Which country has the better video game design philosophy?

Which country has the better video game design philosophy?

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Japan, and it's not even close

Japan and it's fpbp

Everything american culture touches rot



American media is full of liberal elite, it was only a matter of time before they also got their hands on vidya and tainted it beyond repair. American games used to be cool as fuck. Not anymore.

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depends on the genre

gameplay should always be first
fucking graphic and storyfags should be hanged

Japan, but *some* American stuff is still pretty great
Most aaa American stuff is complete and utter dogshit though

Japan makes games with fun first in mind. America decided that every piece of entertainment media has to preach a message to the consumer.

Philosophy? The west is objectively superior.
Execution? Due to various factors, Japan.

Japan. Speaks volumes about how terrible Western games have gotten when the most fun I had with a Western game in a long ass time was a leaked 40% done build of a 21 year old cancelled game. That's when Western games still had good design philosophy. Now they're almost all generic Ubishit clones or Sonyshit clones. All the passion is fucking gone.

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California ruins everything it touches. Games, anime, whatever.

>weebs seething

bow down to EA, microsoft, and Rockstar

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Japan, America has been tainted sadly. I blame California for this mess.

all three of those games were made by euros

>swede game
>murican nog simulator lol
>russian game

>Now they're almost all generic Ubishit clones or Sonyshit clones. All the passion is fucking gone.
Yeah what the fuck happened? Everything is so fucking soulless now.

please define video game design philosophy

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Weeb website will say Japan, but year after year, consumers choose Western games with their wallets.

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Justin Bieber and Harry Styles also sell a lot just saying.


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The last western games I enjoyed all are indies

>japan good
>/threading your own post
the trifecta of newfaggotry

>America decided that every piece of entertainment media has to preach a message to the consumer.
Every American vidya now is globohomo shit that appeals to trannies. Why is everything so gay now?

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western devs make better indie games imo than japan at least. For now.

overall I think they're mostly equal to be honest.
most games from the west AND japan are forgettable mediocre trash, and the best from either one are basically on par.

No one here would be able to explain what design philosophies are in japanes and American video games and what the differences are so who the fuck cares

Some Western indie games are really good, but that indie showcase showed a lot of indie garbage too. The pozz is spreading...

>needing to ask
we make games for our art and ideas VS cool crazy flashy shit for escapism. It's Japan, by a landslide. West only has a shot after it crashes again.

Hello tourist. Enjoying your stay on the chan?

Japanese video games:
>Great control feel
>Memorable music and great artstyle
Western video games:
>Everything is standardized (open world or linear experience gameplay that holds your hand)
>Forgettable Orchestral music and realistic artstyles
>Pozzed up the ass
There you go bro.

Don't get me wrong there are a lot of pozzed western indie games for sure that get media attention cause of it but there too many other games where they don't give a shit about that stuff.

I know, but nowadays I'm seeing indie devs on twitter having pronouns and constantly tweet about politics. Twitter really is a fucking mistake.


gen 7 and graphicfaggotry.

there's the third element

There's a couple things:

-Microtransactions. Every Western dev wants a "Live service" game success like Fortnite, because these pull in billions of dollars in MTX revenue. Look at Sony preparing 10 Live Service games, literally fucking knowing most will flop, but they only need one to stick. There is no passion here at all
-Budgets. The budgets that go into AAA is simply too high now. This means you can't afford to take any risks. Ubishit clone and Sonyshit clone are the safest games to make, so this is what gets shat out
-Blackrock ESG scores. Publishers get paid real good money to put niggers and trannies in their media. When you're already getting paid really well for doing something so effortless, naturally there will be less passion put into the game.

Just saying what? That they are geniuses that will be more popular rich and famous than you'll ever be?

inb4 some cope about how they're dumb and you could totally do what they did cuz ur so smart just kinda lazy xD

AAA - Japan
Indie - West

Japanese games aren't even the most popular in their own country. Japanese kids play Fortnite / Minecraft.

Don't be a bullshitter, there was that huge poll at the start of the year where Japs chose their top 100 games and only like 5 of them were Western

Japan literally invented the moviegame though with JRPGs.

USA has far more production value and they tend to understand game design better. Mechanically and visually they tend to be superior.
The problem is that the games they make are also paint-by-numbers soulless corporate bullcrap that panders to market data exclusively derived from fucking twitter.
Japanese games tend to be way more janky both visually and in the fact that their mechanics rarely have any real design intent, but generally speaking the developers make games they genuinely think will be fun and they don't have the USA tone of the whole game being pieced together out of marketing buzzwords.
Obviously there are exceptions on both sides. Red Dead and Dark Souls come to mind.

It won't matter soon. It's all gonna merge to a global standard because games are just toys. We were fools to think otherwise.

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not even a question

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Depends on what time frame you're asking for.
The old American design philosophy was gritty, rugged, and bad ass. So much so that localizers had to specifically tailor their localizations to account for that to get into the market.
Japan on the other hand just brought a straightforward game. You don't play the game because you wanna be Doomguy. You don't play the game because you wanna be Duke Nukem. You play the game because you wanna play the game, and that's the way it'll be whether you're Mario or Cloud.
In the recent years however, America has taken a complete 180, and now instead of posturing by seeing how badass they can make their games, they posture by how woke they can make their game. Sexuality? Nowhere to be found, unless it involves gays. Races? White minority. Badassery? Badassery is problematic, so it's been retired.
Meanwhile Japan has more or less continued their path of just plain making games.

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Ameircan games do realism well and there's very detailed graphic environments, if that's fun for you. Japan does everything else better.

Japan AA > Japan doujin > American indie > Euro game > Japan AAA > American AAA

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
2. Smash Ultimate
3. Minecraft
4. Splatoon 2
5. Fortnite
6. Mario Kart 8
7. Pokemon Sword/Shield
8. eFootball Winning Eleven
9. Monster Hunter World
10. Undertale
10. Mario Maker 2
10. Zelda: Breath of the Wild
13. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
14. eBaseball Professional 2020
14. Super Mario Odyssey
14. Mario Party

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
2. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
3. Splatoon 2
4. Mario Party
5. Smash Ultimate
6. Mario Kart 8
7. Minecraft
8. Pokemon Sword/Shield
9. Mario Maker 2
10. Fortnite
11. Undertale
12. Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n' Fun
13. Super Mario Odyssey
14. Zelda: Breath of the Wild
15. Dragon Quest XI
15. NSBU

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Have there been any good euro games (including UK) since 2000? I've tried a lot but they all sucked.

for instance.....??

Jrpgs are basically just poorly build strategy games. western devs have at least tried to figure out the most compelling aspects of role play and wargaming to translate it into CRPG's but they failed. The first ones were things like wizardry (the inspiration for dragon quest funnily enough), these were basically just games that used the terminology and combat systems from table top roleplaying games to make a basic dungeon crawler simulating combat. there were some sparks of hope like baldurs gate, dragon age, dues ex etc that all felt like they wanted to create these moments that seemed like emergent storytelling or player-character focused story progression, but at the end of the day they couldnt really grasp the roleplaying genre and focused on their gameplay first and foremost. Japan literally hasnt tried to fix their retarded definition of rpg for the last 30 years. Shit like dragon quest or final fantasy does not simulate role playing or adventure, its hardly even built on old wargaming systems anymore. Older table top rpgs hardly change their battle systems and when they do its a massive revolution in the game itself. Jrpgs change their system every other game. At the end of the day, japan produces low input strategy games mislabeled rpgs and the west continues to try and chase the emergent storytelling, character driven narratives of old rpgs, but still cant effectively simulate them. We have a numbers autism infecting the rpg genre making people think that increasing stats or numbers displayed on screen is what an RPG is, but the truth is that numbers and rolls and calculations massively slow down any real RP session and just serve to lower your investment in the emerging stories. I genuinely believe that if most mechanics/numbers existed behind the curtain, RPG's as they exist now would become a dead genre overnight. We havent seen japan even attempt roleplaying in their games and americans just havent been able to achieve it yet.

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US has better shooters and strategy games. Japanese devs cannot wrap their heads around first person shooters for some reason.

If you want a real thought experiment into how impossible it is to replicate genuine human storytelling, look how mangled and lobotomized any AI story telling game is. they cant even handle keeping a character off screen after you input it 10 times in a row. they forget your characters name. they kill you instantly for the sake of drama with no prompting. Even if you made a game where it was a glorified CYOA game with small player inputs deciding the course, there would still be a lack of roleplay. For proof of concept, look how that game "until dawn" ended up. The original concept was to let players make choices based on what they knew, and what the characters didnt, to create interesting dilemmas of having characters in the story act irrationally and create dramatic tension. How it worked in practice was that there were obvious right and wrong choices, zero roleplay, and the consequences for picking the wrong choice was getting the bad ending because you had to keep all 6 characters alive. So, if ai generated stories cant cut the mustard, and if CYOA games still have to pertain to binary outcomes based on chapters (they literally show you what other players picked and its always 1 of 2 options defining the end state of a chapter), then how do we create a satisfying roleplaying game? well the answer is that we simply cant recreate the feeling of an emergent story brought about by 4 dickheads and a storyteller sitting around a table experimenting with the system they found interesting. We will always be stuck with numbers fetishes, Binary outcomes, illusions of stories based on player choices, and cutscene spam. At least in a western game however, i can genuinely immerse myself in a world and story because of the rich backgrounds and lore built off decades of Table top worldbuilding experience translated into video game settings.
TLDR: america is better than japan

Titan of the industry btw. Gameplay is not everything or else press A to win simulators like this wouldnt be such dominant franchises.

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budgets are a massive problem for modern games because of engine complexity extending the dev time for games and the obscene costs of creating decent gen 7 graphics. soul vs soulless really woke me up to how meaningless graphics are that a bunch of consumers unironically prefer the "unique" aesthetic of polygon 16 color palette stuff from decades ago to literal movie graphics in modern games calling them soulless lmao.

japs make shit games but they have cute waifus
western games are better but they have weak waifu game
yurop's output is 90% garbage and 10% janky goodness
i don't think south america or africa discovered electricity yet, much less personal computing

Japs invented gachas and paying for console online

Fuck them

Most consumers are brain-dead and would by the new Fifa and Madden without question.