Why gamers love to abuse the system?

Why gamers love to abuse the system?

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Because the system abuses gamers.

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>nonces report loli and get normalfags to do the same
>moralfags think they are helping
>CPS keep wasting money chasing drawings so they dont have any already limited funds to chase real pedos
>law enforcement seethes
>people with half a brain get to defend the first part of the slippery slope leading to normalizing pedophilia
its all part of their plan. this is why faggots like dr pizza were so hellbent on banning loli

This, but unironically.

god I hate British "people"

>t. burger fat fuck

>no evidence the false reports were lolishit
>pedophiles immediately launch into their victim complex and cry about how they're being persecuted

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Saying lolicons don’t lust for kids is like saying furries don’t lust for dogs.

>he hates the british so he must be american

>>he hates the british so he must be american
Well he would assume so because everything else other than British or American is irrelevant


isn't it a good thing they have a substitute instead of looking at the real thing?
I'm actually more worried when artists like minus8 stopped drawing loli
you don't just suddenly stop being a pedophile, so he's probably getting his rocks off to something illegal

doesn't it make more sense that pedos are false reporting to waste their time?

So you think 50% of all reports is based on nothing at all?

People can have fantasies divorced from reality. People can want to fuck lolis but not real children.
In theory, yes. In reality there really are just that many people who are retarded.

>people with half a brain get to defend the first part of the slippery slope
You started off strong but drowned just before you reached the shore.
I'm patiently waiting for people to realize that porn actually does the heavy lifting in curbing real life sexual violence and the rest but there are still too many people who think that killing in video games is equal to real life murder, and that fiction is somehow real.

The ironic bit is that the same people who think hentai and anime warp boy's brains so that they're no longer attracted to real women are also the same people who think that drawings are a gateway to real children. There is no logic because it's all mental masturbation, because righteous indignation feels good. You feel like you're actually doing something, protecting real children, but in reality you're just sitting doing nothing with your hand in your pants.

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do you have a proof that furries lust after dogs? more furry shit is just an human with a dog head and a shir ton of fur

this, you only have to take a quick glance at
to see that a hint of a loli being sexualized turns normalfags into axe-crazy psychopaths ready to murder in cold blood

There is no evidence of what those 50% reports are so it's all speculation. Like said it very well might just be pedo false flags.

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>hentai and anime warp boy's brains so that they're no longer attracted to real women
This is true. Fiction in general nowadays. Have you seen how many people have unironically foregone "3dpd"?

>The ironic bit is that the same people who think hentai and anime warp boy's brains so that they're no longer attracted to real women
This is somehow true in the sense that people who are “incel” (the actual definition of the word, not the buzzword” gets so discouraged by not having femae partners decide to satisfy himself with idealized fantasy of women instead of actually dealing with real life.
of course people can jack off to he tai and still be nor al guman beings but let’s not pretend that waifus and incel aren’t correlated. anime isn’t to blame but this doomer culture born out of Yea Forums by people too afraid of reality.
this had nothing to do with lolicon but i had to said it

I don't think you can apply a given like that to the human psyche.
Some people are attracted to something else about the works
Some people need an outlet
Some people can be influenced to become the monster.

Trying to give a blanket statement like it does/doesn't make pedos or game violence causes real violence is dumb. Though I would also argue those that easily influenced aren't probably all that stable in the first place.

I don't think white women are furries.

It's just equally as possible that both are happening.

is that the yms guy?

What happens if you report images from an old movie that contains child nudity?

loli gets banned, while your neighbor mohammed is fucking his 8 years old wife.

Exactly, so it's pointless to base an argument on, faggot.

get off your fucking phone you absolute cunt


>can you guys stop linking us adult women? we want naked children only

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bro you probably don't know this because most of your time on message boards was spent on reddit and not this ocean of piss but dudes who jerk off to hentai every day want nothing to do with real girls/women/people

I don’t care about any of this shit anymore
even if everything gets banned I can still draw a goddamn cute and funny girl if I want to
most people only care about this shit because they might not be able to get paid anymore for their art
there’s only a few people who actually are drawing or even animating just for the fun of it there’s always money involved

That's because women have gotten fat and developed shitty personalities, and most of these anime fans can't get those women anyway, so they make do with their ghetto.

50% of all reports though? I mean it's just as silly to say those 50% MUST have all been loli content. Hell I'm sure it also depends on investigator and what other content is in the loli manga or whatever, but to assume it hasn't happened at all with a number as big as 50% is just silly

Unironically the best way to shut down CP websites is to lurk this website. Since there’s always one thread when some retard start talking about actress and website he browses related to that

>send them an image of brooke shields nude modeling
thats child abuse right?

>t. has never heard one talk about her spirit animal or how cool it would be to transform into an animal

Oh I'm some of them do, but if the drawings sate that urge I don't care. Also furry porn is like, very anthro, very focused on the human shape to make it sex, I've never seen furry porn where the furry is just a dog shaped dog because that would just be beastiality.

the fuck you’re talking about?
what are you mad about?

5 years ago no one cared about lolis, now half of you niggers seethe so fucking hard about it. that's how you know we have a reddit tourist problem.

>This is true.
If that's true, then drawn children are okay because the drawings actually change attraction cues and divert from real children.
>but let’s not pretend that waifus and incel aren’t correlated
>this had nothing to do with lolicon
You have to pick one.
>Trying to give a blanket statement like it does/doesn't make pedos or game violence causes real violence is dumb.
If video game violence made people kill irl you'd have a point, but so far fiction has only served as an outlet.
>those that easily influenced aren't probably all that stable in the first place
Then banning fiction serves no purpose. I hope you understand my pov here. It's all pragmatism. Of course people shouldn't be attracted to children or even drawings of said children, but we're interested in real life results.

Wow so his argument might be completely false because despite all evidence pointing to it because "we're not sure". Even though it's probably at least contributing to it.

You fucking moron. It'd be like if a bunch of mauled children's corpses were showing up in around the woods and someone says "Hmm probably was the bears. We know there's bears in this area"

And your stupid fucking ass is like "What if it's NOT bears though? Did you consider that? Maybe it's your victim complex." and then offered no alternatives and acted smug about it.

I hope you go for a lovely walk on a warm summer day and shit your fucking pants so hard it drips into your shoe and you have to walk home dripping with your own rancid fecal matter.

Lmao nobody does this shit for free unless they want to see kid pussy themselves.

nice one king

>That's because women have gotten fat and developed shitty personalities
that sounds like a cope for not being an alpha

>more speculation
Fuck off you bad faith pedo faggot, stop trying to base arguments of of nothing. I can turn the speculation back around on you just as easily. 50% is a huge number, yeah, isn't it silly to think that's a natural number and not a concerted effort by pedos to slow down their operation?
But it's fucking pointless because there's no actual data, kidfucker.

>just take away hopeless people's last comfort so they can have nothing
If women just started being nice to these people, the allure of a lot of this fantasy shit would evaporate instantly. No one who can get women is choosing anime over women. That's retarded.

youre on a website controlled by glowniggers who took it over to catch pedos on Yea Forums

>this had nothing to do with lolicon
i mean my post had nothing to do with lolicon, i just wanted to talk about that part of your post

Is that supposed to be saying furries want to fuck real dogs?

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See faggot

I wasn't arguing about lolis, just stating that people very much have been influenced by fictional material in negative ways.

Nah I am agreeing with you to a point. People have been stabbed over games and shit, but I'll never say ANYONE exposed to violent games is a ticking time bomb. I'm sure one deluded psycho saw some loli manga and was like "Oh this is real life"
When you're dealing with several billion people, it'll happen.
The only thing that should be closely evaluated is this:
How many don't progress due to having an outlet vs How many emulate the horrible shit they saw.
Even then you can just regulate it to make sure it gets into the former groups hands and not the latter's

why do they persecute me so?

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If you're not an alpha you're shit out of luck, so there's no reason to blame anime and fiction for this. And anyone that settles for less than the best doesn't respect themselves, so it's better to have nothing at all.

No shit. The rest of us don't have a lot to pick from right now.

You're just repeating the same fucking thing you shitfucker. It's a huge fucking number and it's probably NOT insignificant no matter how much you plug your ears and scream "Kiddy diddler kiddy diddler!" People scream and cry about imaginary hand drawn kidfucking being "Literal child porn" all the time so you think they won't report it to these places? Fucking A to B logic here. What else could they be reporting? You can't say because you have no fucking clue. You're making shit up to defend a point that benefits no one.

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50% of the reports are legitimate CP? That's disturbing. Every time someone rapes a child, someone else is complaining about a drawing.

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That's you and a bunch of retards just like you.

I for one support this user, and the reporting of loli content. Not only should loli content be reported but the reporting it should increase five-hundred fold. We can't let a single lolicon slip through the cracks of justice.

I don't even like loli shit so the fact that you think I'm a kidfucker just because I'm pointing out your argument is trash is hilarious.
Hell I'll level with you, I'm sure there are plenty of false reports by pedos. I'm just also sure some shit was loli that was dismissed and some was loli that WASN'T.
It's fucking 50% my dude. Of ALL reports. To stamp your feet and say NONE are loli is fucking insane. I'm making no such hard assertions


That comic doesn't make sense. Pedophiles don't abuse children, child abusers do.

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>If women just started being nice to these people, the allure of a lot of this fantasy shit would evaporate instantly.
Life isn’t fair. You were born an ugly and will die an ugly just like me. If women pay no attention to you, then you can do nothing but cope about it. You can try to work it out your way by developing a better personality, going to the gym or try to socialize more with women, or you can just pay them no attention and live your life without crying about >tfw no gf on an anime forum
but going “muh pure 2D waifu that loves so much and is better than irl women” is stupid. it’s a fantasy, a drawing, of course it’s going to be better than the real thing but you have leave it at a fun moment of imagination rather than focusinh your being around it. civilization wasn’t build by people who were dreaming about having sex with the mona lisa, but by people that participated in society. you should do the same

I have nowhere else to post this, so this is the perfect time and probably the only related thread I'll ever see.
I went on Yea Forums for the first time in like 6 years and found this gem, laughed my ass off for like 10 minutes.

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>actually doing their job
lmao even

>To stamp your feet and say NONE are loli is fucking insane.
I never said this, faggot, but if it's 1% out of 50% of false reports makes for a very different fucking argument. keep being bad faith faggot



I think a drawing of a real child would get you into some shit.
I'm reminded of that furfag who used a picture of a kid climbing into a pool.

i never blamed anime. i blame your asses for being deluded out of reality, but of course thoses thing are correlated and i am going to point it out.

But a pedophile COULD hurt a child. They're preventing future crimes and that's a good thing. What's that gang members could rob and murder people? Ok but we can't really do anything unless they've already robbed and murdered people.

Because people are unsufferable. You're a prime example.

that’s what happened to shadman
though nothing actually happened it did scare the shit out of him

Yeah yeah, pull up your pants and clean up your piss or something. Thank you Jordan Peterson.
There are limits to how much work anyone is going to be willing to put it, if no kind of success seems guaranteed. You wouldn't work a job is the promise of payment was just a "maybe".