Surge. Officially canon and showing up in the main games

Surge. Officially canon and showing up in the main games.

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my penis

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Scourge but lame

>donut steel the ______

Bliblabloo the shibaloo with noodle arms and clown shoes


I've kinda fallen in love with her design. Today's threads about her have made me want to start reading the comic. I hope she shows up in some games eventually.

My penis told me she's best girl

boring waifubait

they need to start adding as many characters as possible to the games again, like in speed battle

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In the IDW Sonic comics, an evil scientist platypus called Dr. Starline decided to outdo Dr. Eggman and devise a way to rule the world: He would create a new hero duo to kill and replace Sonic and Tails, and by controlling this duo he could control the global fight between heroes and villains from the shadows. So he kidnapped a random Tenrec and Fennec Fox off the streets and turned them into cyborgs, then brainwashed them into hating Sonic and supporting each other. Now they're going nuts and lashing out at everything.

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There are only three reasons to read the IDW comic.

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>Today's threads about her have made me want to start reading the comic.
Another successful marketing campaign.

This. Scourge was just a Joker ripoff but still manages to have more depth than this bitch.

I'd love cunts like her and Sticks actually getting to the main games
But we know SEGA would never admit the Americans made decent Sonic characters.

Didn't Whisper and Tangle get into Forces?

The mobile game, done by Sega Hardlight, wich is brittish.

I kinda hope she ends up being Shorter than Sonic.

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I wanna funk this thing

>Today's threads about her have made me want to start reading the comic
Not much to read, so far she only appeared in the Imposter Syndrome sub-series, 4 issues in total talking about her backstory. Then the story will continue in issue 50 of the main series, late June.

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Wheres the porn?

Is this a girl?

On the internet.

As someone who doesn't give a single flying fuck about the sonic comics, I demand more porn of this semen demon.

Quit spamming this green furry whore from the shitty Sonic Comics. Mods do your damn job!

Seems like the best time for me to get in then. I'll get to see their story from pretty much the beginning.



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Whose fursona is that?

my dad

What animal is this thing

Prove it, show her puss

>sonic characters with clothes

> Villain's modus operandi is literal sissy hypno
That's, uhh, novel for a Sonic comic

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Why do you guys still care about sonic

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Ian Flynn's, he hates Shadow and Metal so he made his own Sonic clone.

A Tenrec…they look like Hedgehogs but are not related at all!

That sounds really, really cringe.

sex with starline

When it comes to Sonic licensed products, every episode is the writer's fetish episode.

Tenrec, the Madagascan version of a hedgehog
So she's Sonic if he were a black woman

Google is your Friend, you can use it

I have faith in you!

I liked it early on in life, I like the games I liked then and the porn grew up with me.

Nobody does

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Kek that explains why she's so much louder and more obnoxious.

We're continuing on from the last thread are we lads?
In that case: why DOES Sega have a hard-on for Zavok? It's not like he's a fan favourite, so how come he keeps getting shoved in the games rather than being a forgotten Villain Of The Week like every other "Eggman recruits them but then they double-cross him" character?

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I can only get so erect user, have mercy.

Because people like Bowser and Sega thinks they need their own Bowser.

Wrong. Ian Flynn's fursona is Tangle the Lemur.

Do you think surgy was designed SPECIFICALLY to be cum bait? Because I think she was

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When does Nicole come back

why does she have clothes if shes evil sonic

Why does she not look black at all?
Yes. That hair and those seductive facial expressions arent a coincidence.

Clothing is evil

Why does this sound like Dragon Ball Android Saga, lol?

Because Sega mandated that all female characters must wear clothes and all male character shouldn't wear clothes.

He exists to be an antagonist to both Sonic and Eggman.

Because it is. Shadow's also written like Namek Saga Vegeta.

She has a weirdly high quality mod for srb2

Because everything in the comic is as unoriginal as Archie was with all of its references and stolen story ideas, except IDW keeps it boring instead of giving it charm.