What’s your go-to melee weapon?

What’s your go-to melee weapon?

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Do bongs really?



That's not a knife, that's a spoon


Why are they like this?

Melee? I'm a casterchad.

based religion of peace

How are you meant to eat?

>banning guns will work guize!

Good citizens of great britain it is of the utmost imperative for you to disarm yourselves! Think of the damage those weapons could cause!


Zweihander. Ever since I found it in the graveyard in DS1, it's become my go-to souls weapon.


Americans are too retarded for firearms.

What the fuck bongies?

One of my previous jobs was on a go kart track. I have a collection of pocket knives from all the fuccbois and thugs that come in.

feudal nation


White firearm homicide rate is 1.2 per capita. America has the highest guns per capita in the world.

Fists, if I need to hold a stick to hit something I become mad

they're poop knives, you fucking zoomers

Can you really find free sideswords by just flying to the UK, prying open an amnesty bin with a crowbar, and digging around? Lucky.

That one geezer who put his ww2 collection in there

This, white firearm homicide rates in America are less than many European countries

>implying crowbars are legal there

They are planning genocide of the native population, first they must be disarmed

>one of the “baseball bat” options is a dope ass guitar you can bash skulls with
The only correct choice

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I'm waiting to see one of these with some sort of priceless heirloom kitchen knife/dagger that some granny didn't know what she had

Nuke England

Sorry, I mean claw-a-pry handrods.

>dual Balder Side Swords

dam son

>implying bongs cook
You don't need a knife to eat frozen pizza or canned pasta

that's a proper sunday meal
the usual is a chip butty and some beans

yuromuttland is really weird to me. these people seriously think it's a good idea to have cops arrest people for carrying a screwdriver, think pocket knives should be illegal, need a license to buy kitchen cutlery, need to pay a license to buy a TV and jail people for having their dog nazi salute or say they don't fancy mass immigration.

I see bongs have played knifey spoony before

Why would someone just bin this?

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>tfw have a concealed carry loicense for screwdriver

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because it's rusty trash

bongs think this shit is some great deed for the community when in reality it's just old timers dumping their rusty shit without wanting to put it in a trash bag and poke holes in it

getting rid of grandpas stuff I guess

>antique sabres
Reminder those are 100% stolen from actual war heroes by 'concerned relatives' and are worth hundreds to thousands of dollars, but the police will just incinerate them without making any attempt to return them.

what kind of loadout selection do you like?

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Probably a woman who inherited a house and doesn't understand why the husband kept them because she sees them as trash.

axe boys ww@?

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is it illegal to own crossbows, flare guns and shotguns in canada

alongside drugs its seen as intent to harm or something. not too different than the states

What the fuck is a knife amnesty bin

>game doesn't know what time period its set in

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That's a lie because euro countries don't separate crimes by race. America's white murder rate is almost as high as most of europe's countries entire populations. Learn to read graphs.

>game doesn't let you use custom weapon models

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it's like a recycling bin where you surrender your cutlery

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They are trash.

Imagine colonizing half of the world just to get colonized by half of the world.

>Confiscate all the cutlery
>Brits all starve to death because you can't eat a full english without a fork
Oi vey its anodah dunkirk

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It's the only solace I have in life is knowing that chicken came home to roost for the Anglo and their mutt kin.
Also fucking vidya games.

so you're a seething third worlder with no life. got it.

>That's a lie because euro countries don't separate crimes by race.
That's because if you did you would notice that only certain demographics are vastly over-represented in crime.
>America's white murder rate
Its around 3-4 per capita, compared to 23 for blacks.

The point is that whites commit a negligible amount of firearm homicide despite the country having more firearms than people. Americans aren't "too stupid" to own firearms, niggers are as evidenced by the statistics. You would do well to understand the reasons why criminals as well as your ruling elite find it convenient for you to be a harmless.

not like they had good food anyway. civilized utensils are wasted on english cuisine

Don't worry mate. The food slides right down.

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What am I missing here? Why would people put their chef and steak knives in a bin for the police to collect?? Are they dull?? How are they going to cook dinner????????

>chicken came home to roost
anglos gave thousands of years of civilization and technology to retards and in turn they moved into their home and destroyed everything
very cool

>it just goes right through me!

The IRA won.

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>pizza cutter

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>europe's midgets who speak portugese and can stand on their heads knife crime rate is really low guys!

Are they or are they not Americans regardless of race? From the outside we view you ALL as the same fucking burgers. ALL.

Taking the piss. How do JFs just not get banter at all? Fucking Johnny Foreigners. Should all just piss off back home, get the fuck off OUR world wide web.