Yea Forumsros NO!

Yea Forumsros NO!

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This is a man

Have you been there? Paris fucking sucks.

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he's talking about niggers. there are niggers in paris and they smell bad and urinate in public.

Paris hasn't looked good since the early 40's

why us she laughing?

dunno how they'd iterate on the innovative adventure-VN gameplay of the amelie 2, probably best that it's not getting another sequel

>Yea Forumsros NO!

he's talking about parisians. there are parisians in paris and they smell bad and urinate in public.

my little cousin is going to go study at a university in Paris for the summer
I told her that it's not a very good time to right now but she just has not comprehend just how bad things have gotten
how do I prep her so she doesn't get raped by muslims?

> Paris hasn't looked good since the early 40's

The 1640's.

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japan is the only country with clean metro areas

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>Uh, yeah sweety, I've read on Yea Forums that Paris is bad.. You shouldn't go there... You should stay in a place that isn't being raped by minorities like California.

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You could of at least tried picking one of his movies with a video game.

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God I miss Japan. Should have stayed when I had the fucking chance.


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>arguing in bad faith
Typical normieshit technique.

Paris has always been a shithole, even in 2001.

french fries...

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I thought he lived in Versailles or something

Paris is so bad, that a citizen is willing to killing himself anally to escape it.

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you fucking nigger, I literally saw a rat's corpse on a sidewalk and it stayed there for several consecutive days when I was walking to my university's campus

>france is no longer france


Imagine your city being so bad that you literally give Asians psychosis

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You're welcome to your opinion but the point is that it is demonstrably much much worse since 2000, and that is pretty irrefutable.

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Tell her to not get bitten by the rats, to carry a few cans of pepper spray (If legal) and to do cardio often. Tell her about how she should be fit enough to outrun and outlast 90% of the beasts that inhabit Paris.
Don't forget to say "Have fun!"

this is the kinda shit you see in a cartoon or mortal kombat

Shes going to get fucked by niggers.

I have been avoiding this movie for years because of her stupid smug face

I went there in 2014 and it was a shithole, imagine now

I've been there, and the place is 90% cigarette butts and hobos selling the same goddamn statue of the eiffel tower
Only languages people found acceptable for me to attempt to speak in were French and Afrikaans
But yes user everyone in Yea Forums is as uninformed as you, maybe if you repeat that to yourself you'll stay content in staying a self assured retard for a bit longer in life

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I have neither knowledge of the state of Paris nor the slightest interest, but despite that being kind of gross, it's an absolutely retarded thing to sperg out about and use as an example of a city going to shit.


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holy shit

>all that fighting and anguish and war and death for God and country only for it to end up in the absolute state it is now

How fucking depressing.

nice to see /gif/ migrating to Yea Forums every now and then

imagine the smell...

isn't that the person from the fitgirl repacks :^)

>Honey, no, you don't understand. The people on Yea Forums, they're real. They're just like me. You have to listen to 'em, honey. You're my sexy little cousin, and I just wanna look out for you... You're too young to comprehend what I learn on Yea Forums, just trust me... How do I groom-- sorry, prep you, to survive these savage times...

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retard mass reply tourist

retribution for centuries of colonial rape. it's only fair.

The irony is that those countries have arguably the nicest major cities in the world right now. Tokyo and Seoul are paradise compared to Paris.

You're right, it's a symptom and not a cause, but the fact remains that nobody even came to clean for several days

Post yfw you don't live in Europe

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kek, well if that's the case I guess the strongest culture won in the end after all

Im right cope

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why is Yea Forums like this now


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destroying civilization is 'retribution'?
typical subhuman mentality
enjoy your mud huts faggot

koreans are based. stinky shitskin

>Renoux indicates that while magazines often depict Paris as a place where most people on the street look like models and most women dress in high fashion brands, in reality neither Van Gogh nor models are on the street corners of Paris. In this view, the disorder is caused by positive representations of the city in popular culture, which leads to immense disappointment as the reality of experiencing the city is very different from expectations: tourists are confronted with an overcrowded and littered city (especially if compared to Japanese metropolis) and a less than welcoming attitude by French hospitality workers like shopkeepers, restaurant and hotel personnel without considering the higher safety risks to which tourists used to safer cities are suddenly exposed.


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Does that mean no more repacks? Also he meant the city is an unkempt trashpile, he wasn't indulging your dejected trumpanzee fantasies. It's still a paradise compared to your meth park.

It's France's fault, I guess they just forgot that guy who got his head chopped off by a muslim.

China and Russia are based and redpilled nations filled with tradchads and tradwives and NO NIGGERS OR FAGGOTS.

>You DARE civilize the rest of the world??

Someone literally said Seoul is one of the nice cities left in the world.

She is. Fitgirl has acted in hundreds of movies before retiring and pirating all the games known to mankind.

>yfw you don't live in Europe
>yfw it's in Brazil

>Also he meant the city is an unkempt trashpile
Yeah, let's ignore the reason why.
Disingenuous American subhuman.

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