So is it pretty much confirmed now that Nintendo won this console generation?

So is it pretty much confirmed now that Nintendo won this console generation?

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we did it bros

Won what? There was no competition lol it's the only console with games.

after bombing the previous one and having a head start against shortages, i would hope so

Yeah, shockingly. It's such a cheap and shitty console but it's what the people want.

yeah sure they won the video game equivalent of the special olympics

Yes, Nintendo win 9th gen. Sony and Microsoft just fell into the 4k meme and the chip shortage with covid fucked them. Good riddance. Both Microsoft and Sony had a hand in ending Sega.

But it has less games than the PS3 which Nintendoshills spammed 'has nogaems' for years on end.

PS3 had, indeed, no games.

Lol half the fucking PS3 list are tech demos and games that never came out like Agent

God you fucking PClards are embarassing. YWNBAW

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+ 30-40 of its best games that got ported to other platforms after 15 goddamn years.

It's pretty much guaranteed to beat both the PS4 and GB/GBC in total sales by early next year. If they decide to price cut it and keep it on the market as a low cost alternative to Switch 2 or whatever, there's a good chance of it beating the DS and PS2 by 2025.

>But it has less games than the PS3
Why do you lie?


>YAAS my sports team- I mean my console won!!!
Poorfag console warriors will never know the joy of just playing whatever you want on whatever system.

Yup. Feels good.

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The Switch hasn't technically won anything yet, and it wouldn't make sense if he's counting handhelds because the Gameboy, GBA, DS, and 3DS were all the "winners" or had no significant competition.

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>had no significant competition
But they had competition they just demolished them every single time, that's like saying that PS2 doesn't count because they had no significant competition.
The race is close enough to call, Switch isn't going to sell less than 10 million units over the res of it's lifetime, Nintendo's predictions are probably sufficient, it will be at nearly 130 million units by next fiscal year.

The article says 4/6. If handhelds were counted it would be 7/10 instead.

7/10 does sound better, should have just ran with that.

ps4 sold more
>187 games
This is also compared to a 15 year old console that has had many of its best games ported to other platforms. PS3 was hated and ridiculed here for 'nogaems', whereas tendies are buying Switch games en mass and spamming 'Nintendo Switch has gaems'.

Switch 6 years 3 months old, PS3 is 7 years old exactly (When PS4 was released).

Okay, it's 5 years 3 months old actually, fugged up my math. But Switch wiki still includes future releases anyways so who cares, that balances it out.

It's kind of funny when you compare them and PS3 is third party heavy and Switch is third party light.

Yeah such games like Ico(PS2 game) and Agent?

What third party games are in the PS3 exclusive list, I don't get your advanced humor.

Switch has 4000+ third parties
PS3 has 2000+

The exclusives list, third parties were willing to make loads of PS3 only games, third parties on Switch, nah.
Switch is packed full of no value indies and phone ports, the raw number of over 4000 games is really meaningless.
Their digital storefront looks like google play, it's that pathetic.

the fact you immediately talk about console and not games shows the major problem with the industry right now.

> Blocks your path with a copy of BOTW and Mario Odyssey
What do?

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He's fine to criticize the console, it's selling through the roof, which would be good but it's not getting any of the benefits of consoles that have historically sold through the roof, it's third party support is still a joke, and even first party is kind of lackluster with many games seeing delays or development teams just being no shows.

So what you're saying is Sony was better at supporting indies while Nintendo focuses on in house development in order to collect maximum shekels?

Well. For what it's worth Nintendo exceeded their estimates for the fiscal year while Playstation fell behind.
I don't care enough about Xbox to even know about its details, but I can't imagine that it's doing too great regardless.

Mario Odyssey was never as big as people made it out to be desu. The big three are BOTW, Animal Crossing, and Smash (and also Mariokart 8 but idk if that counts)

That's not even remotely what I said, it shows that third parties had a far better relationship with Sony and were willing to make their games exclusive entirely because they believed in the hardware. on Switch I'd be surprised if any third party releases were exclusive sans the developers just not having the resources to port it to other hardware.
Nintendo have multiple teams that are just there to liason and work with third parties, some of them don't even design the games, they do offer support.
Indies just use Switch as a second steam where they just dump their low effort turds expecting sales.

>device for children
face it the switches killer games are all for children. If you as an adult play these games you're probably a child molester.

>Indies just use Switch as a second steam where they just dump their low effort turds expecting sales.
So you're saying they are literally saving gaming from AAA's?

Is there a Switch version where I don’t need to connect to the TV??? Grandson wants one but I don’t like the idea

Switch lite

Nintendo appeals to kids because their games have bright colourful graphics and inoffensive content.

Nintendo also appeals to adults because adults just want to play fun and engaging unpretentious games and Nintendo generally make the best video games in the world - design and craft which can only be appreciated by an educated adult mind.

The grey area is the teens and young men, who struggle with identity and maturity. They shun anything which may appear "child-like" because of their own insecurities while holding on to a bafflingly hilarious belief that video games are a medium capable of delivering deep, insightful musings on the human condition, naunced storytelling and non-cringeworthy voice acting.

A quick look at any Best Games Ever list and - without fail - the Top 20 will always be completely saturated with Nintendo titles.

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Nintendo are doing that by focusing mostly on AA titles from themselves and development partners, Indies are just the other side of the coin to AAA, AAA are big shitpiles of mtx, lootbox ridden scum and indies are all just like a pack of indians throwing their trash into the ganges and blaming everyone else for it being filthy.

All of their mobile systems consistently assraped their competitors.

>play ps 5
>shit games
>play nintendo
>shit additional online payment
>nintendo wins
I guess people will gladly or even reluctantly pay extra for good games even if it's terrible practice

>forgets that PS Plus is a thing that you have to pay for

lol no?

That kids toy is still 20m behind PS4, despite being cheaper, has more models, colors, bundles, Japan that sold more than twice from PS4.

All and all, flipwtch sold okay-ish and nothing to brag about.

> whereas tendies are buying Switch games en mass and spamming 'Nintendo Switch has gaems'.


What did Microsoft do? I am being sincere. Microsoft announced Xbox after Dreamcast died right?

lol at the ''fliptch has more games''

you mean old ports, indies, mobile port games and oh another mario game?

I mean sure, if you haven't played these games i guess it's fine but unless you have been living in a cave for the last 20 years, why would you even bother?

They did the operating system which basically had no copy protection. The then president of Sega of America also magically became president of Xbox. Xbox came out super fucking quick right after Dreamcast. Xbox basically had the same controller as Dreamcast, even the two slots on top for the memory cards. A bunch of Dreamcast games even for sequels on Xbox, and Shenmue 2 was Xbox exclusive in America.

>9 million*

PS4 is 8th gen. Switch is 9th gen.

No. It isn’t.

b..but snoys told me gens are based on hardware?

Switch was 8th gen when the PS4 had a massive 4 head start on it.

Now that the Switch will soon blow past PS4 lifetime sales they have to pretend the Switch is 9th gen.

Doesn't bode well for PS5.

I see snoys are already seething. Some people aren't ready for the golden week famitsu.

It's a Tegra. lol. I like the Switch too, but for fuck's sake. It's still technically slower than the older AMD chips in XOne/PS4.

Surely Sega themselves knew about the copy protection though? I don't disagree with your other points though

You forgot that sony is going to charge 120 a year for online, while nintendo only 20

Is this the new cope word that snoys came up with?

They arent gonna survive this weeks famitsu

I don't know why that's a criticism myself, and I like the PS. I think one of the better things about the PS4 (and 5) over Xbox is it has a bigger selection of indie stuff.

>All and all, flipwtch sold okay-ish and nothing to brag about.
There is a good chance the Switch will outsell the ps2 and become the best selling console ever and you think that's "okay-ish"?

No, Wii U started 8th gen. The year after both Xbox One and PS4 went to market.

Switch started 9th gen in 2017. In 2020 Series X and PS5 came out.

Gens are not about hardware power, they are about a new platform. That would mean the PS2 was in the same gen as the Nintendo 64 since it was the weaker and slower than Xbox and GameCube.

>108 millions with no price cuts

Imagine the massacre if a price cut occurs.

there was uhhh let's see demon souls? that's one and uhhhhh well there was killzone but that sucked ass and uhhh tokyo jungle right? that was either a game or an april fool's joke idk desu

>this generation
But it's not a current gen console

Easy to win when your competitors are not even selling their consoles

Not my problem

The Wii had uhh let's see Castlevania Judgment? that's one and uhh well there was Cooking Mama: Cook Off but that sucked ass and uhh excite trucks right? that was a 2/10 shovelwware racer but it got rated 8 so tendies were happy with it.

The motherfuckers actually increased the price. (orig Switch: $300, OLED: $350)

>It's still technically slower than the older AMD chips in XOne/PS4.
What does this have to do with console generations?

I wonder how low they can sell these for, imagine Nintendo getting the price all the way down to $99, sounds impossible, maybe, but even at $150 people would be fighting over them in stores, they'd massacre second hand sellers too.