Gamer fuel thread

Gamer fuel thread

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Kirkland Signature is based

I have never consumed one of these in my life.

You are missing out

They are the best hotdog you can get for 1.50 + medium soda with refills.

the price may still be 1.50 but the quality sure isn't

I would rather get a cony

Never got to try one because no Costco in any town i lived in
Only Sam's Club...

Not gonna lie. That's a pretty good deal even without the refill.

>costco in my town never brought back the onions
Feels bad man

That's entirely the point. Sell the food at a loss since you get more through memberships and repeat customers.

I want them to offer a fried hot dog where they just take one of those, dip it in light batter, and deep fry the whole thing. Maybe sell it for 2.50.

>Only Sam's Club...
Sup, fellow east coast nigga.

for me, it's the 'za

For me, its the chicken bake

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>polish dogs no longer sold
>onions disappeared because muh covid
>berry smoothie got switched with a shittier recipe
>combo pizzas gone forever
Fuck Costco, next thing you know they're going to raise the price on the rotisserie chicken

Well how much does Soda coast anyways? It's basically ALL mark up?

Shut the fuck up, faggot.

>when the ceo of costco told the co founder he wanted to raise the price of the hotdog the co founder threatened to kill him
so based

>10 of these bad boys without pickles and a large sack of onion rings
My breath and shits reek for two days straight but sometimes you get that craving
>captcha: YGAAY

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>raw onions
Holy yuck.

Those hot dogs are very sweet

>onions disappeared because muh covid
Is that really their excuse? Because they still have the relish, which is kept in the same kind of dispenser.

Where the fuck do you live at
My costco is still the same as always

20 oz is like 60 cents. The food court is pretty cheap and their items are decently affordable since Costco gets more money elsewhere.

Costco or sam's club which one is better I have memberships for both since I'm not poor

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there's no costco where I live, only gay sam's club

I used to hit up Sonic burger when I was in college like every day. Drive ins are fun. Me and my buddy, sometimes some girls, my kickass mix tape. Good times.

What's your go-to grocery list at Costco?

Costco for pizza.

>“If you raise the [price of the] effing hot dog, I will kill you. Figure it out,” is what Jelinek recalled Sinegal saying. Two years later, and that quote really struck a chord on social media Sunday.
Mega based

>>combo pizzas gone forever
This one hurt me in my very soul. I will say the short period where some costcos had the pulled pork sandwiches was pretty tasty though, but nothing like a combo slice.

they're not great but for that price it's a steal.

Well I mean like in terms of profit. The stores by it in huge bulk and then turn around and sell it a huge percentage profit. Like for what soda costs them to sell is hilariously small.

Last time I went to sams their combo was $2.50 so not sure if Costco is still the same or not

How do you guys feel about Costco pizza? I don't know if it's because I've eaten it so much growing up but it kind of disgusts me now

places like this prove that its easy to make a good cheap hotdog considering it's not exactly HIGH CLASS FOOD but the only place other than making them yourself here is wienerschnitzel who also prove that it's easy to charge more and make something worse.

It's a fucking hotdog how do they manage to burn them but in a way that isn't good every single time.

Their pizza is better. The hot dogs tend to have a sour taste. Tonight we had their meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Made it last night but there’s so much that we could have meatloaf sandwiches for lunch and dinner today as well. Having their lasagna ravioli tomorrow. Fucking love Costco.

How long can Costco hold out against Bidinflation?

>Well how much does Soda coast anyways?
Practically fucking nothing. Its like 3 cents an ounce in fountain soda.

>without pickles
you deserve death

>needing to buy a premade meatloaf
user what the fuck do you not have a pressure cooker or slow cooker?

Well even the guys selling them from carts on the street do a pretty good business. Our neighborhood had this old guy who in his retirement got a food truck just to fill hours and he could make a few extra grand easy.

>without pickles
toddler tier

I’m a simple man: if they ain’t either spears or bread and butter, I ain’t interested. Although eating this crap will bring me death.

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aren't they the same shit? it's like trying to argue walmart vs target

I live in Australia so I don't know if White Castle is good.

I had my gallbladder taken out a few years ago and this shit goes right through me.

as much as Arizona tea. The day they drastically change prices, thats when you'll know the country is lost

We’re lazy, and $15 for three meals for two people is not bad at all.

The one where I'm at started putting the relish in a dispenser that's more like the ketchup and mustard ones.

Who doesn't like pickles what a fag

>The day they drastically change prices
Already have in leafland, it's a buck 50 here.

No, they are not the same.

comes and goes
after living in san shitcisco for 5 years and their dogshit pizza costco pizza is a gift from heaven

Not really, but you can get a lot of them for cheap and they're open late so when you're high off your tits it's good.

hell those manage to be just fine too and when we had a kmart here the place may have no customers but the hotdogs and cheap popcorn were just fine. But you have a place that centers entirely around hotdogs, and charges more for them like wienerschnitzel and they can't make a passable fast food junk food? I don't fucking get it.

we are all going to die user, soon. Me i shall die, full of pickles

>Sam's club
>Not a poor

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Youre already on default tier economy then

It’s probably the most argued fast food you can have. You either love them or hate them. No middle ground. I enjoy the taste but I have friends who can’t stand the smell. Also depends how much you like onions.

I love hot dogs so fucking much it's unreal.

who /sausagerollinabun/ here?

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Costs about $2.30 where I'm from.

Oh god I love that shit.

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Where the fuck at? Hawaii Costco menus got gimped like they all did but we finally got our condiment station back. Including onions. Back to refilling our own drinks too. And this is coming from a cucked state that finally dropped mask mandates in April

You know what makes food like this always good? The fact that you're hungry when you eat it. This is what you eat when you're driving way out somewhere on an adventure or vacation, get hungry on the way, and stop for a hot dog somewhere out in the rolling, forested hills of the Midwest. It's what you and your little brother might eat on the way home from a day of laying gravel or doing some other menial contractor work when neither of you have any money and when you do you spend it mostly on his daughter that he's raising by himself. This food has the flavor of satisfaction because it's always needed when you get it, it's not "well I had it in the fridge and I have to eat something and I guess I'm tired of pizza rolls". This is real food. Honest food.

Target is universally much nicer than Walmart based on all the times I've been to both around the country.

I've always wondered what a beef hotdog tastes like. Never seen one in the UK. They're all pork.

>costco in my country no longer sells hawaiian pizza

eating a slice with jalapeños was the heaven

i literally cant enjoy hotdogs after eating sausages

the collapse is here

>Meanwhile, Target in Australia is staffed by retards and assholes and Kmart always feels like you just walked into a meth den

Also a leaf. It's a buck thirty nine - about the normal exchange rate.
Sometimes you can still find dollar cans, though.

Tastes fucking good man. Its hard to describe but a beef hot dog hits just right every time.

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>This is real food. Honest food.
Working man's food. I did a summer of landscaping and let me tell you, after a good day of planting trees or fucking whatever stopping by and getting one those? This is NOW food. This is I can't wait another minute and I swear to fucking god if this old lady is trying to pay exact change I might murder someone get in my stuck before I go mad food.

Black and white Tea is the best Arizona variant.
Also Yea Forums. I'm skinny for now after fasting and working out and shit. Like seriously, I can easily gain some weight without caring/worrying right now. What's some top tier microwavable junk food? You know. Actual junk "food". I used to live on hot pockets and bean burritos you microwave. But I haven't eaten super shitty in years. What's good now? Taquitos? Pizza rolls? I'm tired of snack food damnit.

You lads need some more Greggs in your lives.
>sausage roll
>steak bake
>chicken bake
>cheese and bacon wrap
>those steak and cheese rolls they only do around christmas

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It still tastes like "hot dog." It's just blatantly better meat is all.

>Kmart always feels like you just walked into a meth den
That's how burgerland Kmart was.

>beef hotdog

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i wish we had those here in the states so i too could be norf fc

>Work from home
>Live within five minutes of a Costco
>Can have hot dogs or pizza from there for lunch whenever I want
Feels good.

I miss this shit like you guys wouldn't believe

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I remember I was innawoods for a week eating fucking oatmeal every day and the gas station tier food I got on the way home was literally the best thing I'd ever eaten in my life up to that point.

>What's some top tier microwavable junk food?
Drive Thru frozen hamburger

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good lord you people are ugly, but I'll give you one thing: You make a damn proppa sausage roll.

Fucking assholes making me hungry before I go to bed.

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I always liked those microwavable chimichangas, you can get a big box of them at Cosco

why does the photograph look like it's made from clay?

Sausages have always been a based food because they're cheap, tasty, they use parts of the animal that would otherwise be wasted, and the common man could afford them.

It most likely is.

would you lads?

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I can smell the cholesterol, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes just by looking at your image user

>Black and white Tea is the best Arizona variant.
my absolute fucking nigger

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But they aren't American

I like onions but good grief

yep, it's gaming time

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Post your favorite gamer candies to munch on
Starburst is the best

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Don't ask me why but I want a Fucking walking Taco right now. Ya know? You take Dirito chips or fritos. Open the bag and stuff ground beef , shredded lettuce, jalapeños, and shredded Mexican cheese. Fuckin take your trusty lil dab blow torch to the top of the cheese to melt it a lil and then mix that shit up. Fuckin great.

for me its fried blood sausage served with finncrisps and stout mustard

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You never had Swedish fish?

>there are people who need to be told what a walking taco is
coasties deserve death

I like to eat cold microwave bacon.

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I don't trust any nigger who thinks smarties are based.

All modern candy now is just corn syrup with artificial food dyes and flavors in it. I avoid that shit like the plague. Just wish I could do the same with soda. Just liquid candy with added caffeine for the drug addiction.

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I did it more for Europeans. Doubt they would do such a thing so I wanted to spoon feed.

Sam's club cheats on every single product they can. Costco stuff has been quality and remained quality.

Walmart doesn't try to be anywhere near as classy as Target, which is why I prefer to go to Walmart. You can be as stoned as you want in a Walmart, wearing your pajamas, and nobody will bat an eye. It also used to be an ideal place to get into guns, because you could walk in with $200 and walk out with a pump Mossberg.

>it's only lunch time and I've already eaten my daily intake of calories today
fucking Yea Forums

Sam's Club sells discount game cards. I always get a $20 eshop card for $18.

The optimal way to be rich is to be frugal except on the shit you really want to spend money on. That way you love all the stuff you have and do, and have tons of money to dump on a big purchase if you intend to make one. Imagine how much joy Elon Musk has from now controlling Twitter and using it to shitpost about Elden Ring. You could have that.

>Jelly Belly cringe
>Laffy Taffy kino
>Skittles listed twice
i don't even have a follow-up to the greentext i'm legitimately baffled

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A lot of houses in my neck of the woods always gave out smarties on Halloween. There's where the houses that got egged the most. Houses that handed out reeses cups and shot like that? Nary a single eggshell. Those where holy grounds.

also try fried nuggets of brie, serve with a nice cowberry jam, you will violently assault anyone who dares offer you fried mozzarella ever again after youve had fried brie

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Every year, my son.

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