Nobita is actually coming out

Nobita is actually coming out

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is she gonna release her clothes?

the official countdown is 27hrs left

Announcement to an announcement
And then a reminder to the announcement
Thanks. It's comforting to know that her game will be out soon after Otome Function releases.

^^here comes the tranny freak

shill bot thread

It's happening !!! Nobeta bros we won

She already did that at least once.

I'm going to cry

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>page 1 bot thread

Can i refund it when it comes out?
I don't like the vtuber shit


Finally. I got this, Satisfactory and DSP. At least one getting out of EA is good.

>page 7

once is not enough!

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we always win

>video games

>full release
Oh shit, so there's no beta anymore.

I'm sure she'll do it again now that they're on Fanbox


Two more weeks Nobetapedes, trust the plan.

26hrs is 6pm tomorrow for me


more like noreleasa

you mean pedos

wake up nobeta

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Nobeta is cancelled.
Carol reigns victorious.

I believe in carol supremacy

>Nobeta sells 250,000 copies
>Nobeta has successful patreon (soon Fanbox)
>Nobeta Doujins and one by ChickeIII
>Nobeta makes it to Tokyo Game Show
>Nobeta exclusive feature on Famitsu Magazine
>Nobeta official figurines merch swimsuit nobeta and armpit nobeta
>Nobeta Hungarian orchestra soundtrack, sponsored by Viktor Orbán himself (because he is a Nobeta bro)
>Nobeta is liked and followed by Akihito Tsukushi (The original C*nny bro) and Coolkyousinnjya
>Nobeta will be released on shitch and snoy, so more C*nny goes around

>countdown for INFO about a release date
This fucking team is going to milk this for another half a year at least.

>Yea Forums now hates nobeta because some voice actors are vtubers
was it autism?

No, worse. Chinese.

Embrace the tentacles, they make you stronger. Another 12 year old blonde witch did it.

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You have no idea how many chinks are browsing here. They're programmed to hate vtubers

Little Witch Abigail when?

You forgot
>Nobeta is a patreon scam

>26 hours left

Good, vtubers have been biggest vehicle of autism since their inception

I don't care who voices them I just want cunny

She literally can't stop wining!

also, Is the leak user here? if so please upload these rars to kemono/partychan

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video games?

Little Witch Nobeta is a video game.

>Little Witch Nobeta is a scam.

I'm surprised the devs haven't been canceled and folded, or that there aren't a million thinkpieces on why this game is problematic. How the hell did Senran Kagura Burst on the 3DS get constant media coverage but Nobeta doesn't when the devs are way more open about sexualising her?

Nobeta already had it's fotm time in the spotlight and back then there wasn't a patreon for the dev to use to fund lewd commissions.

Small indie game. Only on computers. Nobody cares about it.

I seriously thought that was a black glove poking her

Pretending to care about MSM and twitter means the loonies will come out of the woodwork for rage clicks or to cancel you.
Not giving a fuck and openly sexualizing your loli character is like faggot repellant, a few people might call it gross but no crusades will start.

It had attention 2 years ago. It was the quriky souls clone with a loli.

See F/GO where there are half naked lolis trying to fuck (You) everywhere vs. FEH where a bunch of turbofaggots raged about Resplendant Lucina looking young or Nowi even existing.

>thought we're getting another noita
>it's some dogshit coomer garbage instead
what a disappointment

>another noita
user, only finnish autism can produce games like Noita.

Nobeta is unironically a better game than Noita, which is a glorified physics engine demo. This would be true even if you replaced the characters in Nobeta with stick figures. Witch Souls is just a good game and FromSoft should take notes on how to make Sorcery feel satisfying.

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>which is a glorified physics engine demo
Compared to nobeta, which is a glorified unity asset flip.

>actually commenting on the assets of a fucking demo before they had any funding
I'd still take Nobeta's pretty character models over 2D pixelshit that turns into putrid color blobs the second you start interacting with the destructible environment.

>still no ingame screen shot
>shills can't even bother to open the game

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The full game comes out in 24 hours, why would you bother taking screenshots of an over 2 year old demo at this point?

>The full game comes out in 24 hours, why would you bother taking screenshots of an over 2 year old demo at this point?
imagine believing this

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I actually want to play this game.

>Nobeta Hungarian orchestra soundtrack, sponsored by Viktor Orbán himself (because he is a Nobeta bro)

Bro, the tgs trailer from just a few months ago looked the same. What you played in the demo is what you're getting in the full game. The dev has all this patreon money but he couldn't even at least contract out some asset creation.

>guys? please be hyped and subscribe to patreon... please? we have cunny and we spam the twitter meme

if you spam the twitter meme you are one of us - the cultured men

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>Nobeta makes them seethe so hard

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