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this game was enough of a mess already on release
why would I want to play a build that's an even bigger mess?

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>dolphin porn
>elephant porn
>cartoon porn
>you could always be sure it was porn from this guy

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I'm unironically tempted as I wait for that big update but I want to beat the current version of the game first.

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dont worry the devs said they are archiving the old versions so you wont be missing out on some of the old cringe kino

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anything interesting in the alpha?

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mostly just the early combat system and old portraits, lots of variety in camera angles and also alex runs around in a smooth manner rather than his sprite like choppy animation

Didn't download but I'm watching some old footage right now of a semi-later build and the game was somehow better.
That gay ass minigame shit in combat is absent or are extremely quick, winning fights brought a quick FF style results screen shown by It's still got the cringe writing and the weird as fuck thing with Sammy but the pacing seems a lot better

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>none of the weird choppy running animation shit
>barely any of the battle minigames
>this absolute bullshit was all a later addition to YIIK
YIIkes bros.

>filtered by battle minigames

blow it out your ass

>on may 12th 2022 I was posting on, it was the Yea Forums board, an user told me to blow it out of your ass, naturally I started blowing shit out of my own ass, as i was blowing my body vibrated with motion as the fecal matter was launched from my anal cavity

mostly bored by battle minigames. They make battles take too damn long

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Thanks OP, downloading kino now. Is lemonade still there or it stops at a certain point?

after doing literally one of the monster dens my character was strong enough to one shot most enemies

I think it stops after the first dungeon, but old development screenshots show one of the characters with the golden alpaca so maybe that is in this build

True, its not hard but I think they intentionally over nerfed the shit out of the LP toss because it was the only multi-target attack in the game and the only way to get it to wipe a 3+ enemy encounter in one turn is by doing the mini game perfectly, aka impossible.


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Claudio's beat down attack is the new LP toss, its easy to line his attack up on the red line and if you do that it does massive damage to all enemies

>dev intentionally leaks a disaster because their first game was received so poorly it in itself became relevant for how shitty it was
i hare you faggots so much, and theres even a good chance im your coworker


is it good?

its interesting to say the least

>puzzle pieces motif at overworld
Inb4 it's the entire game

Found on the yiikcord

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>messed up placing the ladder because of the retarded camera angle and got softlocked
t-thanks Ackk. you were a real class act.

Did the devs post it or where it came from?

do you know what's missing from the full release?

This isn't an actual screenshot is it? It looks so off

Why is this the only place on the internet, actually caring about this sjw-fest?

Not even reddit, REDDIT, gives a shit.

I think it looks better than what we got at release. I think they should have done that style and do rotoscoped reaction animations. Would have made the retardation of the game more funny.

that's what the sprites looked like for quite a while during development, the actual sprites we see in-game didn't come until much much later, though it was still before the game's long hiatus.

It was supposed to be finished and come out in 2016, but it got delayed and reworked on until 2019.

Holy fuck is that Alex Yiik?

Guys, think im Yiiking out.

I like investigating the development of some games, I actually found a bunch of yiik stuff that ackk posted, including a video of the first alpha back when the game was Y2K and not yiik.

This is a phenomenal find, I actually kinda like this game and I can't wait for the new version, but in the meantime I'll indulge in this, however finished it might be.

So do we know who leaked it?

>I took a deep breath as I entered the thread about Vella, like a deer being brought to a slaughter. Slowly I typed out the word that were gong through my mind, "I want to fuck Vella". Obviously the anonymous posters on Onism would be encouraging of me, but somehow I could not shake the feeling of unrest. Was I being unfaithful? I steeled my resolve, and with energy violently coursing trough my body I clicked the Post button.

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Cringe review on YIIK.

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fuck you I actually read that in his voice.

Yeah I can see why they cut the Bomb puzzle out, not only the "bring the item to a fight" mechanic got cut, the fucking conveyor belt puzzle is fucking torturous.

I actually think I love Yiik
I am totally yiiking out over this
they ought to just embrace the name yiik instead of still trying to call it why two kay

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So you're telling me they had little more involved puzzle mechanics, but decided to cut them out because they were kinda shit anyway?

I don't think any of the puzzles in the final game were all that noteworthy.

the puzzles in the final game are fine, not a lot of brainpower required to solve them, and the item mechanics are neat. They should definitely lean on that angle more, but as it is it's kinda half-baked anyway. Bringing an item to battle and it influencing the outcome of the conflict just sounds like a lamer, less intuitive version of the Earthbound sneak up on an enemy/enemy sneaks up on you system, except it's totally dependent on the level design being constructed around having items for you to carry around in the first place.

Is there more Sammy/Semi? I'm wondering how much of the story has changed beyond slapping the new character(s) on.

it's just a gameplay demo of the Factory dungeon, there isn't actually much that's different.

Unless people manage to datamine and uncover the rest of the levels, it is a 1.2GB folder after all...

Sure hope people uncover more from this, I discovered that a lot of what's different here has already been seen elsewhere

did ackkers say anything concrete about 1.5 release date? heard speculations that it's gonna be april-may, but so far there's nothing

I refuse to believe any of you are actually even slightly interested in this shit, jesus christ

Bot thread. Not a single person on planet earth is interested in this shite

i am totally yiiking out right now

We're all from the alternate timeline where yiik was successful

I bet you guys wouldn't be interested in seeing a behind-the-scenes of Tommy Wiseau's magnum opus either.


they're gonna have a developer preview stream this weekend or something, but they haven't confirmed a date for the new 1.5 release yet, the last time they did was when they announced the battle system patch in late 2020, hinting that it would come out mid or late 2021.

They're probably about done with it. I hope.

I am a bit of a Yiik fan

Yiik by Aack

What's going on with yiik, did they come to terms with the fact that their game sucked and are now trying to fix it?

I swear the only place I hear about this game is this site

You can say that. New update coming out is apparently unfucking most of the combat and revamping it alongside rewriting a large part of the narrative so it doesn't SUCK so much, semi Persona 5 flavoured aparently. Definitely interesting stuff.



last year they released a patch that tweaked the combat and dialog to try to make the game less of a chore to playthrough, and now are releasing a story overhaul. They tested the waters with this new update by inserting new scenes and levels, and it seemed to have worked.

I'm actually excited because the small preview of the new dungeons and cutscenes in the january 2021 update was kinda good. they learned a thing or two, finally.


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