FFXIV now bands third party tools

>FFXIV now bands third party tools
>this means use of xivlauncher which provides parallel downloads, password engine, plug in support and Linux support is now a bannable offense.
>check out steam comments
>it's full of people saying that the lack of options is good because some people are a bit "hardcore"(aka like to play the autistic numbers game) by installing a DPS meter. And that is somehow "toxic" and "gatekeeping".
>no one is concerned about the loss of options, better controls, graphics plug-ins, password saving.

Why are people so willing to give up their options over muh toxicity and muh gatekeeping.
I literally have never seen gatekeeping anywhere except specific piracy sites that are invite only.

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So I can't use cute looking mods for my wol?

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Yes. They decided to categorize everything as a third party tool.

Funny thing is since a large part of the community is degenerates that use porn mods this is effectively the point at which it dies. Me? I just wanted a good launcher.

They have always banned that shit, but they have no way of telling if you're using them unless you say it yourself.
So just don't tell anyone you have them and nothing will happen.

Yes but now they made a point about it

Its always been like this. The only difference is they're now targeting streamers.

They still have no way to tell if you're using anything for personal play right?

They could set up an anticheat system idk.
Also who tf cares what streamers do. I literally don't use twitch.

This isn't the first time they've banned some streamerfaggots for being too blatant with their add ons. Won't be the last either.

They say this every now and then. And it still doesn't matter.
They can't tell if you're using 3rd party tools or not. At all.
The only way for them to know is if you out yourself or are a retarded streamer nigger who can't figure out how to disable capture for plugins.
So basically don't be a retard and guess what, nothing will change.

Because FF14 blew up in popularity on streaming services. A lot of (mostly American) WoW guilds played FF14, shoved as much janky DPS meters and """boss mods""" as they could and got all their cretinous followers to download the same tools.
This opened the gates to legit FF14 players looking to download the same tools.
FF14 has always hated DPS meters. But as long as the DPS discussions happened outside the game there's nothing the devs could do, but when every other streamer or youtube compilation flagrantly shows DPS meters it gets to be too much, so the devs stepped up and told people to fuck off (which has been in the rules since the beginning)
If anything they've been too lax and this is them reestablishing their own rules.

Porn mods do nothing except to the coomer using them. DPS meters erode the social dynamics of groups by categorizing everybody as a Number.
Actually, not even as a Number, but as a Potential Number. If you're meant to be an S tier DPS class and you're below a B tier DPS class then you're considered dogshit. Despite the fact FF14 hardest raids get cleared in 2 days when WoW takes 2 weeks, for some reason, DPS meter faggotry was still bleeding over.
So yoshi is finally putting his foot down and holding people to the standards they agreed to in the ToS.

TL;DR WoW-playing Americans began to subvert glorious Nippon culture with numbers so glorious Nippon Devs told Americans to go masturbate to he-she porn and started banning the degenerate numbers-obsessed seethelords

At least when coomers coom they get clarity of mind. numbers obsessed americans will be on their deathbed trying to compute how many more fat breaths their dying lungs can take to time their final words to Toto - Africa

>WoWbabby experiences his first Square Enix MMO
first time? lol
remember, FFXI used to be designed that alt-tabbing would log you out of the game.
getting caught using Windower to run the game in a window (so you can actually alt tab to look something up) was a straight up permaban if you were caught with it.

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Would be funny if they use EAC with the next big update

Everything you said is incorrect.
Mods were a point of contention from the beginning you just weren't playing to know that.
During ARR Yoshida and the devs were listening very closely to the players feedback regarding what needs to be in the game and what needs changed.
Back then there were a lot of people complaining that BCoB was too easy.
A meme that was regurgitated ad nauseum by mostly secondaries that didn't even raid.
Yoshida and the devs took this very seriously and as a result Alexander Gordias and Midas were overtuned.
A lot of statics, Japan and everywhere else, felt that the raids were so difficult that you needed certain third party tools just to know if you could even kill the door boos under perfect conditions.
Yoshida started to waffle on the issue for the first time then.
He started to make announcement during PL's that they were considering implementing things like DPS meters into the UI.
But, he knew even then that it was just the raids were overtuned.
By the time Creator came out he had reversed his stance and the TOS did not change.
It wasn't the wowfags or non-Japanese.
Everyone knew about the tools all along.

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the polygon lie. Yewish-P is lying all the time

Here's the weird fucking thing about this. Why the fuck are they banning people for third party shit they flat out can't detect? Like what is banning streamers supposed to accomplish if they're unable to tell what third party tools someone might be running?

You can't just make an example of something you can't actually execute on. It's a lame ass attempt at some empty threat, empty, much like the game.

Not my problem lmao

it's so fucking gay, gabe literally talks about playing ffxiv on the deck and like a week later they fucking bust the launcher
god i hate these faggots

I just want to see raidfags get fucked so I'll invent and spam any narrative that suits this

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always have

>Password saving
What's so hard about typing in "babyBatter69" every time you want to log in? That's a non issue, ban mod faggots.

>/pol/ meme
As if we needed any more proof about what kind of sick assholes are behind these witch hunts...

Why are you mad about shit you obviously know nothing about?

lmao someone post the crying pyro video

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I'm sure they will just decide to ban 90% of their players one day

You'll never get your way, Pyro.

how come we never got to cradle Ryne in our arms?

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Yeah I don't know who that is. Stop sucking eceleb dick

Just don't play with add-ons simple as

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3rd party tools have always been prohibited. It's just that it's getting lots of publicity now because of the new ultimate and streamers.

>you're putting a number on the screen that wasn't supposed to be there!
>so we're ding dong banning you!
>but we'll make it so that number will be on the screen later anyway in later patches
What's the great idea here



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The only people who complain about meters are shitters. Solution: ban anyone who complains. This will solve all your "toxicity" problems on down the line as well.

Just stop cheating bro

Please give me a food analogy.

Ban everyone.

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just fyi, the popular streamer "Bagel Goose" who got banned a couple days ago is using a diffrent account to bypass this ban, i hate this dude simply because of him fucking me over in cc but if you want to report him in game just use this
■World Name

Medias Res

■Date when the violation was observed
whatever ur time is

■Character Name
Yuri Tsukihana, Jenova

This account is being shared with a person who was previously banned (Bagel Goose, Jenova) and had their service account suspended, they are account sharing to bypass this ban. This person is continuing to use third party programs and showing how easy it is to bypass a ban. His team member is continuing to stream with him on the shared account.

You're disappointed we don't offer BBQ sauce with your nuggets and come with your own? You're banned from our restaurant. BTW BBQ sauce will be available next month by popular demand.

not your personal army

Ban Meteion too, what a shit asspull.

You really need to have sex.


This is your average streamer or streamer enjoyer.

What a retard.

Based, I'll help.
Fuck you faggots

1. Addons have always been banned as long as you don't show yourself using them or admit to using them in-game you're fine
2. What the fuck are parallel downloads

The idea is that you're gonna have to learn how to WALK

Kill yourself samefag

the more former wow streamers get banned the better


Fuck off. Also kill yourself




this dude quit wow in a rage and tore down all his wow posters and toys and then replaced them immediately with ff14 merch. bpd woman

>now bans
>now bans
>now bans
"Bands" is appropriate for you being a bandwagoning Redditor who didn't care about the game before smelling drama

So you got bullied by a tranny and you're now trying to get him banned by pretending he's a popular streamer who broke the rules?

Anyone got that edit of Hic Svnt Leones about mods and bans? I saw it posted in threads yesterday.

Keep crying. Your impotent rage only makes me harder.

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haha a heckin' homegrown original 5ch post and absolutely not a local user using google translate

And that’s a good thing.

How long until this single player mmo dies? The devs are running it into the ground

How is this hard? Just don't show your plugins on screen if you stream and don't shit on people in party chat using ACT info. They literally cannot touch you unless you hold a big flashing sign that says "I'M USING THIRD PARTY TOOLS".

they've been "running it into the ground" for ten years now and it only gets more and more popular

based autistic japs putting streamfags in their place

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>food analogy

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Soon, user. Very soon. Like literally soon.

i'm thinking based

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this is it reddit this is the big one, trust the plan, two more weeks

>The devs are running it into the ground

f-f-f-f-f-ffxiv is finished this time..... they'll shut down the servers any day now.....

ANY day now, user.

Literally just don't stream and you won't get banned.

How could he not know xivlauncher was extra. It’s obvious. But considering he misses the plot in the story despite writing stuff down it’s understandable.

The retards don't even need to not stream, they just need to have their third-party shit just outside the stream capture

I literally asked for it. Don’t judge him.

inb4 "job homogenization" and then holds up heavensward as peak job design

I'm not talking about the fucking beginning of the game's history. I'm talking about why he's putting his foot down. His opinion on 3rd party tools has been known since 2014. His actions against people for them started in 2015 (when Decoop was first suspended) but I wouldn't expect American WoW-fag to know history when their own schools teach them Einstein was African American and Eisenhower was queer.
Devs have been too lax, especially since WoWfags crossed the rubicon and started using OBS/twitch overlays to make countdown clocks and other faggotry since nobody in America can count above 10 without taking their socks off to use their toes.