Was Titanfall 2 simply too sophisticated for a modern audience?

Was Titanfall 2 simply too sophisticated for a modern audience?

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Die nigger.

It came out at the absolute worst time. Iirc it was between a COD game and a Battlefield game. It's awesome, but everyone was busy playing those other games. I'd really love to see a Titanfall 3. Also, the single player campaign was genuinely good.

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Titanfall 2 was too sophisticated for its own developers if their attempts to turn it into a shitty CoD clone are any indication.

>release not 1 but BOTH games between battlefield and cod
>hype up source engine with images of Half Life girl in them
>then release with no custom servers/player maps

i hope titanfall 3 flops
thank goodness for Northstar custom servers, that PLAYERS coded since EA is too retarded to realize that they could have had Team Fortress 2 levels of player retention and monetization

Nah, it was just marketed as a big dumb mech game which is the worst part about it. If they actually marketed it as a fast paced skill based shooter it would've done a lot better. Instead you just got a bunch of nerd mech fans playing, getting their ass handed to them and quitting in a week to then praise its mediocre campaign for years on end instead.

The movement filtered a lot of people for sure, but if you ask me, the titans were the real filter

Really bad timing.
As stated multiple times in the thread.

titans didn't go far enough
BT in 2 was amazing
but i wanted better titan mechanics online, like beig able to have yor Titan throw the Pilot like a Grenade

Northstar modding that in as the spawn for their Headhunter mode is pretty cool

>hype up source engine with images of Half Life girl in them
I don't think this happened

It still is which is the issue with quake as well. The movement is too advanced for the casual pleb to pick up immediately which leads to said plebs complaining about the accessibility of the game. Go download Northstar and come play with us and you'll understand what I mean.

I don't think a better release window would've saved it. Any game with a low skill floor, and a high skill ceiling will eventually alienate it's playerbase due to the high skill players discouraging the casual audience. There may have been increased sales, but I think that would've tapered off hard due to the playerbase division.

Perhaps you're right, and it's just that their Muh Strong Female OC was simply an Alyx Vance ripoff

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>the high skill players discouraging the casual audience.
You say that like it's a bad thing.

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Rocket League is still doing well
Even as the USA on-boarding/dailies/spending sucks balls compared to the Chinese version


what do you mean
apex is the biggest game now

I think it has more to do with having npcs in the multiplayer. I couldn't get into For Honor for the same reason.

I played it and it was 'ok'. Don't know why Yea Forums simps so hard for it.

If they'd just made a fast shooter with wall running and grappling hooks that would be great, but instead they made some retarded shit with AI bots, god awful giant robot killstreaks, and turrible game modes all on dogshit maps trying to accomodate those stupid things.

Because it's a "big" game but grossly unpopular. The hipster mindset is a large part of being cool on Yea Forums.

It was brought down only because EA sabotaged it before release and after release to boost Apex Legends people

Titanfall 2 was too good for business.

Apex is nothing like Titanfall.

>Muh timing
Listen, niggers. You need to stop deluding yourselves. The game had multiple chances to get back on its feet throughout the years (the Steam lauch being the biggest one). I love this game. I've been playing since day 1 and I still am, but it's time to face the fact that people don't want to play this game for whatever fucking reason.

literally the same but battle royale

It literally isn't.

The movement is completely different, and, let's see
no Titans..

no it was full of aim bot wall hacking boosted faggots like the one in your webm

The movement is leagues slower than TF2

It's a bad thing from a sales/user retention perspective. They're not going to fund projects that don't keep bringing in active users. Lowering the accessibility bar is always seen as the correct decision. Same reason devs got ass blasted about Elden Ring, and why every MMORPG streamlined it's content difficulty and class complexity.
That's true. But I think Rocket League does well because it can be diluted to "soccer but with cars." Titanfall is a sci-fi FPS with wall running, grappling hooks, double jumps, speed boosts, mechs, mech combat, and objective modes all at once.
Even though Apex is also sci-fi and has a lot of high concept systems, they stripped out many of the high skill ceiling mechanics and placed it in a simple game mode. The complexity comes from playing your main well. And each main is designed to ooze personality and representation. Which are also easy brownie points for the casual audience.
This is why BF2042 tried to copy that idea, but the tone of BF directly clashes with this concept.

How are you supposed to do that on a controller?

This. Most people have a blast being a pilot but don't handle well or outright dislike having to pilot a titan.


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EA forced it to release at a retarded time, right between Call of Duty and Battlefield, only because those faggots thought that it meant "more sales".

They should have released it the following March instead.

CoD is the most popular FPS around and most of its user based plays with a controller. Anyone that wants to use kb&m plays CS.

it's a casual baby game with chunky hitboxes and a low ttk, there's not even any close range aiming because of the oneshot melee

Movement is actually easier on controller


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>literally unplayable because one of the devs is some hackers gay boyfriend.
t-thanks Respawn.

I tried out northstar serverd but am too shit to keep up with the veteran players.

Titanfall is a blood smear regenerating health low TTK iron sights console shooter.

The official servers are working again

embarrassing webm that literally proves my point

Really? How long did it fucking take? Fuck Respawn imagine letting some fucking manchild essentially own 2 of your games because he was fucking some faggot on the dev team?
Either way good to hear it works but the fact it happened in the first place is a fucking joke.

What's is this about?

Lol, game just had no content and retards at respawn thought they could compete with cod and bf

It might not even be Respawn that fixed it. A fun little theory that's been running around is that the ddoser is a ukie/ruskie that got conscripted and died in the war.

>Titanfall is a sci-fi FPS with wall running, grappling hooks, double jumps, speed boosts, mechs, mech combat, and objective modes all at once.
"Futuristic shooter with mechs", are you happy now, smartass?

>You say that like it's a bad thing.
It is a bad thing if you want people to play your fucking game, you retard.

Only the singleplayer was okay. The multiplayer was CoD shit with more jumping.

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Nice opinion.

after Infinite flopped and played MCC for a while I've been thinking on getting back to this.
This thread was the confirmation. Thank you

Except there's two modes without any of that and one of them even has its own map pool

if I had seen this webm before I would have bought it sooner. holy shit that looks fantastic.

those are facts you casual baby


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>no accuracy penalty while flying all over the map
>just point and click to kill
Maybe it's just badly designed.

i'm trans btw!!!

Just admit that you got filtered.

Nice opinion.

Titanfall 1&2 were being constantly ddosed and if you even played on the servers the guy could get your dox pretty easily since he most likely had a backdoor or just straight up admin tools, he claimed one of the devs was his bitch leading to speculation on blackmail or other reasons (I still think gay E-BF) causing Respawn not to get involved, the community tried making patches which only worked for a short time. Afterwords just creating their own servers to get around it.
For clarification for a year the game was completely unplayable online.

TL:DR: watch these.

Gamers want hard games. That's why Demon Souls and Crash sold so well.

Okay but are they ever actually available

i didn't get filtered, i shit on people with the wingman elite, the rocket launcher and all the redundant assault rifles/ smgs, it was just a very boring easy game except when someone ran up to you and oneshot you with melee after they flubbed their shots
those are facts you casual baby

TF2 has a higher skill cap than either of those games.

yes, it's a gem. so of course, its studio was forced to make a game as a service, and now here we are in 2022, where most of the veterans who made the titanfall franchise have left and scattered off to different studios, and we will never have a (good) titanfall 3

yeah that's exactly why tf2 crashed and burned
that's probably true but not saying much lmao, you genuinely have no idea how bad you are at fps if you think tf2 is hard

>Demon Souls and Crash

good for you?

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like this

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Oneshot melee is a cancer

>sold well because hard
Holy delusions bro