Why did the Covenant allow these useless cowards to join their coalition?

Why did the Covenant allow these useless cowards to join their coalition?

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they're grunts. they do grunt work. it's right there in the name come on man

because they can just deploy millions of those retards to any warzone and just drown their enemies, along with the fact that they can do all the shitty work nobody else wants to do, that and to be fair they are only cowardly when their officer dies which for your average marine is difficult to do, only spartans and some odsts can deal with elites to the point of causing a rout

The Unggoy were enslaved user

They are insanely effective as cannon fodder since they have like 40 babies per clutch of eggs and they grow to adulthood in like a week.

In canon the plasma pistols they're all equipped with can kill an unshielded spartan in 1 shot. And they can be deployed en masse. They only only seem weak and useless because we're playing a videogame.
Plasma is overpowered as fuck in the story canon. It's why the covenant had humanity on the back-foot in the first place.

>In canon
Stop saying this, the games are the canon Halo, everything underneath them are just events. Chief and Spartans tank so much shit in the games, they might as well be comic book characters. Games > Books, drill that through your skull.

you don't really see it because mister chief is hueg but grunts are about the size of gorillas. plus regular humans don't have energy shields so plasma weapons really fuck them up.

Grunts can easily decimate normal humans they only come off as non-threatening because you play a Spartan.

Based user recognising that the only thing canon in any universe is your experience playing the game

These fuckers can be brutal. Especially on legendary which should be considered the canon difficulty. Grunts alone make up like 80% of the logistics and infantry manned equipment in the covenant.

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Grunts can take a lot more hits than you'd think on legendary. Just saying.

canon difficulty is heroic

You're wrong and stupid.

It’s not, it’s not even the default difficulty and even Bungie calls you out on it stating that the Heroic statement was for gameplay purposes alone. I don’t know what is with you lorefags and canon.

> Unggoy
> Ung Goy
> Goy

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OP is a fag.

They're slaves user. Then after they were enslaved for awhile they sperged out so hard the covenant needed an arbiter to contain their autism. No one wanted another mass tard wrangle to become necessary so they promoted them from slaves to cannon fodder. The end.

they are expandable and grow in countless numbers compared to the elites/brutes, they look silly but they are the equivalent of UNSC marines.

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in halo 2 the damage modifiers for enemies is 0.2 on easy, 0.6 on normal, and 1.0 on heroic, so even the games programing says heroic is baseline

For multiplayer training

WTF how long do these bugs live for?

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>The Prophets see these little retards
>Enslave them
>There are a shitzillion of them
>Covenant try to sterilize them
>They start revolting and actually threaten to take out the Covenant
>"Oh shit! Quick! Glass the fuck out of their homeworld"
>Get forced into service or they get wiped out.
Besides that, they can do some damage. They are about manlet size.


Cannon fodder
And they're too dumb to realize they're cannon fodder

legendary is boring to play because it invalidates 90% of the sandbox and LASO is just a fucking slog.

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to be fair, it doesnt matter which difficulty you play on, AR still sucks cock

Yet we have Bungie on Weekly Updates stating they said that for multiplayer training and for people that played Halo 1 and 2 on Normal. Mentally ill lorefag who forgets that Halo’s a video game.

This dudes are the reason I cant take Halo setting seriously. They are too silly to look threatening and it ruins the immersion.

>They are about manlet size.
Playing as 7 foot tall master chief people often forget that in lore grunts are roughly the size of gorillas.

Halo was never meant to be taken seriously.

The biggest threat that Grunts pose to normal humans is the fact that if you're shooting at them you're not shooting at the Elite on his way to annihilate your butthole.

>just waste half your ammo shooting elite shields brooooo who cares its a video game
>can get the same effect from the most common weapon in the game and a single shot from a BR/DMR

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>since they have like 0 babies per clutch of eggs

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>legendary is boring to play because it invalidates 90% of the sandbox
No it doesn't. It isn't the game's fault if you decide to be boring and use nothing but plasma pistol+pistol.

imagine being peer pressured into playing laso
couldn't be me

Aren't the Special Ops Grunts in black armor the only ones who aren't cowardly?

Energy Sword works on my machine
git gud

I would consider that they are probably still more formidable than the average UNSC marine beyond heavy lifting (although they also can speak intelligently AND carry huge fuel rod cannons). They probably destroy the average marine, but can't do much to spartans, hence why they just fuck off and run away screaming.

The breed like rats and are exceptionally good cannon fodder that can cause chaos and occasionally get very lucky


Today, I will remind them

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you're telling me grunts would be the jannies on covchan?


Playing as the best super soldier in the Halo Universe really distorts how terrifying the enemies actually are. I bet nine times out of ten, the average user here will fold against a common grunt.

Imagine how scary the Chief looks to the Covenant and Banished when he’s fighting them.

Well, they call him The Demon for a reason

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Cause they're actually very smart in regards to engineering

It just means monkey in Tagalog.

Because their Arbiter was fucked by Master Chief

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Are they? I know the drones and jackals are fucking retards

never really got this, post halo 3 are the humans and aliens mostly friends?

Less friendly and more just neutral.

four kinda fails to really make this clear but for when the covenant was defeated the ayyyys split off into multiple different factions with each one having different relations with humanity, obviously you got the covenant larp factions that want humanity dead still but are far to weak and fighting each other to do anything, on the flip side you have the arbiters faction that are generally okay with humanity but ONI still fucks with them to ensure they can't become a threat, and a bunch of other factions that are either pirates, doing their own thing, or dislike the UNSC but allow humans into their ranks

because they cute

>you will never have an army of stubby retards under your command

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Work in Demolitions, you will

these little screeching goblins are the main reason i hate the HALO franchise so much.
it had so much potential, but then these screeching little goblins showed up, running away, waving their arms.
completely took me out of the game, felt like a joke.

this entire franchise reeks of gay aesthetics - the aliens, the ships, the guns - everything about them is "gay".

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Slave labor, meat shields, grunt work. Duh.

these lil niggas were coerced if I remember my lore correctly. they tried to rebel and their entire planet got fucked

A single shot from a Needler or Plasma Pistol would absolutely cripple the average Yea Forumsirgin. I'd keep my fucking distance from a Grunt and kiss my ass goodbye if I encountered a single Drone