Stupid sexy teacher

Stupid sexy teacher

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Jokes on you.
No feet=no fap

wished she gave you a milk item that recovered either HP or Stamina to imply she lactates every time you hang out with her after rank 9

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Don't get cocky!
Anyone have images of her showing feet in her maid dress?

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Nice try. Maybe i am footfag but still can hold myself back as long as soles are not shown..

God I wish Kawakami wasn't so shit.

You think you can pull one over on your teacher, don't you! You should know better than that.

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You're not getting out of it this time.

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Aaaaaaą. Damn sole. Still only one sole. I still have chance to keep myself pure from fapping to her.
My free will has one weakness, i instantly fap when i see both soles of the girl that are covered in oil, like they are ready for good oily footjob.


But she's not

Must.... Not... Fap... 3th time a day. Still keeping strongwilled. Thank god these are not covered in oil like they are ready for oily footjob, once a hooker gave me one and its the best shit ever. And oily feet always reminds me of that.

Ren, you lost your free will the moment you decided to make me your maid.

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You're hopeless

Her Becky personality is annoying as shit, and she's practically devoid of personality outside of that role.

You will never make coffee for your teacher on Xmas while she lies naked in your bed trying to work out of a daze caused by the vicious fucking you gave her the night before

She is a pedophile child abusing geoomer who belongs in jail

Is coffee even good for you?

In moderation and depends on what you mix in it

Grooming isn't real

My will is still to strong as long as these soles are not covered in oil.

You tryna get me to jerk to teacher feet user?

Unfortunately no image of kawakami like that exists.

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Your going to have to post better feet then, cuz i aint feeling it

Unfortunatly it's all downhill from there. There's shockingly little foot art for her.

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Ah well, ill go jerk off to something else

Yeaa. And if you want foot art of her in maid suit... You will mever find anything even shitty quality one.

Then what am I doing to my wife’s daughter? You think I am choosing movies with random sex scenes by accident?

what the fuck is going on in this thread

user please be joking

Wouldn't have been able to play without fapping

All posts on this website are a work of fiction only a fool would believe them

No one remembers the superior groomer

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Because she didnt get bread

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we still don't know to this day

She makes ironic anime fans seethe

>that hairless body on an old hag

She's not that old

She like 26 or something crazy high like that

>crazy high

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>I'm now older than kawamommy
Bros... It's over...


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This is most improper!

don't worry, 25+ bro, we're gonna make it...

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>could still potentially be older than me
Phew. I'm going to choose to believe she's at least 29 in that case.

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>Game has a strong anti-pedo anti-creep message
>Allows the female teacher to get into a relationship with the 16 yo protag and then plays off two toxic stereotypes of gay men hitting on a 16 year old as a joke
Why wasn't this fixed in localization? Could localization have even saved the disparity in what the writers were even trying to say?

No, the message is simple. "Boys can't be victims", it's a mentality that exists in almost every culture.

Adult man flirts with boy = Funny, boy should just man up if he's upset
Adult woman flirts with boy = hot, boy is so lucky, should be grateful
Adult man flirts with girl = disgusting, girls are helpless and must be protected
Adult woman flirts with girl = too uncomfortable for society to have to think about because the girls needs to be the victim, but they also don't want to see women as perpetrators, so the scenario is simply not acknowledged as a possibility

>Why wasn't this fixed
>>Allows the female teacher to get into a relationship with the 16 yo protag
That's hot.
>>and then plays off two toxic stereotypes of gay men hitting on a 16 year old as a joke
that's based.

tldr: you're cringe, kys

>crazy high

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So Atlus West had a moral duty to change the game to better suit global, correct, progressive values and acknowledge that boys can be victims too. Why didn't they? Do they think persona 5 is art or something? Then why did they change the gay men in Royal?
Realistically, what would the repercussions of removing romancing Kawakami and Takemi and the other adult women for the western release? Some chuds would have complained of twitter for a day, then localizers and real fans would have stepped in and defended the correct decision.
When will these companies realize that offending chuds is objectively moral and should always be done?

Bait, nobody give it a (you)

For women, not for men
Men are still fine to make kids until 50, for women the wall is at 16-18

You hit the wall when you were born.

The things I would do to her

Thats just propaganda to get kids to shit out minimum wage workers. Women are fine to make kids easily up till 35 and then it depends on the women from there. Yes you double the chance of having retard babies when your 35 but double 1 in a million is still just 2 in a million. Negligible either way.

you are retarded