ITT: Your favorite childhood video game

ITT: Your favorite childhood video game.

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Not many options back then. Space Invaders?

Either Thousand Arms or .hack//GU.

I have at least 10k hours clocked on this shit with my little sister and cousins

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Out of many I can tell it was not Harry Potter.


uncharted 2. I played the multiplayer every day for years.

I can't say for certain, but it could've been
>Pic related
>Battle for Middle Earth 2
>Knights of the Old Republic 2
>Civilization 3
>3D Pinball Space Cadet
>Smash Bros Melee
>Sonic Adventure (Chao Garden)
>Pokemon Ruby
>The Sims 2
>Pajama Sam 2
Or many others, depending on the week.

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this game would be okay if half of it wasnt a shitty stealth game

Childhood? Uncharted 2?


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a 10 year old when uncharted 2 was released would be 23 now.

this is exactly how it was yeah. game came out in 2009 and i got it on release after enjoying the first one which came bundled with my ps3. Prior to that i had played a bunch of different games on gba, ds, ps2, but none so much or so long

Perfect end to a perfect day.

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I had the n64 version. Maybe not my favorite but I still loved it, so many costumes.


crossing the gate spooked the fuck out of 12 yo me

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you poor motherfucker

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Before the Power Rangers, I had this.

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Little Big Adventure 2
Pretty much open world in 3D

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OP is based. I still play pic related once in a blue moon. Somehow one of the best book adaptations put in game form.

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I was spoiled by this game, new games don't have so many costumes, collectibles or wonky big head mode codes.

Diaboromon was OP as fuck

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we banned him from our family games for a reason. No one had fun if someone picked him

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There was also What If mode that changed the game up slightly.

I got stuck right after the troll battle. Couldn't figure out what to do next.

I remember Duskmon (teleporting 'mon) and Neemon being bastards aswell, but nowhere as shitty to deal with it

I much prefer the PC version of your picrel, OP

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I was a preteen/early teen so not exactly childhood but one of games with the most fond memories before hitting adulthood

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ps1 version's better

soundtrack was 10/10 comfykino and that redhead had a great ass

What If Mode was the best cheat code of all time.

my condolences if this crap was your childhood game
my were morrowind, fallout 2, gta vc and mafia 1
literally all the classics

I can't imagine that it aged very gracefully, but Legend of Dragoon was the first game that ever made me really contemplate what can be done with games on a narrative and emotional level. Not just collecting things or trying to get from Point A to Point B to fulfill an objective, but actually exploring a world with lore, and love, and loss, and all that good shit.

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me and you are probably the only people who grew up with this game


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Pretty typical

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I really loved the tiki golf mini game.

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I remember this one, but the only thing that immediately leaps to mind is a boss battle with a flying ear of corn.

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now that was a game

picrel and roblos

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yeah i was that cool, the coolest kid in school

Me and my brother loved to fuck around in this game.

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Game sucks. Had it as a kid and tried to play it a couple times. Has an awful point of no return with zero warning and past that point is Aragog the hardest boss ever put in an RPG. You either have to somehow grind with no access to heals AND with one less party member or you have to luck out on the boss big time.

my condolences if this crap was your childhood game
mine were Flashback, Metroid, GTA and Dope Wars
literally all the classics

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Honorable mentions
>Megaman X
>Donkey Kong Country 3 still the best of the trilogy
>Super Mario Bros. 3 (SMAS version)
>Mortal Kombat Trilogy (N64)

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This but PC

Top-tier game.

It's weird how the games in this thread have become newer and newer over the years. I remember being weirded out at people posting PS2 games as "childhood games". Nowadays you get PS3 or even PS4. Weird shit. Oh well, gues that's growing old for you.

my condolences if this crap was your childhood game
>mine were Pac Man, Joust, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders
literally all the classics