ITT: Yea Forums posters you recognize

I’ll start:
>That one underaged kid who spams Yea Forums with ssethtzeentach videos. Along with all the newfags who call him based and kino!!!

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Your mother's vagina since I'm there most of the time

check out this based video

I don't get it. is he black?

and this one

I genuinely spam Sseth and Mandalore just to piss people off while enjoying their shitty content. It's amazing how people think they're "fighting back" by pointing out that Sseth's a plagiarizing edgelord and that Mandalore's a pedo-shaming libcuck. Don't fucking care but it's fun to see people get mad.

>who call him based and kino!!!
>implying he isnt
As sanitized as jewtube has become he's a nice breath of fresh air.

That pedo who creates stardew valley threads and pretends to be the first poster.

Woah, so Kino!

No he's jewish

the relentless vidya butts poster

How can one man mindbreak this board into a seething tard rage by simply existing? What is his catch?

lol youre a dumbass if you think its one kid

Good morning sirs

thoughts on this game?

based and kino

ITT: an e-celeb thread disguised as not an e-celeb thread

>That one underaged kid who seethes about ecelebs that live rent-free in his head 24/7

>based and kino
Cringe newfag moment. Oldfags know this as “bino”

Every single one of these posts is sseth and you can't tell me otherwise.

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>20 posts and 3 IDs




>Pedo shaming
How is that bad? Pedos deserve to get mocked

that one faggot anime girl user who post about his family problems, you know the one

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Is Maxor and this guy the same guy?

Fuck e-celebs for ruining nice quiet niche vidya communities.

It is him

>pedoshaming used as insult
you want to admit something user?

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sorry but Yea Forums is a pedo board

That guy with shit taste.

That guy called "OP" that is a flaming homosexual.

>pedo board
That'd be Yea Forums and b

>That guy that always gets mad.
You know how you are.

>Those 4 avatar faggots that shit up every single Friday/Saturday night threads
I just want my chill weekend threads back bros...

I don't like that he can't pronounce his th's

>that one underageb& who's on a one man crusade against anything even remotely sexy

Fuck you.

In mandy the faggot case, he jsut gobbled a retarded mongrel cock ad spouted that vinny from cvinesauce was a pedo for (hold yourself tight) sleeping with a willing 19 years old.

Yes, this is horrible, she was just a CHILD"

Not sure how common it is but every other day there is one guy that pretends to be me (You) while continuing a dumb argument

That one gay user who wants to have a fat ass.

except that guy spams his own videos and is a schizo. hell you're probably him.

The guy who goes into DMC threads and post 50 times about how DMC5 is the worst one


Another victim of the judeo-feminist coalition hoax



Absolutely fucking psychotic. Get some fucking help, OP.

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I miss the "A deal is a deal" poster
Must based Yea Forums poster to exist

Max0r is Sseth if he grew up with reddit and not Yea Forumseddit.

no, his avatar is an african soldier, i was so disappointed when i heard his shitty American voice. shitty channel everyone who watches him should kill themselves.

came here to post this

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I recognize lots of the waifufags here from writing styles and images/filenames and because of that I fear someone might recognize mine

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Fuck you Laura fag, I know it's you

The guy that makes threads where the OP image is white text on a black background and it's always some retarded topic like "rate my top 100 favorite games" or "name a game with at least 30 iconic moments and list them"

I intentionally use different filenames whenever I post just for this reason
I also sometimes add m or master1200 to filenames of full-sized images for run

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>I also sometimes add m or master1200 to filenames of full-sized images for run
this is beyond the capabilities of my imagination

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There's a guy who regularly storms Dragon Quest threads and starts spewing this insane headcanon that some guy in Squenix purposely tricks Yuji Hori into adding jokes and phonetic accents into all the Dragon Quest games to purposely ruin the games.

The part that makes him exceptionally crazy is like every other thread, someone gets into an argument and fact checks him, and all of his claims completely fall apart in the face of literally every interview, article, podcast, etc., but the dude just keeps going. I'd almost think it's a troll, but he does it in threads even when people aren't arguing with him. Usually if I see him start posting his screenshots from DQ4, I'll just bail the thread. I think the guy is SEA, possibly half-Korean. He is 100% sub-human.

Or use this?

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that and the dmc1 fag who spams about how dmc4 is the worst one

Okay, now that's based

There are a lot of posters like that on this site for various different things. So many years on this site and I still dont get it

He is based and kino. Seethe and dilate.

It's all about consistency. If a poster keeps using the randomise filename feature, you can still tell him apart from the other posters

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