the sole purpose of masking airplane windows

They probably think all plans go in the same direction or that it's like a fucking NES game where it wraps back around with magic. I have no idea, but they're fucking retarded.

yeah but how does nighttime work here

Dead Space

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Uuuuh if Earth is not flat, why your shoe's bottom is flat?
Suck it, retards!

They think the airlines are in on it. Every single one, and every single pilot too. Also every astronaut and the entirety of NASA.

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Lions are more dangerous but there would be more flat earthers.

>Light does not bend over curves
I...ya know what, I'm just gonna ignore the stupidity for once and move on.

Also Alien Isolation has really good lighting.

>moon is round
>sun is round
>every planet and moon in our solar system is round
>every observable star, planet and moon in the entire universe are round
>somehow earth is flat

This triggered the flat earthfag

I'm not sure people realize that you see in 2D because you are a 3D creature, just as a 4D creature would see in 3D, a 2D creature sees in 1D, etc.

I don't think their brains actually comprehend what 3D actually is and therefore everything to them is just flat.

Earth = Globe
Arda = Flat

Fucking self-cursed after born

And the best question to shoot down a flat earther is simple: If the earth is a flat disc, how can it be summer in Australia but winter in America at the same time?
I've heard all sorts of hilarious bullshit, but most of them say "w-watch this video, it explains everything" and the video is some guy speaking word salad for 20 minutes that doesn't answer a single one of my questions.

>no game where this happens and the flat earth dinos flung into space became an advanced civilization that returns to subjugate the earth

It does, look at high altitude balloons, plane footage, or red bull space jumps interior cam.
I get what you mean, our sight warps the view but I still don't see why the ground would be visible when you're really high up, at some point the horizon should sink so you can see more of the earth right.

uhhhhhh the sun moves between different puddles and uhhhhhh only one puddle can get sun at a time but it moves really fast between them so no new puddles form okay!?!?!?!?

That shit is scary

The Earth WAS flat and plentiful, but God made it round and made most of its surface water after Adam & Eve fucked up.

user the easiest way is literally just showing them the shadow of a stick because it curves, or showing an ant walk over the 'horizon' of an orange.

There are tons of easy ass ways to prove they're wrong, they're just stupid.

>I'm not sure people realize that you see in 2D because you are a 3D creature, just as a 4D creature would see in 3D, a 2D creature sees in 1D, etc.

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Now that's some deep lore

Uhm sweaty, they're actually disc-shaped; please get educated before you make another another incorrect attribution, ok hun?

Light doe not bend faggot, the only thing that makes light bend is extreme amounts of gravity.

They have ""explanations"" for that easy shit. Ask them how timezones work however and you get retarded answers like "you can't see the sun once it gets far enough away from you [in the sky]"

Someone say shadows and sticks?

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Earth is fat.

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He's right user, if you saw in 3D, you'd also see the back, top, and bottom of an object at the same time you're seeing the front and sides.

>my inconsistent model must be correct because yours is wrong

how many drugs do you need to consume to come up with this shit

>light does not bend
explain fiber optics


He probably read flatland; you should too.

Well tell me then, how can the hemispheres have separate seasons if the earth is a flat disc and there is only one sun?

this has to be a bait pic

The horizon is the closest thing to an edge that a sphere has. No matter where you are in relation to a sphere, you will always see a single point where the surface peaks and descends. It's an innate property of spheres, every viewing angle is exactly the same.

why would this shut anyone up? first your doing what aboutism and if the earth was flat there would be lots of stuff you wouldn't know the answer to
the shadow of a stick behaves the same on a flat surface, you can also bring ships back into view with telescopes, that's just perspective at work.

based i like the idea that the sun is some big man on the ice shining a flashlight at it, rotates it a bit and turns it on and off at regular intervals and does it so enough biomass food grows in the small water hole and he reaches down and eats it

and (me), sitting in a tree, KAY AYE ES ES EE EN GEE

3D space would look flat to 4D vision, in the reverse if someone in a 3D plane saw a 4D being they would just be a looming 2D image that was impossibly large due to perspective.

neither model is accurate retard

It shuts them up because they can't come up with a suitable reason. I have to work with a bunch of flat earth retards and that is how I got them to shut the fuck up.


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if the Earth really is flat, I think there would be more fuss about it
or do you really think every single country is fucking on it? even during shit like the big wars?

>you see in 2D
Depth perception. Not to mention our other senses influence our interpretation of what we see.

Nothing he said is wrong.

>the best flat earth argument is still why does the horizon rise to eye level.
It doesn't, even on a flat earth, unless that earth is an infinite plane. But it approaches it pretty close after a handful of miles.

The gobal model explains seasons quite well, actually. It also explains timezones, why the sun goes down, why ships rise out of the water when you watch them come into port, and it also explains why the northern and southern latitudes have 40 days of night in the winter.

What do flat earthers even think is the motive behind the supposed conspiracy? It just seems like a whole lot of work for no reason. Like if it was confirmed that the earth is flat tomorrow, my life wouldn't change in any real way. I'd still have to go to work and pay the bills.


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Very cool.

It's a reference to the politician that started the we ate nam war.

>What do flat earthers even think is the motive behind the supposed conspiracy?
it's based

Don't discriminate against people of Welshness.

That is exactly why your eyes work the way they do, they both provide an image that overlays onto each other to give the illusion and perspective of 3D, you aren't actually seeing in 3D, it's just an illusion by your eyes. Even then, you can't view all sides of a 3D object at the same time, therefore you aren't viewing in true 3D at all. There is a reason that VR and 3D glasses work the way they do by crossing images, it's an illusion meant to trick your eyes just as your eyes trick and work to distorted natural things in order to give you a better sense of perspective and perception.

It discourages people from trying to go to the edge and end up on the bottom side where the loli catgirl empire thrives

Roughly split 50/50 between christian fundamentalists and ultra-mega schizos who believe that literally everything is a illuminati fabrication. Both astroturfed to keep the former's resources and the latter's autism powers from all the ACTUAL evil shit that goes on in the world.

>"you don't see in 3d"
>"you see in fake 3d"
pretty disingenuous tbqhwyf

If you lose an eye or get a lazy eye, you wont see in 3D anymore.

Yes, that is how that works. 3D implies you have 3 different dimensions, when you're looking at a standing human are you able to see every single side of them? No, your eyes are just projecting what the image should realistically look like while still leaving out valuable information, because you can't visibly comprehend seeing every single side of a human at the same time.

And if you lose both eyes, you won't see at all. Literally meaningless.

2D shapes/creatures would have a 1D surface to receive light so they would see in 1D.

Yes you lose tangible depth when viewing with a singular eye, you still have specific sensory cues in order to perceive something as appearing as 3D.

Well, yeah, but your faux 3D vision needs both eyes.

The size of the pale is just overwhelming

You essentially see a 2d image with a mental overlay, telling you how far X and Y is. This overlay is largely habitual and can fail if you view something with an unusually large scale. Have you been to the Grand Canyon? Some people report experiencing that when seeing it for the first time.

>flat earth
Disgusting. Real Chads believe in the hollow earth.

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Why does this structure arouse me?

Because there's a lot of transparent matter between you and the horizon.

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The globalists exert their power in any way they can just to fuck with you.

Just because the human brain has cheating levels of image processing capability doesn't mean that the image from a single source isn't a 2D image.

He is completely and utterly right, there is a reason your brain doesn't see the back of a human being while looking at their front, ie: 3D.

You see in 2D images with X/Y coordinates and distance/depth perception. It's common fucking sense. You can still do it with a single eye as well, but you lose some of that depth perception. I'd wonder why some of you people don't understand basic biology and science, but here I am in a flat earth thread, so what was I expecting.

>advanced races
Spacelet COPE

Why don't they just get a really good hot air balloon? There's some that get really high and it's not as expensive or dangerous like that retard who killed himself in a rocket he made to prove that earth is flat.

This, like covid and lockdowns. They wanted people to stay home just because

>inside the earth is a 2D era final fantasy map

basketballs are flat.

pic related, a basketball

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Don't they also believe that Australia doesn't exist?