Fallout Bethesda VS Obsidian

why Obsidian writing is consider superior?

kill the post-nuke themes, the 50s themes, kill the main factions of the game and any possible future faction yes NCR already unite america and all other faction in america are just tribals not a single 1 except some retard in the middle of the desert created a civilization and Avellone wanted a new apocalypse in Fallout in what he call a post-post-nuking game.


Thanks Todd for having saved fallout from these fanatic

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>why is the superior thing considered superior
because it just simply is

>The Super Mutant headquarters is behind a village of children

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opinion discarded



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Supermutans do not kill children, they choosen that place to use supermutans as protection and this is why they need to fuck off after turn adults
english are not humans

This mission still Dabbing on all New Vegas fans brains making them relize how is a real writing

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sir do not redeem the caps

i don't know guys, i think op is being TOO subtle that he's a troll

Shitposting aside, it's pretty bad how the NCR is trying to call dibs on the Mojave when they absolutely don't have the resources to actually be there. The fact that you, some random schlub that isn't even in the NCR, can run around freely in their military bases with your whole arsenal with nobody looking at you funny, and either do literally everything that their troops should have wrapped up already, or slaughter them easily with a power fist and some buffout, should tell you just how incompetent and out of place they are in the region.

Obsidian pitch meeting for NV main quest.
How about we have a casino that has been locked down since the great war?
Brilluant, any chance you have an idea for a DLC?
How about we have a casino that has been locked down since the great war?

Obsidian are unimaginative hacks.

Gameplay and story segregation retard. The courier canonically doesn't carry any big gun with them. You can see this in Lonesome Road ending slide.

actually retard the protag of fallout 1 teaches them what a Three Field system is if he passes a survival check and that was decades before the NCR was even founded so by the time of FNV they've definitely got it figured out
Get fucked idiot

New Vegas = troon game

shhhhhhh don't let them know nevada is not just new vegas

Poo in the loo

3 field system is middle age level agriculture AND DON'T WORK IN THE DESERT

NCR service rifle is new production, not pre-war.

>Supermutans do not kill children
of course they don't, because children in this game are immortal.
the only reason this whole little lamplight plot works is beacuse those fucking kids are immortal.

>after the most KINO 20 minutes

an hunter kill the children of animals?

nope let them go so they can grow and turn into decent prey.

Basic nature


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Supermutants are not "hunters". As per Bethesda lore, they are fucking orkz that just kill everything they come across.

o yes the famous east cost woods is present in a shithole desert to use for the rifles?

not a single retard decided that was better make a rifles of total metal since they have open fields mine called city ruins.

nope nope

I refuse to believe there are actual indians defending Fallout 3 on Yea Forums.
The broken English is just too convincing.

Supermutans hunt humans for food, supermutans of DC are really smart and can use energy weapon and attack in group.

they know basic knowledge to get meat
you never play the game

>4 minutes of a halfway decent slideshow before 30 minutes of retarded railroading literal baby handholding.
You start the game as a fucking baby because it wants you to be ready for the fo3 experience: following brightly colored lights to the next amusement park attraction until the "story" ends.

Somehow, pajeet has returned.

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20 minutes of Lore KINO with the first moral decision and a based Test



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theres no point arguing with those retards

Someone post those golden enclave images.


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>we're never getting a good Fallout ever again
>can't even discuss the last good one on Yea Forums anymore because of autistic shitposters
why do I even come here anymore

cmon bro a better font and use some background color for the wordbox

I mean they could ask for your weapons at the gate like every casino on the strip. It's only a separation from story and gameplay if the game never considers the idea that it should disarm the player when in certain places, instead the game has an entire subsystem for what weapons you can sneak into these places.

>discuss the last good one
you can discuss Fallout76 here user

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>the republic of texas not just being a larger texas size chunk out of available territory
one job

I'm not firing up gimp just to vandalize some pajeet's wojack edit.

You can't fool me cunt, that Enclave guy is holding the Baur H-AR from Battlefield 2142.

>he belive modern borders matter

So would the Enclave & BOS beat the Motor Runner Gang?

>making them relize how is a real writing
The ESL in every one of these posts....

Yeah enclave should’ve steamrolled the NCR

>Supermutans do not kill children

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English should be a mandatory subject for Italians

tbf, the mutants use the vault door and /plausibly/ don't even know about lamplight, as its behind a super locked door. Still kinda dumb tho

explained in the game
do not kill ghouls or children

so children can use them as protection

>spelling and grammatical errors everywhere

>same fag mad bitching about a shit language rules instead of arguing


OP is an ESL, in case the image and OP post didn't give it away

>it's a Yea Forums falls for an obvious falseflagger episode

Of course they use wood. There's no oil left dumbass

Name one instance of a super mutant killing a child in the game.

where is the wood in the middle of the desert?

an atomic society without oil car, will be full

>haha this shooty RPG about a nuclear wasteland is fun!
>haha this shooty RPG about a nuclear wasteland but also cowboys and gambling is fun!
Why does Yea Forums get so defensive over which of these identical games are better?

We both know its already a bad faith point because children can't be killed in-game without mods
My point is that why the fuck would mutants who eat anything that they don't try to turn into mutants decide to spare children


an hunter do not kill children so they can grow up and turning into a real prey.

>complete the BOS quests and become a full fledged member
>know more about Veronica's taste in women than NCR vs BoS war, a massive event that is a major cause for the absolute state of the NCR and is offhandedly mentioned constantly
I get that it's a recycled plot point from Van Buren that had a large chunk of it removed due to FO3 making Jeremy Maxson and his motives/actions no longer fit in the lore, but it's always been odd to me how few people have anything interesting to say about it other than it happened.

ESL-kun, why do you keep making this thread?

>Let ghouls into tower under pretense of living together
>They murder everyone
>You lose karma for avenging the residents
Less dabbing, more punching itself in the face

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whenever I hear 'less x, more y,' all I can ever think of is Mr. New Vegas's news bit about Black Mountain.
>Less for outcasts, more for weirdos.

The entirety of the post apocalyptic US isn't a desert in any of the fallout games.
Theres living trees in every single fallout game, and with the implied level of technological advancement in the NCR, the idea of them having timber farms is acceptable.
If you wanna make lore based arguments, maybe you should spend more time looking into the lore of the series in between attempts at scamming old ladies out of their credit cards Ramandeep

The Primitive caused a nuclear detonation in the Enclave's HQ. Some spear-chucking retard powder-eater infiltrated and annihilated their leadership and barracks. The small gang of Enclave that persists were the ones out purging mutants in the Wasteland at the time.
And the BOS became degenerate technofetishists. In Fallout2 they actually began to do what the BOS said they existed for: reintegrating technology once civilization returned from the ashes, which the NCR was doing