Its time for your check up user. Who is your favorite video game nurse?

Its time for your check up user. Who is your favorite video game nurse?

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are doctors okay?

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The thinking man's choice

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You posted her

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The unnamed nurses that appear when you cast the Nurse spell in the Tales of series

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made for milking your prostate methodically for hours, all while showing no emotion.

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For medical reasons, of course

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Why is she dressed like a white devil?

stand aside whores

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You need to have a medical license to be a nurse

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I can't even think of any besides that one from Skullgirls and this one

imagine being next in line for your prostate exam, but the sight of her absolutely destroying the current patient's prostate makes you ejaculate in you pants.

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I wanna breed this slutty nurse.

God, I wish she could ruin me while she gently abuses my balls

Who wouldn't?

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How does someone do such a thing gently?

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Give one of them a kiss while she almost pops the other one?

That still doesn't sound gentle. What about full-on abuse at the start, then gentle aftercare?

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Mmm I like the sound of that. What would that entail?

I want to health check up with her so bad bros

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Lisa (forma de humana)

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call me a furry if you must, but I prefer this Florence.

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Why does she love so much giving blowjob and rimjob?


Technically he is a Nurse
not a doc quite yet but he's getting there

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Can't think of any besides the SH ones, Lisa from the same series, and her. Lisa is cute and deserved better, but I'm sorry.
Nightingale, my beloved.. oh I'd never cheat on her.

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I need Nightingale to milk me.

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It's her responsibility as a nurse.

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but you aren't a cow, user

I wish I was her

I want her to ruin me over and over again until it hurts all over and I'm drier than a desert.

technically not a nurse but she is basically a medicinal supergenius and has been working as a pharmacist after the events of Imperishable Night

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>work patient transport
>expect hot nurses
>they’re mostly tiny filipino hags who you can’t even understand
At least I still have my Valentine r34

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can you really trust a medical professional when she's not even using her real name?

>makes an elixir so strong that it retroactively makes you immortal
the only thing she's lacking is common sense because she is a fucking alien.

Unfortunately OP asked for nurses not doctors, sorry doc

I still shoot out dick milk.


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I like Valentine
Helps that one of her alts is a reference to my waifu

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thought this was Sento for a good minute

Serious question - why is she always getting fucked by horses in porn? Is there something weird in game, or is that just a weird trend a LOT of people latched on to for no reason?

Nursing rimjobs...

A lot of fate characters get fucked by horses and dogs because fate “fans” are a pack of fucking degenerates.

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Non-judgmentally mashing your prostate because she understands anatomy is the best part of nurse characters

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old school waifu

Spreading my large butt (for a boy) and going in with her tongue

Unironically i would let her give me a prostate exam

i would let her degrade the fuck outta me

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