You can't refute this. Modding is a joke

You can't refute this. Modding is a joke

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You can't refute this. OP is a joke.

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Usually you start modding after having already beat the base game so who cares

Based as fuck. Kill all animefaggots, kill all lolicons(pedos), kill all cuteposters, and kill all japs.

Then why did the "artist" give me tools to mod his game?

just like anything else there are good mods and there are shit mods

And mods that add cute anime girls going full yuri are defiantly good mods.

Sauce on the vn girls? Looks like Amasumi Sora ni or whatever that thing was called

the anime girl mod for fallout 4 is based

i love anime girls so fucking much

Don't care, still playing Doom 2 wads.

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>Usually you start modding after having already beat the base game

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Consummately debunked

Go ahead, make the first move, CHUD

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>Modding is a joke
And i'm craving a laugh right now, show me some of your favorite "jokes" .

The mod community prefers generic porn bimbos with collagen lips

bottom soul top soules

mods are the epitome of dedication because these guys make them for free for the love of the game and the for the community. this is the kind of thing you've been seeking, reader, but you chose console instead and are making the realization of how closed and restricting your platform is

Only good Mods are QoL Mods

Zoomers literally open with "what are the essential mods"

>check workshop
>actually has nice gameplay improvements instead of being 99% coomer shit
name the game

I feel like modding Skyrim, i wonder what some of the more popular mods have been recently.

Oh no.

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front loading the mods is the usual since you want the best impression for the game unless its a full conversion mod.

>mods are the epitome of dedication because....
Insecure retard.

i only play games that have lewd mods

Darkest Dungeon
It's fucking painful. I play the game a lot and check the nexus frequently for anything interesting. I'm not against coomer mods, I have plenty, but this is a fucking joke.
i really really like this mod

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>leftist memes be like:

nobody's making mods for le anymore. there's probably at least a couple decent mods on the se nexus

All mods are ba-

>all modding it bloom and anime girls

Already incorrect if you've ever actually browsed Nexusmods or Gamebanana instead of specifically looking up coomershit.

If I was playing a game that looked like the top the very first thing I would do is get a mod that fixes the shitty tinted filter they added.
And that's a perfectly fine thing to do, nobody but hacks think that shitty filters are artistic in any way and not simply just what's popular and expected.

I wanna watch Skyfall again

i don't even know what this means

>modding makes things ridiculous and fun
I know for a fact you had no childhood and never spent time with friends doodling dicks and moustaches on photographs

Parody art is valid, therefore parody art where the female characters are sexualized is valid. This applies to titty mods as well as off model fanart.


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It is a joke.
And I will continue to do it anyway.
As a joke.

civ v
strategy in general

>Mod community
I will now play your game.

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Look at those immersive caves tho

Why should I care about "artist vision"? Honest question. Video games exist for sole reason of providing fun, why I shouldn't adjust them to give more fun to me?

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flip the images except keep the anime girls on the bottom.
now its accurate

Ah yes, consolefag cope
This one is more accurate

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Why is it only in the last decade that anyone actually hated mods on principle?

You need to understand that the beaten wife syndrome is absolutely real. A lot of people these days genuinely feel guilty using content they haven't paid for. It's very deliberate conditioning.

>NOOOO, people will do whatever they want with the product they paid for!

Kill yourself, faggot.

Consoles became less popular and the peasants are still jealous

one of the following, if not all three:
unironic shills for devs mad at players making mods better than their entire game
people who the shills pretend to be
seething consolefags

Meanwhile I feel guilty paying for digital products

Cuz most mods became coomer mods and/because devs are actively trying to kill coomer culture by making the females ugly. So devs naturally get mad that popular mods are undermining the whole purpose of desexualizing their female characters.

>mods back then
Did something useful, had some thought put into them, had some novelty
>mods now
retarded, titties, make game easy. Modders autsitic blogging and whining zero novelty

If you aint an autistic weeb coomer mods aint for you

Have you considered playing literally anything but fucking Bethesda games?

Based og doom fellow

this, also without a shred of irony

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what can you expect, skyrim's a fucking old ass game, the only mods that people will make will eventually just be coomer mods

I have never played skyrim. i base this off my experience with total war mods. As shit as the base game is the mods are generally worse. there's maybe 3-4 out of thousands that do anything good.

>artist's vision
that would assume video games are art, which they are not. Hence the argument falls flat

>big tittied tranny Mehrunes Dagon Statue

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Wtf? I love modding now!???

I dunno bro, that crossbow anim mod looks pretty baller....

I think the best evidence of modding being generally terrible is how many people use and enjoy ENBs.

Who the fuck ads titties to total war?

>A lot of people these days genuinely feel guilty using content they haven't paid for.
For the case of modding that unlocks everything, you shouldn't feel bad about not giving money to companies that locks everything behind DLC instead of letting get everything by paying once. Companies like Namco and EA already got billions of dollars, you not giving them money would make zero difference.

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Modding gives cool weapons and armours/suits to Bethesda games. I like post-apocalyptic settings but god I hate improvised "pipe weapons".