Watch Dogs 1 was kino

Be trench-coat Batman.
>Niece gets killed by hitman. Swore to avenger her and protect your remaining family.
>Your partner is a sarcastic wise ass who gives you free shit.
>Team up with goth chick and crazy wild guy to save your family.
>Take on corrupt Chicago elite who control the city.
>Take on actual Chicago hoods.

Other than the Ubisoft towers and city inaccuracies. Play this game with graphics mods.

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I like Damien and Jordi

I think Watch Dogs 2, even if the story is cringe, is actually more fun

Watch Dogs 2 is better than 1 in literally every single way.

Watch Dogs 2 is what I call a diamond in the cringe.

If you mute the cutscenes watch dogs 2 is a 10/10 game.

but it makes you play as a black man

Poor man's GTA with bad driving controls and undercooked hacking gimmick

no it was shit

Most of the systems are better, but the online doesn't quite feel the same. Added in drone and kart racing, and truck robbery, but took out one (two?) spying mode. Spying is handled better since you can't pause-check like in WD1, but having fewer spy modes makes it more like GTA and less like WD.

Did WDL have any online spy modes?

Yeah, and he's an annoying faggot. So imagine how fucking terrible your protagonist is when playing a niggerfaggot is a fucking improvement.

This post is correct.

one day you'll find a way to not feel inferior all the time

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Is it really? I tried playing and I was turned off it pretty fast by just how awful the characters were. What's so good about it? I liked Watch Dogs 1 a lot. Should I try WD2 again and just skip the horrid cutscenes?

cant feel inferior if both white and black are shit

>I liked Watch Dogs 1 a lot
why? it was shit.

>Make character look like a cold blooded drug dealer making his way to the top
>In reality is a little puppy that loves his family, follow every instruction everyone gives him and can't even get laid with the tattooed prostitute he just met
Aiden being so lame killed the mood for me

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Nobody knows because nobody played it. I mean personally I've only ever played WD1 online but I literally only played Legon because it was on sale for like $10 and I figured I might as well since I had already played 1 and 2, but they pretty much crucified their fanbase by not having a protagnist and the whole "recruit everybody" bullshit.
>recruit person who doesn't have a gun
>have to play any mission with no weapon
>perks are tied to characters
It was stupid, as soon as I unlocked the Spy with the supressed pistol I didn't play as anybody else. Also recruiting an Albion soldier means you get access to all areas without any hassle. It just basically makes the game easy mode. The game was a complete shit show because of that. WD2 was cringe faggotry, but at the very least the gameplay was DECENT.

For me, it's

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>In reality is a little puppy that loves his family, follow every instruction everyone gives him and can't even get laid with the tattooed prostitute he just met
Yes, he loves his family and because he got his niece killed he realizes how desperate he is to protect what remains. Losing a loved one, especially one so young, and to be responsible for it and carry it with you every waking moment? That fucks you up user. I understand you have probably never known or felt these emotions in reality because you’re an apathetic tard, but Aiden isn’t distracted with fucking thots, he’s focused on his revenge.

who are you quoting?

>Watch Dogs 1 was kino

my man's karening out of control at the mention of wd2. Why

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Fuck you talking about did you even play the game

And they're really not funny eother it is sad

I've heard even boomer dads talk like this. Is this some reddit lingo?

I agree OP


Shut up zoomer.

The game is awful.
>Psychic police and gang members.
>Effectively can't lose your wanted level unless you drive out into Lake Michigan or cause a blackout when jumping over a bridge in Chicago.
>Weapons that aren't suppressed can't even be used unless you immediately want ctOS drones chasing you down because three people call in the gunshots before you can even put the damn thing away making 98% of your guns unusable outside of assassinations.
>Cars drive like they're on ice leading to extremely unfun time trials.
>Some of the worst radio stations I've ever seen in a GTA clone.
>Drunk minigame has to be played at all locations and is genuinely one of the worst QTE fests I've ever played.
>Aiden is unbelievably unlikable and blames everyone but himself for everything he himself causes and does.
>Gets his family kidnapped and his niece killed because he was too stubborn not to just bail like his partner told him to and then blames his partner for everything when it was literally his fault then continues blaming his partner for everything.
>Once his nephew gets kidnapped and he basically executes the kidnappers in front of him he just vows to kill old man mafia man more instead of realizing he's basically caused the death of his niece and effectively put hits out on his nephew and sister without any remorse about this fact.
>Gets Clara killed.
The only good part about Watch Dogs is Jordi, that's it.

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Stop playing Ubisoft games.

>he was too stubborn not to just bail like his partner told him to
t. doesn't even remember the plot

>>Drunk minigame has to be played at all locations and is genuinely one of the worst QTE fests I've ever played.

This was patched in all versions. Much easier to do and get the achievement. I could not manage it before the patch and I was going to write off the platinum.

>Hacking into bank or hotel's security (Forgot which).
>Trip the security.
>Partner tells him they should bail, it's not worth it.
>Aiden keeps saying he's "Almost got it" and keeps hacking in despite his partner calling the whole thing off.
>Gets detected.
>Niece killed.
>Blames partner.

It's Aiden that wants to bail out and Damian tells him to stay for more, not the other way around.

Then I stand corrected.

I did it months after it was fully patched and it was still genuinely terrible so I can only imagine what it was like at launch.

I agree. 2 wasn't as good.

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Screencapping the retarded ass tripfag

how far has Yea Forums contrarianism gone that we think WD1 is actually good?

holy shit you're retarded

The fight mecanics are really fun when you get good with them


They expanded the "sandbox" a bit more, but didnt ballance shit, its hilarious how op the rc car/drone+lift are.
Extend lift to maximum, spam RC car and Drones down. Literally invulnerable/Invincible, even when they detect you and power down all systems you are still save.
Meanwhile, doesn't even have Digital trips, a.k.a. the best part of WD1.
No Alone, Spider tank or Madness.

This game's original music was really good.
I liked Alone digital trip.

I liked the story and characters for the most part. The only thing I didn't agree with was Marcus being able to kill people with guns prior to Horatio getting gutted by spics. It didn't feel like a thing he would canonically do.

nah mate
You just have abysmal taste. Did you forget about all the shitty chase sequences after every mission with the dogshit driving mechanics?

Gameplay is somewhat better, but everything else is cringe af

I picked it up when the Gold edition was on sale so that came with the Bloodlines DLC so you had Aiden and Wrench available as characters. In theory I get why they did it but the execution was just poor and not having an MC to "care" about just made it worse.

While they claimed they rewrote part of the main game to properly incorporate Wrench and Aiden into the story, the events of Bloodlines are never mentioned the main story has you look for characters that Aiden interacted with in Bloodlines but he never really comments on that.

>It just basically makes the game easy mode
No what really made the game easy mode was that there were drone spawning places everywhere. Your character rarely had to get their hands dirty, you could usually park them safely away from the mission zone and then use a drone spawning point to spawn a combat drone and clear out whatever place you needed, if a drone died just spawn a new one. There were really few sections in the game where you had to use actual stealth or where your OC was in danger.

Combat, Aiden, and Chicago are all kino

>dogshit driving mechanics
Nice exaggeration retard

>You just have abysmal taste.
Very rich, coming from a Yea Forumsirgin.


>literally swatting gang members and watch the carnage unfold while watching from a safe distance
you die in no time in combat anyway

THIS. No thank you.

kys niggy.

you're stuck here with the rest of us

No, (You)re stuck here with me.

You know what's up

Woah man, bargain bin capeshit hero? So badass and kino!

>people now look at this turd with nostalgia.
Kill me.

i love this webm
unfortunately the game s only good for larping like this and not much else

Essentially doomer simulator but the sandbox was pretty good with mods.

Soundtrack is highly underrated

not very since normies have already been saying they never understood the hate