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Why do Americans worship corporations now?

he only has himself to blame.

What's this all about?

religion is evil because it hates women and gay people


Street fighter composer said that fei long might not return due to him being a Bruce lee reference

>ESL composer for SFV answers question for which character he'd like to compose a new song for, brings up Fei Long.
>because he's ESL he says that he KNOWS that Fei Long will never return because the Bruce Lee family is no longer allowing depictions/expies of him that are comedic or otherwise not "honourable"
>was really just guessing but lolESL
>journalists take this as the gospel truth, immediately bombard Capcom and the Lee estate with questions
>never ask the composer to clarify
>composer is now blacklisted from working with Capcom
The moral of the story here is don't talk to journalist and don't be ESL

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Sounds based to me.

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Guys, guys is this the thread where we know fuck-all about what the subject is and start spamming random nonsense?

>Be a journalist
>Blow everything out of proportion and publish it on every website possible and do no fact checking or clarification that the person making statement has no power or proof because you're parasites

This sounds like an exceedingly dumb situation.

>Make up lie
>Hey Capcom what's this
>Hey public Bruce Lee account what's this
go fuck yourself dude

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He's telling you outright that it's him vs the kind of scum that loves to spread lies. How dense can you get, OP.

All this shitshow tells me that Fei Long will actually be playable in the next game.

>be a journalist
>dont do your job
that sounds like journalism alright

Are you really taking the side of video game journalists?

Exactly it's just another publicity stunt

Modern journalism is sensationalism and being the first to report something with as little info as possible, along with making everything into a horse race and presenting blatant idiocy as being equal to facts.

I'm taking the side that causes the most harm to ESLs, yes.

The dudes in Eventhubs are barely journalists. They just post everything they find in social media about Street Fighter and other fighting games. Its a site of fanboys for fanboys that other people took as a good source.

This is too old for zoomers to understand

NEVER talk to gaming journalists. Or any journalist. Just don't fucking do it.

This, they have entire articles over single pieces of fanart or cosplay. They're so desperate for clicks and content to write about it's fucking embarrassing. They often write about their own friends because they need to write about something


that was a guy, right?

It's not THAT old
>15 years ago
Oh fuck I'm officially old aren't I?

just talking about the company you work for is death sentence

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hey you can't repost/use that image you thief

Capcom is very very sensitive about it too. Just look at what happened to Sajam when he mentioned the flawed SFV netcode.

It's okay I've got you covered user

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It was his own fault for crashing his career.

Never talk to urinalists. They are the enemy of the people.

Nor talk anything about your company if you work on helping doing games.

EFLs like you are so fucked in the head

>Why do Americans worship corporations
Since day one. The US is a country built on corporatism, wars, debt, which finance an usually(historically) unsustainable combo of large immigration, overspending, hedonistic culture, low birth rate, and the list goes on and on. It works BECAUSE the citizenry doesn't worship a god, like said.
If there were a religious renaissance in the US, the country would collapse overnight because it wouldn't be engaged in wars, exporting pornography and weaponry, or promoting deviant sexualities overseas through NGOs in order to gain power and influence in foreign governments to then extract natural resources/ engage in drug selling/sex slavery/organ harvesting.

Think about the Roe v Wade abortion fiasco. It's obviously a ploy to distract from the fact that the russians are destroying the ukrainian army and capturing more and more territories, the war being already over because a lot of ukrainian soldiers have begun deserting due to the war being unwinnable, but the reason why it's being used is linked to the corporatism and money behind abortion and all the stem cell harvesting that's being done behind the scenes. If you ask me, the women should get in on this and kill their children right before birth, because there's more material to sell then. They're already celebrating abortion with t-shirts and that, why not go the full mile and make bank while you're at it? i mean you're already selling your body online on Onlyfans. But enough of the tangent. The point is it will never be overturned in all states, abortion isn't going away, that's why it was safe to use as a distraction from the war.

tl;dr shit's fucked yo

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I would have said you need your meds, but it seems you're past that point already. Dunno how you function my dude, but it can't be pleasant.

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Journos should be treated like cops. Never talk to them unless you absolutely have to, and even then consult a lawyer first

>he doesn't know
>he actually thinks only China engages in organ harvesting
Adorable. You're like the wife who doesn't know what the husband does for a living but never questions the big McMansion, the 5 cars, the 5 vacations per year, etc.

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We all saw it in meme videos after the fact, same as chocolate rain

>>composer is now blacklisted from working with Capcom


i liked his music in re6

source on the organ harvesting conspiracy theories?


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>composer is now blacklisted from working with Capcom
Based, I'll never forget just how bad he fucked up Juri's theme
From this
to fucking

I guess it fits her by virtue of how bad they crippled her in 5

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he was responsible for this atrocity? good riddance

>getting pissy that somebody asks you to perform the simple task of backing up your claim
at least you did actually back it up instead of being the usual infantile sperg screaming about spoonfeeding or some bullshit

>The moral of the story here is don't talk to journalist and don't be ESL
even if you are not ESL, don't talk to journalist

Not like they'd ever bring Fei Long back without gutting the fuck out of his rekkas. Same with Yun/Yang level of dive kicks

>Be me
>be hahhhhd-ah-working america-joe
>me drive car arr way to macadonarousama's
>wait rong time in macadonarousama's rine
>get bored, me so tired!
>finarry get to yerr-box to order macadanarou's mear
>"Oh herro, missah ordah-man, is order time now yes?"
>bzzzrrrt ffrrzzzt "ah-yes, ah-prees continue with your ordah very much"
>"Okay I have ah-one macadanarousama coffee... Ver Hot!"
>grab coffee wif my yerrow hands
>prace coffee for temporary moment by peepee nono spot
>"ok, time for me to ah-return to raundrooomat for rest of work day"
>coffee spirr! it everywhere!
>"oh owie! ahhh, huht ah-rear bad, ahhh herp me macadanarousama"
>no herp
>not even reprace coffee
>I sue them fo everyting they have
Why amerika work rike this?

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capitalism ran rampant in the turn of the century and eventually invited the mafia to step in as unions who weren't much better so capitalism didn't sound that bad afterwards.

Hi Max.

holy based

>Yea Forums constantly complains about click bait articles and video game journalists
>totally buys into a click bait article by gaming journalists yesterday and treats its contents as facts

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not the same guy you super duper retard

based ESLposter

I'm out of the loop, what twitter drama is going on now?

>Yea Forums is one person

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