Elden Ring

Finally fucking beat it. I scoured ever mountain, trudged through every cave, and I broke down and looked up a guide for the remaining character questlines.


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You didn't beat the game.

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>nobody really cares: the game
When are people going to realize that talking about this shit is just a fucking circlejerk to make people think they're relevant by playing some shitty tryhard artificial difficulty pile of trash and get this fucking "game" off of Yea Forums forever?

Shut up retard, thanks
Would you do it again? I think it's hard not to bumrush the game after knowing where everything is, or at least knowing enough to get more levels and desired items sooner.

Don't worry, poorfag, it will go on sale one day.

You will never beat the game

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Eventually? It's tempting to have another go at things with a completely new character build and just skip every cave and less interesting dungeon this time around, but I was already getting pretty burnt out by the time I reached the last two snowy areas.

I'm impressed by the scale of the game for better and for worse. A lot of the most memorable moments were just in the surprise of stumbling into a huge new vista out of the blue, but after an extensive playthrough I need to take a break.

Something like Bloodborne was tight enough that I wanted to leap back into things pretty quickly and see what I missed. But Elden Ring doesn't feel like it was built that way. Or maybe I'm not built that way.

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You did not beat the game.

>You forgot to include a soijack in your post, you gay ass faggot

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New game + or New save?

Fml. I just want to also be turtle pope. They better add that shit to dlc

Maybe new save. I'm into liurnia in ng+ and I'm curbstomping everything still, sl120. Killed godrick in like 3 or 4 hits, early encounters are not designed for you to have your full bag of tricks

Would probably go New Game+, at least for long enough to just to mess around with some more of the Remembrance weapons that I never had the proper stats for.

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how much vigor did you have by the end?

Post your weaponfu

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I don't know what weapons are getting shit on or not by the community, but I loved how stupidly broken Wing of Astel's special attack could be.

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Wing of Astel is hella strong and cool


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CHAD weapon choice

What sort of build? At what points did you have fun?

>I don't know what weapons are getting shit
The four horsemen of Elden Ring
>Rivers of Blood
>Bloodhound Step
And bonus for
>shitters that wear Veteran's and Radahn's

I'm posting this here to avoid opening another thread, but how is thi build only level 112? what talismans will it have to get those numbers?numbers don't add up

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The broadsword has the highest damage for straight swords.

This post pretty much captures my feelings about finishing the game. 120h on my first playthrough. Haven't touched it since.

Got my friend to drop me his too for double the fun. Both frost enchanted.

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Mainly dexterity and intelligence? Had fun the vast majority of the time, though a part of me does think the game blows its load a little early with all the surprises, unique mini-bosses, and NPCs that Limgrave has to offer. By the time I reached the Consecrated Snowfields I was starting to dread finding new sub-dungeons and the like because I felt like I had pretty much seen everything new the game had to offer. Also don't love the big-ass underground Scarlet Rot pit where your horse wasn't allowed.

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Congrats faggot. You did what I've done 3 playthroughs ago. Im fucking back on Persona 5 now. That's how much time has passed latenigger.

Must be both soreseals (+20 each), two more stat increasing rings (+5 each) and two stat increasing physics (+10 each) and stat increasing armor
fucking wild

Even the videos about the game is a circle jerk. Most homosexual game to date.

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I haven't even finished Leyndell and I'm already kinda annoyed when another huge fucking area turns up, demanding to be explored.

>have to be literally in the bosses asshole
>gay ass exploding stars aren't instant so a boss or enemy can wombo combo your shit before they even take damage and can actually even jump out the range

0/10 pick a better weapon.

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It's obviously not for every encounter, but on any large target, you will poisebreak the shit out of them. You can stagger ulcerated tree spirits in two casts if they're breathing fire or doing a slam attack.

Mid-poise targets like knights and such also get jiggled so hard you can chain crit them when you combo with a charged R2.

It's good for crowd control and stunning

Best quest?

Worst quest?

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>nooooooo stop discussing vidya im going INSANE AAAAAAAAAAAAAH
fuck off to another website sperg.

I like it
killed God with it and everything
it just works

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>NG Time played: 230 hours
>NG+ Time to complete: 5 hours

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I hate that the game is clearly intended to reach level 175 through 200 just so you can wear actual armor and do actual damage.
I just want to wear the royal set without having to slap on an infinite equipload talisman.

>finally got against malenia
>after a couple hours of trying to solo her give up and bring my wife tiche+10
>another 10 tries to finally beat the rot crotch bitch
>go check out a twitch streamer that is really anal about summons and muh souls game must be enjoyed
>he takes 8 fucking hours to beat her
man im glad im not autistic about how I play the game. although if I had more hours a week to spare neeting i would try to beat the hard bosses the hard way.

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It's kind of a shame malenia is straight up just a sekiro boss with her stagger animation cancels and waterfowl.
I can literally see the parry rhythm for that attack, but the roll rhythm throws me off.

that jump and thrust attack she does just begs to be Mikiri'd
and Waterfowl Dance is just a One Mind you have to get fucked by

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Dragon rot vs. Scarlet rot
Knowing Elden ring though, the bitch would probably still get full heal on perfect deflects

Waterfowl Dance is quite literally just a shorter Spiral Cloud Passage.

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Maybe the obvious answer, but Ranni's. It's a welcome surprise in how coherent it is to find and progress it. It has interesting layers in how it ties to multiple other characters you may or may not interact with (like trying to get info for Rogier or helping Blaidd beforehand), and has a solid payoff, which takes you to some unique places and boss encounters. Plus Ranni herself is fun in how she actually breaks the usual Fromsoftware quest-giver mold, by putting on a cold front but showing that she genuinely cares about the people she works with.

Also liked Rya and Millicent's, though I found Volcano Manor as a whole underwhelming, and Millicent's story is especially depressing.

Either Sellen's or Nepheli's.

I found Sellen's incredibly frustrating.I kept finding things (mainly different versions of her) that I thought would tie back into her story. But she ignores them all until they're suddenly more relevant ninety hours later. Instead she requires a random magic spell that gives you no hint she wants to talk about it. Then she sends you to search a town for an illusionary cave that's not even in that town. And after all that, she turns into a rock off-screen. Maybe a typical Fromsoftware quest ending, but not particularly satisfying in all you had to do to get there.

Nepheli is just kind of disappointing. I thought she was set up to be the new Solaire. She had a cool introduction, cool design, and she's the daughter of a major quest giver. But after helping you with one boss, she's just relegated to the basement for the entire game (which you have no reason to check, unless you look up a guide). Couldn't even finish her quest in the end, because apparently you're supposed to talk to her after beating a specific boss, but before another boss for no reason given.

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Fell out of Bloodborne 2

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freaky shit
lots of fingers

Yeah, it's like Fingers of what? I expected to see the rest of the body pop out from beneath the round table, and it never did.

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I don't know about you but when I saw the Two Fingers for the first time, I was fully expecting the "Two Fingers" just to be the name of an organization
Seeing the weird, uncanny, giant fingers just kind of sitting there provoked a visceral little pull backwards from me
Then being enlightened that they're emissaries of some formless alien god freaked me out more
Elden Ring definitely has Bloodborne ideas all over it

I’m having a lot of fun with this beauty,double malekith blades

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Where can I found it?

I heard it have less damage than greatsword.

You didn't beat nothing retard
Tanith's quest line is still unfinished.

I'm very happy they gave Judgement Cut to an UGS lmao
It drops from the watchdog enemies in the mountaintops' dungeons
It does a little less, is a little shorter, a little lighter, has the vertical R2 and looks very cool
I think it's scaling is enough that it actually outdamages the Greatsword at very high str

Actually in love with it

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now THIS is a soulful weapon choice.

I like that Mogh's special attack is literally just him raising his weapon to cut into some cosmic horror of another dimension so that he can pour its boiling blood onto you.

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based choice, what ash? I liked claw and wild strikes

tfw having more fun on my 2nd playthrough

First time round was dex/int because I don’t normally go that route and it was punishing especially coupled with low health and my progress and pacing was fucked up by using portals (which i hate) Playing a strength build with actual points put into health and it feels way better plus with the wiki you can just skip any of the copy pasted shit that doesn’t have any bearing on your character upgrades.

Ranni is the obvious answer for reasons other people have already talked about, really hope From does more questlines in her style instead of their usual "talk to NPC and than look up on the wiki where the fuck they are now because they gave no indication where they were headed" styled quest. For the more classic From style quest Alexander's was enjoyable, I knew what was going to happen the moment I found him but he's still a top lad from start to finish.

Millicent's quest is the worst shit From has ever done. Besides mechanical stuff like her giving no indication of where she'd be going after she sets out for her journey (which is forgivable if obnoxious), the ending is probably the worst, most unsatisfying shit I have ever seen and it felt like From was deliberately trolling people.


Yeah I never expected these skill on a greatsword kek

Also thank you for the location user

It'd certainly cut out the chaff and general frustration that comes with not knowing what areas are simply too high level for those just starting out.

But I think I'll miss the novelty and sense of discovery that the start of the game had going in blind. Expecting an elevator to lead to a basement only for it to keep going into a cave so deep that it has its own starry sky is a feeling that's hard to recreate.

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