ITT: Greatest vidya filters you experienced as a kid

ITT: Greatest vidya filters you experienced as a kid

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I want to fuck that

bada bing bada based

My 3rd grade hands just didn't have the ability to mash that fast.

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early game of pokemon yellow is brutal as a kid

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Damaged Jehuty vs Anubis. Wrecked my ass for half an hour.

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How? Even as an 8 year old I caught a Nidoran and destroyed the entire game with ease.

i was born in 88. my strategy for any early hard boss fight was to use cannon fodder pidgeys sand attacking. plenty of other ways too you were just a stupid kid

b-but in the cartoon ash beat the first gym with his pikachu...

first game to shame me about easy mode

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I remember really enjoying playing WW on the GameCube but dropped all interest when it came to the tri charts and tri piece locations. Was eventually able to beat it but I remember that part being pretty bad. Forgot how many you needed to collect.

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>people who were 12 when ds3 came out are old enough to post

Fucking kill me now

>Here’s your first boss bro
>Forgot to learn heal? Sucks for you

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user…couldn’t you get a mankey in route 2 in yellow that knew karate chop?

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Bruh that shit was easy. I could never beat the elite 4 though. Probably because I viewed potions as cheating

sly 2's final boss, clokwerk
it had a turret section that actually demanded a degree of accuracy and I couldnt do it for literaly days as I had no shooter experience with thumbs back then, had to put down the game to finish it 2-3 years later

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Miltank didn't filter me, Ice Path did.

Karate Chop was normal type in gen 1
Red/Blue were harder if you picked Charmander because Nidoran didn't learn Double Kick until level 43 (changed to 12 in Yellow)

some g1 movesets baffle me to this very day.
yes I know, they're not supposed to be that great.
but why the fuck does Moltres learn Leer when other Articuno and Zapdos learn powerful elemental moves at the same level?

I think Game Freak just didn't put much thought into it for a while. I remember being disappointed at so many cool Pokemon who had shitty moves as a kid. Like Flareon

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>literally makes you fall in love with her
>so much so you can't do anything to stop her
>as she crushes you flat under her fat fucking cow ass over and over again
They knew what they were doing. Ha ha no of course they didn't they weren't degenerates, but I am now thanks to them.

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I remember this thing kicking my shit in so hard that I dropped the game. Then I beat it no problem when I played the zodiac edition. Maybe I was just retarded

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My bad, I meant to say low kick. Pretty sure it could learn it super early just because of the brock fight.

A fucking bridge

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I think it's because Fire Blast was a gym TM while Blizzard and Thunder weren't. Aside from Pikachu learning Thunderbolt in Yellow, nothing in Gen 1 can learn a gym TM move by leveling up. The real question then would be why the fuck didn't they just give it Flamethrower?

>I remember being disappointed at so many cool Pokemon
God I remember picking Hitmonchan as a kid because I heard it had the elemental punches and I was so confused why they only did a little damage. I thought it was because I didn't train it enough but it was really due to his terrible Special.

Got filtered hard on this level.

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>had to deal with tsareena with exactly magmemite and slow bro in my meme run
Geninuely harder than basically any other Pokémon fight I've had to do. I was in pain the entire time.

how the FUCK do you counter rollout, literally only way to beat is to out level

Heh fun times in 1.10. That Iron maiden curse is shit though

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Jak 2 was my first and only game for PS2 for like 6 months. I'm sure you can guess how this went, I spent forever banging my head on the auto scrolling tank mission near the beginning. It was brickwall after brickwall. Didn't have a memory card for a long time either so everytime I had to replay the game from the start. Eventually you get gud though, I know for a fact that with my brother we managed to get past the Baron fight in Tomb of Mar, which is pretty impressive considering this game still gives me trouble today despite having replayed it like 10 times.

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I still remember the feeling of hopelessness i felt when i first tried Mission 7

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Unlocking Kongo Jungle n64 in melee has no reason to be as horseshit as it is. Does that count as a filter?

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This benchod

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status moves baka
>sleep, paralyze, burn
all of above recks it

I wanna fill this cow with my penis milk

Literally built like my ex, god i miss her

I thought fighter bunnies looked stupid so I just had a rough time.

On my first playthrough I don't think I beat Brock until my playtime was like 3h or something stupid.

I got slapped by SOOOO much shit in d2. I played that game as a child/young teen so I was a moron.

This cunt

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>Be sick af
>Stay home from school for like 3 days with stomach flu
>Mom says "If you're sick then you can't play video games."

This is the actual vidya filter. It was the worst.

Stowaway mission in GTA: SA
I had a shitty GeForce 2 card, whenever motion blur kicked in when riding the bike at high speed, the game would noticeably slow down but the plane was going at the same speed somehow, so it was physically impossible for me to catch it. I was stuck at this mission for over a year, when I got a new PC with a 6600 GT card instead, beat it on the first try after that happened.

Your controller's joystick(s) after 100%ing Mario Party 1 for the N64.
Also Canary Mary. That fucking Star Fox Adventure trial doesn't have shit on her, since dicking around should come natural in the latter, as opposed to a 2 1/2 fucking minute button mashing race where you can't properly detect the rubberband without losing said 3 minutes dicking around.

Yeah, this one. Am I really the only one that took it easy to see how difficult it would be? Like giving your opponent an inch to test them in arm wrestling.

I dont know about you guys but this game was honestly a fucking blur to me. All i remember was getting that little flying robot and then giving up because i got lost

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Is Quest 64 the perfect example of pure soul and atmosphere in such a shittily designed game?
The towns and their music are comfy as fuck, and the magick system is fun as Hell when broken, but fuck does it have some detractors.

I remember having a water type but I guess being a double battle they concentrated on it first

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game is gud
juno is mai waifu, i thought that's her name

My dad had to do this for me because I just couldn't manage it as a child.

How the fuck was i suposed to know you could pee harder on them? The rock dude would just immediately hop back up and bitch slap me. If this shit didnt have cheats to skip that part i never wouldve beaten this game.

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Be thankful you didn't attempt to platinum Floyd's trophies for the Cyborg Ant in MP. That shit was agony.

Van Heist mission. Driving a van with 2 stars? Impossible. Didn't know there were other islands for months

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When I first played SA the performance would get so bad that all high speed roads would turn into perpetual exploding inferno. The AI clipped into the road and smashed into each other at full speed, since there were no frames for them to consider braking.

faulkner for me