Post your Elden toons. NOW

Post your Elden toons. NOW

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Foreskin Cloak

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did this guy ever end up posting sliders?

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Wut armor

I got a better monitor and could post this in better res
and yet I will not

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Anyone know any areas with nice neutral lighting?

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Quality build, too.

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nah, he's kind of a sperg. good taste in women though.

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>Post your Elden toons
>People instead posts TROONS



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The panties are the Deathbed Smalls that you can only get from hacking.


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Gobbobros... our time is now

Goldmask "armor", you get it very late game. Do Corhyn's quest and Goldmask will drop the set in the Ashen Capital.

i'm still searching for that right build for me.

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and here's her grorious type B frame.

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Full of madness

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cranny faggot?

>giant fucking sword
>scales with dex

Welcome to Limgrave, gentlemen.

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More like troons amirite haha

Went for a sort of "western knight" look.

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based and gobpilled

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What's the matter? Can't stand the sight of a strong Nord woman?

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Pump up that head slider, user.

>play CaC game
>make more than one character


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You shrink the head to make the rest of the body look bigger, that's the only way I've found to make them convincingly 'huge' and burly.

Actually amazing

Is that fell omen cloak?


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Yes. it's completely commando under there. It's such a funny discovery hahaha

this game has nice backs

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i prefer the thighs but the muscular frame does look amazing.

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>literally two mortal blades ducttaped together by the grip

we can go even bigger.

and it would be so good for pvp if it didn't do that retarded dodge move at the end of the combo.

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Why did this ever become a thing

why do my snip and sketch screenshots look so compressed when i save them as pngs? is there a better way to take screenshots on windows?

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I just use amd's cntrl-shift-i...then resave as jpgs otherwise they're too big to post

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nihil bros?

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>otherwise they're too big to post

Yea Forums truly is a third world website with third world file size limits

NO one is gonna get that reference. Not here in Limbo.

nah i haven't played the game for a while