I fucked MatPat’s wife Stephanie. AMA

I fucked MatPat’s wife Stephanie. AMA.

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are you the same user who is actually her cousin? cause that'd be hot

does the carpet match the drapes?

yes I have a question
who the fuck is matpat, some e-celeb shitter?

No. She shaves down there.

how long was the line?
did they have refreshments?

Are you black?
Did MatPatt watch?

Why isn't she faithful?

No. I’m not Steph’s cousin. Sorry to disappoint you.

The answer to both your questions is “No”. MatPat doesn’t know I fucked Steph.

Steph gets in fights with MatPat and cheats to get back at him.

Then what's the "butt hay" that MatPat keeps talking about?

roleplay threads belong in Yea Forums

you fucking fetish faggots

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Gonna need some proof OP.

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Why doesn't Mat divorce her? If we know she cheats he must too.

Is that just a theory user?

He did say it was just a theory.

I don’t have her nudes, but I’ll post some evidence if someone gets trips.

No you didn't or you'd just post nudes or proof that any intelligent person would keep as blackmail.
Just because one person cheats doesn't mean the other does, what kind of weird ass world do you live in?

Also not video games, nobody cares.

I don’t know. He’s pretty oblivious. We met at a hotel.

shut the fuck up illiterate cunt, try being able to read a post properly before commenting

>but I’ll post some evidence if someone gets trips.
time to deliver, OP

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Nigga we on Yea Forums....
Trips don't exist

Trips get, OP is a faggot LARPer

FUCK off by 4

Why are people so into her?
I think matpat can do better, she honestly looked mtf when i first saw her but still as long as matt's happy

Check ‘em.

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amazing lol 9

Larping thread, move along.


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Come on, user. Steph is obviously hot.

check em.

Do you think he’ll see this thread? Also, was she a good lay?

post the pic of her in her "i fuck on the first greeting" shirt

>I fucked
You don't belong on Yea Forums, get out of here non Yea Forumsirgin.

I saw a few posts in other threads where people were claiming they fucked MatPat's wife. Either she's a huge slut or I'm autistic and can't tell people when people are lying on the internet. Is this a new meme?

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Yeah. Steph was a good fuck. I was expecting her to just lie there and do nothing, but she really got into it. I’m definitely interested in fucking her again so I hope MatPat doesn’t see this thread.

Is the kid even his?

did you know he was a man?

You had one job and blew it

Which pic do you mean?

Probably not. I’m not claiming to be the father of their kid. We used protection.

Who does she vote for?

You even think he’ll believe this thread if he sees it?

Don’t know who these ppl are can someone give a qrd on why ppl say she cheats?

Did you remember the time/date?

Because he's looking for replies by trying to get people to talk about their e-celebs while also going for trips that don't even exist on Yea Forums to ensnare all the zooming newfags.

I doubt matpat is the greentext reader type

We didn’t discuss politics. Steph seems pretty liberal overall, but she has some conservative beliefs.


Ain’t got nothing to lose.

Is she as weak willed as she seems? It feels like she exists to parrot everything Matt says and follow his lead because she has extremely low self esteem.

Why didn't you make one with her?

He’ll probably think I’m larping. That’s for the best.

It happened two weeks ago.

I think she resents him for thinking that he’s better than her.

I just want to be Steph’s fuck buddy. I don’t want to pay child support.

>I just want to be Steph’s fuck buddy. I don’t want to pay child support.

Based as fuck.

I believe you. I hope Matt finds out and has a breakdown.

Cheers anons.

nice larp

I fucked MatPat's wife in the sweltering summer of 1992.

prove it

No, OP is lying because I'M the one that fucked MatPat's wife.

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It’s always been so close, let’s change that.

She was five, you sick fuck.

No. I fucked Spartacus.

Show us the goods or admit you're lying

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>I don’t want to pay child support.
She'd pass it off as his. Unless you're implying she's a coal burner.

extremely low cut, midriff exposed shirt while wearing leggings
looks like it was at a party

fake n gay

I don’t mind fucking a married woman, but impregnating her is where I draw the line.

Post proof or GTFO you faggot

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Is it the shirt in the OP?

no, it was a different pic posted on Yea Forums a few months ago

A few years back at some convention me and some other guys ran a train on her in the bathroom. I went in there to take a piss but she was just bent over the sink with her pants pulled down and kept inviting guys to fuck her. Some of the dudes didn't even use a condom which was gross, her pussy was just dripping with a mixture of cum. Once it was my turn I could hardly feel anything because her pussy was so fucking lose and cum kept gushing out as I thrusted into her. Somehow I came despite how busted-out vagina was. I was about to throw my condom in the trash can before I left but she just fucking ripped it out of my hands and slurped the cum out of it before letting the next guy mount her. What a crazy fucking slut, I thought girls like that only existed in porn.

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I want to see this picture now. Steph has a nice body.

I want to see this picture now. Steph has a nice body.


You can't get trips on Yea Forums retard. It always skips the number. This post: would've been trips (888) if it weren't for moot disabling GETs on Yea Forums


>putting your penis inside a vagina gushing with other men's cum

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This shit is not funny.

Okay. I’ll accept dubs.

Sorry about that. I’m new to this board. I mostly browse Yea Forums. I just figured that anons on Yea Forums might know Steph.

I was on no-fap for like half a year at that point. It's extremely disgusting in retrospect but I was horny out of my mind when I walked into that bathroom. I want to say I regret it but honestly I don't for some reason.

we try