Why did they fuck this up so badly, went from the best controller on earth to the worst. Stop eating my inputs

Why did they fuck this up so badly, went from the best controller on earth to the worst. Stop eating my inputs.

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What do you mean? My X controller just werks

idk what you're talking about, it's my favorite controller

There are more colors to choose, like pink.

My left trigger keeps scraping against something on the inside of the controller whenever I push it down all the way. Anyone else have this problem? I'm gonna open it up and see if there's anything in there but wanted to see if any other anons know what's up.

I have the exact same thing on mine. It's only on the left trigger but it happens because you're slightly pushing the trigger into the body of the controller when pushing it down. Try pulling it to the outside slightly while pushing it down and it goes away.

Have you updated it? Fixed all problems for me.

You're right, interesting. It's just a temporary thing though, so I guess I'll open it up for real and sand something down as long as doesn't fuck with anything.

It's impossible to play Sekiro with that shitty controller.

Just add gyro aiming to it and it'll be literally perfect

I played through it fine with that. My only issue is I wish the bumpers were shorter like the 360's.

Yeah, they could have put an happy face on it instead of that one

Y button only works half the time

Same with the A button.

Why the fuck did they ruin the D-Pad? The Xbox One controller FINALLY had a good D-Pad after Nintendo's patents expired, and then they just went back to the shitty one? WHY?

you need to update it. it's fucking retarded, I don't know why they can't just ship a fucking finished product.

All my xb1 controllers end up getting stick drift after a few months of use, never had that issue with my 360

It doesn't eat your inputs it simply doesn't register them.

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The Sex controller dpad is fantastic, what are you even on about?

Can't you only update it with an Xbox? Most people just buy these to play on PC

playstation trannies on damge control

It would be perfect if the D-pad wasn't the loudest thing in the universe.

I updated using the Xbox accessories app on PC. The controller was unusable for almost a year before the new update.

>Massages the button like it's a clit
>Oh wow, it doesn't register
Literally, clinically, medically retarded

>Muh mechanical keyboard with cherry cola lemonade keys is the best! Click clack click clack
>Ugh, dpad too loud

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what if you hate both

Just look at these Neanderthal grugs mashing buttons and playing games that require zero finesse. Pathetic.

not trying to start a war but the switch pro controller is better in every possible way. mainly the buttons, but everything else is pretty much better too aside from maybe the handles

No analog triggers

name 1 game that uses them

You need to own a real console to argue about real controller's

Corporations just went full jew mode and started to make cheap controllers to force you buy them over and over again.
The stick drift problem? Could be easily avoided by using electromagnetic sticks. Why they don't use them? Because then you will no longer need to keep buying new controllers like a good goy.
The worst part is trying to find a replacement for your old console since they stop the production.

Forza horizon 5

Every racing game, flight games

i'm more interested in the fact that elite v2 controller has been out for almost 3 years now and they still haven't fixed any of its problems, $180 piece of trash

Like clockwork.

>Massages the button like it's a clit
fuck you i almost laugh at my office

Devil May Cry

Do people still play those lol

you need a Duke

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What I'm supposed to play? Undertale?

Had this issue with mine, looked it up and its a known issue apparently. Ended up getting spare 360 controllers instead.

Hope they fixed it by now

hey I have that color, anyway I found nothing wrong with it so far and honestly nothing in the same price range appears to be outright better to me


You're supposed to play Elden Ring and Monster Hunter like the rest of Yea Forums does.

>Hope they fixed it by now
They didn't, it's a fundamental pcb design flaw which causes the poor contact. You can't fix it without redesigning everything which they won't do since normies don't notice the issue.

People always shit on the 360 dpad but the one on the duke was a fucking monstrosity.

You're probably the only other person on v/ that can understand the joke from experience

Sounds like a (you) problem. Never had an input eaten.

I actually love it when I play Yugioh. It makes almost no sound and is quite comfortable to press. It's probably terrible for fighting games though.

Do people still play those lol

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It's 2022 you know?


So? I got my controller this winter and it was still fucked.

my right trigger is sticky now. any advice?

if you're not using pressure-sensitive buttons then that is a cope argument, there is no finesse, it's binary

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No problems here.

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Still a (you) problem

Don't cum and play at the same time


That color scheme looks great.

That dpad looks good for fighting games

t. not a pad player