Game has good weapon variety

>game has good weapon variety
>only a handful of them actually matters gameplay wise

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why would someone record themselves doing that and upload it onto the internet? Who is this for? Who is entertained?

Because sex that's why

but its a pencil

>snap her wrist as soon as the turns the pencil around
Nothing personnel

Did you cut the exciting part of was that the whole video?

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>the biting of the lower lip
>the look she gives you while doing the hand gesture
It's definitely sexual user, at least alot of people will think so

What's the exciting part?

What race is this?

Yet you posted in this thread

looks like hapa with makeup on to look more white

why does it look like her face gets fatter and fatter the more she stabs with the pencil?

Imagine the pubic hair

games for this feel?

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Tfw no crazy psycho hapa gf


But why?

how does a man end up doing that for a living?

Unironically would

>tfw no gf
Unironically how do you get a gf or a girl?

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Is that a good looking japanese woman doing porn? To me they all looked average at best

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This is why I like DmC.
Every weapon, from both categories, Angelic and Demonic is needed to complete the game.
Some bosses were impossible the angelic weapons, but prior to that they seemed useless against common mobs.
Very good game design.
The opposite of this is Alice Madness Returns.
Lots of weapons but most of them were useless.

That is disgusting. Why would anyone do that

No joke, there is currently a murder trial close to where I live where two men assaulted another man with a pencil and the man later died of sepsis.

what's her name


idris elba

Whores gonna whore, simps gonna simp.

sepsis deez nuts
haha gottem

>upload it onto the internet?
*Ahem* it's social media, not Internet, sweetie.

she kinda cute doe

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just like your dick

enjoy the rugburn on your dick

oh shit I think I know this
abp984 or 991

Why do japs have such hairy pussies? It's always jungle-tier and disgusting


Much love from Kazakhstan. I hate women so much it's unreal.

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New soijak just dro--

That tongue has a HPV. Nasty.

when nothing else in life matters but the coom

This should be mandatory for all incels.


having hair that long is HUGE red flag. she's likely some form of ghoul, possibly only turning at night.

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this bitch is so bad at being sexy
it just looks like she's stabbing the cameraman

to me the appeal is that they look average, and not bogged beyond belief like most western whores in porn older than 21

Who hurt you?

who gives a shit

The single mother I was raised by,

As someone who has a bit of a fetish for hair, that's pretty fucking hot

Yes please.

It was the front of the knee all along?!

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that dick looks like it should have a joke written on its stick


sidri able

>white boi dick

reminder that all asian women have had sex with a White man or will have sex with a White man

>being disgusted by snowballing
hows your first day on the internet treating you?

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