ITT: Things you are not allowed to have in a modern game or you will be banned from every platform

ITT: Things you are not allowed to have in a modern game or you will be banned from every platform

>large breasts
>flat chests

>visible cleavage
>visible panties

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Both the chinks and the liberals all want to censor woman for different reasons. It's kinda funny.

this game came out today so you're wrong

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Not really, it was chinese feminists there too

Feminists should embrace the fact that people love breasts on women

>chinese feminist
china is not western twitter, only CCP can enforce censorship.
CCP loves the feminist.

This is why you simp for the cute lads, laddies always get cucked

I think in this case it's less a war on boobs and more a war on this particular character, given that pic related is an upcoming character.

I pray that some lads get censored someday, not because I want censorship but because I want to see censorship apologists freak out over it happening to a male for once.

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When it happened people were posting chinese feminists on weibo or whatever celebrating. They have on billion people over there not everyone is the same

Did this really happen or is it only for the chink version? because I know the non-china versions got the censored outfits as bonuses rather than replacements

far right looks much better.
this looks ridiculous. incels really like this?

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You can still have them, just not on women and thats a good thing

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>CCP loves the feminist
CCP would completely annihilate stuff like Slutwalk. Seems like they're more in line with stuff like OG republican/puritan thinking, they don't like blood and violence either. And skeletons!

Venti's sexy outfit will never be released.

Has nothing to do with feminism, CCP is very conservative and bans porn, nudity or anything too sexual in their eyes.



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chink feminist =/= western feminist
they aren't as vocal and hold no actual political power to enforce censorship in anything

why does it look better
>lulz da incelz!!!!
yeah great, but no seriously, what does shrinking the tits actually do to the design that makes it 'better'. she's still dressed like a nun-themed stripper so its not making her look any more 'respectable'. it just devalued the only factor the game's designs have (lazy coombait)

>they hold no power to censor anything
Then how did they censor Genshin?

>Venti's sexy outfit will never be released.

Xi simply doesn't want his boys to coom

uhh no girl looks like that dude. a chest that big would need surgery. it can cause a lot of back problems and it's really annoying. boobs are annoying to have. and it doesnt look good at all. stop being a child that just thinks bigger = better maybe. it's just unhealthy

While honkai can have multiple mommy milkers. I guess more censorship is inevitable when game become mainstream like genshin.

feminists are ugly women so they either have no tits or gross saggy ones

CCP demanded it, comply or take their game off the shelves for not meeting their standards. theres like no reason for china companies listen to some internet noise.
also chinese player are really mad, complaints massive crying everywhere but in the end nothing changed, when they are the crowd that throwed massive tantrum buffed zhongli.
so geez i wonder who is behind this censorship where china citizen have no right to rebuke this shitshow.

>uhh no girl looks like that dude
she's dressed like a stripper nun.

Remember when Yea Forums was calling China based for censoring faggot shit but now they’re worse than US at censoring any sort of attractive women?

Remember that supporting any censorship of art will lead down this road.

Forget the pic

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i dont think the outfit is really that out of the ordinary for a fantasy world. i mean the fishnets are but, whatever. im just glad it doesnt show too much skin. makes it uncomfortable to play

>Venti's sexy outfit will never be released.
Partially exposed navels is all we have, have mercy user

what game is this?
couldnt find with image search and checked new releases

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what the game is

Your image is because of the chinese government, you understand that right? Because your post makes it seem like you don't

>fantasy world
you already applied real-world standards to the design you can't just walk that back now. she could be freakishly undersized for the fantasy world standards

the nep x senran game. She's one of the OCs.

>CCP demanded it
After feminists mass reported the game
This is like saying feminists have no power in america because it’s the gocernment and hollywood who blacklists and jails you

the neptunia senran kagura thing

reminder that OP is mentally ill

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>cleavage censored
What is your point?

is he assmad because her tits are big or small?

i mean like, the outfit looks good. it's just that youd stand out quite a lot if you were walking around town in it. but as a military commander which i think she's supposed to be? idk, never played that game but it looks fine. again, just the fishnets are out of place really

she's wearing three sets of sleeves. the outfit is fucking retarded. the outfit also doesn't "lose" anything by having the tits be massive, the crux of your argument is the design is ruined by having huge tits and you've said literally nothing to justify that other than it not being 'realistic' while the rest of the design looks fucking retarded

well it doesnt matter dude, a chest that big is ridiculous and it's only for men that are just incels or sexually deprived or whatever. it just looks bad. like have some taste. she looks much better on the right and much healthier too

This. Her booba and tummy would be totally exposed in the good old days.

do you just get off on acting like a disingenuous faggot? I don't actually believe you have this opinion and all you're doing is showing me how many hoops you're jumping through to make me think you do.
like yeah people who think like that exist but you acting like one with no real point other than to be an idiot and force out some insults so you can say 'oh typical chudcels always so quick to anger'

Honkai has to deal with CCP censorship.
Genshin has to deal with CCP censorship AND Sony censorship.

no, that is my actual opinion. i dont think it looks good. i also have xx chromosomes and im not attracted to women, so im speaking from a point where i know a chest like that would indeed be very uncomfortable and it's also really unrealistic, especially when clothed. and i dont know of guys that really want them that big. it's ridiculous, it looks bad, it just has no class at all. girls look better with realistic sizes


Not the user you're replying to. I don't care if this is bait. I mostly lurk been lurking since 2006. I just wanted to say you're fucking retarded and I hate people like you. You went back against your own logic multiple time. I've had a girlfriend like you, the truth is she was jealous of other girls and didn't like when they got attention. I can smell your gender from your post.

i mean whatever but her chest is literally just not natural. the outfit doesnt matter. a body shape is another thing. she's just way too big to the point that it's unnatural. like do you not get it? it's unnatural so it should look bad to you if you have any taste at all. it's just not right. its like the uncanny valley. and clearly they knew that because they toned it down, which is good. i didnt go back on my logic at all

Guys lie all the time to please the girl they like or to avoid conflict. You think a guy would tell a flat chested girl they like huge tits? Most guys like big tits and big ass and most of the people that say they don't simply do not want to be gas lighted because we live in a fucking society where you can have your social life ruined by femoid for petty reasons.

their wow censorship is hilarious, i guess this is why in genshin theres not even a single drop of blood.

There is plenty of girl with big tits even some actress. It sounds like you have breast envy to me.

i think its like half and half between guys that like them smaller and bigger. but the thing is, the ones that like them bigger dont like them as big as in the image. more so on the right side. it's just not natural for a girl to have that size, you'd have to get implants and then have all kinds of health problems from it, plus it's just annoying to have, annoying to move around with, just a hassle. i truly do think that incels have a high chance of wanting that unrealistic size, cause once youve been around girls that have a realistic chest, youre not gonna wanna look at unrealistically big ones

These are bait posts
If you reply to them and feed the troll you need tohang yourself from a doorknob

1.4 happened for everyone, and 2.4 for China while they waited for the censored "alternate" outfits to be complete. The alternate outfits are now the default for all versions of the game.
Official art:

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Would be infinitely better if it weren't for the breast reduction

im pretty sure all guys like big anime booba, never met one that didn't, even gays think its great from an outsider's perspective, like being happy your neighbor is enjoying thier new grill. Truly the great unifier.

how awful

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You think women are making games?

a-at least i can switch the skin in gameplay unlike china servers right?

i know this is a shitpost but its actually bizarrely accurate. Had a gay weeb buddy ask me what kind of women i was into a few years ago, pretty cool guy and was genuinely entertained at how enthusiastic i was about anime tits.

nah i dont
they are big though. she has an honestly large chest in the far right image. you do know bras and clothing compress right? so i dont think you realize how big the ones on the left are. and clearly the devs did so they fixed it