Things you loathe in vidya

>Character has a kino design
>Held back by a retarded gimmick or is just flat out shit

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Don’t care he’s still my favorite and is permanently on my team

Same for me man but Jesus whatever cunt who decided his ability should be shot.

I fucking hate emergincy exit. Can't they at least give him a second ability like battle armor or some shit?

Regigigas is the absolute epitome of this

It's like they forgot to change his ability when he evolved.

Meanwhile this fucker has one of the best abilities in the game

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I love his ability for no other reason then how much it adds to this thing being just as much a coward as Wimpod, but trying to disguise it. Wish it got some kind of buff though because it's bad 99% of the time.

why does GF hate him so much?

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Just volt switch or baton pass him back in wtf

Worst part is even if it did get a non shit ability it'd still be really mediocre by Uber status, unless if by some miracle it ended up in OU. I've always wanted him to have an ability that lets him use recharge moves without recharge so he can just spam out Giga Impacts

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Reggie got done dirty
He wouldn't even be OP without slow start. He'd be a pretty beefy legendary, but not brokenly so.

For some reason they'd rather him be useless than "pretty good"

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This never happened in the 90s. Cool designs were coupled with good powers/strength.

It's a recent subversion and it fucking sucks.

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considering how awesome he is with an Assault Vest already, Battle Armor would make him a fucking monster.

>Nice attack nerd
>*Runs away without attacking back*

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The gen 7 bug pokemon have kino designs

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Just give him the boots

Chrono Trigger spoilers
>major boss is a fucking shitter when recruited
>has the strongest personal motivation in the story, it only makes sense for him to take revenge on the bad guy
>retarded gimmick makes him worthless anyway

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Love this little nigga like you wouldn't believe, but he's completely useless after taking 50% damage

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Wtf is First Impression?

(i think the strongest) priority attack. I guess the strategy is to use it, get hit for a free switch and repeat. He's just cool and so is Big Bad Guzma.

>why yes, my favorite Pokemon is Kurt Zisa

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based water spider

They should've made Emergency Exit more of a hit-and-run ability like if Golisopod hasn't attacked on the turn he leaves then it triggers, he attacks then switches. Only problem is GF won't do it because Bug's been a shit type since Gen 1.

What gimmick, he's easily one of the highest damage dealers in your party

He can't do techs which is a huge fucking deal.

He can do triple techs if someone else involved has an accessory for that particular tech equipped. Lucca, Robo, and Magus have an especially powerful one that can wipe the final boss pretty quickly.

>*gives it hyper cutter*

did i fix it

>ability does three completely different things that are all equally good for this Pokémon
has there even been another ability like this?

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Most bug pokemon have kino designs, there are what 4-5 questionable designs and the rest are all great

What are the ones you find questionable?

Nope. Unfortunately he still has an alolan speed stat

It wouldn't make sense for him to have another ability, brainlets.

I don't care, die.

GF turning the lore into a game mechanic ruined him. I still remember how cool it was to find and catch Regigigas versus the crushing disappointment of realizing how much he fucking sucks in battle.

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not him but Ledian

That's a weirdly accurate point. I wish I could rack my brain for examples.

Atleast it's evolution is cool

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Illumise, Kriketune(retarded ass nose ruins the design), Blipbug, Leavanny (the dumb smile is awful, just the eyes on the face would make it a good mon).
Durant is kinda of a letdown for being such an interesting concept.

God I really hoper they pull through with his rework but I'm not holding my breath over it knowing Riot's obsession with muh dashes and outplays.

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I meant like as an attack.
An exclamation pops up and then the opponent just takes damage

Reminded me of the scene from the anime where he runs away and just let's a Scizor die

but the noise is the best part of kriketune

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it was good once but then the dark weapons came

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Is that a nose? I always thought it was a big jaw.

I actually like Durant

The Japanese name for it is Head-on Collison.
It's essentially bumrushing the opponent at high speed immediately as it's sent out, kinda like an element of surprise. That's why it only works on the first turn.


but it was subversion kino to let the janitor design his kit

Still fun though.

They just need to tweak it to not be shit. Like "golisopod switches out AFTER his attack when he drops below 50%"
It's complete garbage that Golisopod has a different ability than Wimpod but they work exactly the same anyway.

>20 speed
what were they smoking.

Alola was a region full of low speed pokemon for some reason. At least Vikavolt's attack and defense stats make up for it.

>doesnt understand why thats horse shit
>baton pass
Lol if you dont play the game why comment on it

Battle armor. Weak armor. Wow so hard

>bugchad thread
Holy based.

I didn't care for them overall but damn I kind of miss megas if only for mega beedrill and pinsir. Beedrill actually becoming good was the coolest thing to come from megas

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I wish my boy Yanmega had got a mega

Megas were a great concept for a lot of underpowered pokemon, then game freak the retards that they are couldn't keep it in their pants and gave megas to the pseudo legendaries and legendaries, the last fuckers who actually need a buff.
Of course they could remedy this by just letting the weak pokemon like Mawile and Pinsir evolve into slightly nerfed versions of their mega forms normally, but we all know that's not gonna happen.

Megas are never coming back to the games despite the current anime and tons of merch shilling them still.

>getting megas
hahaha game freak would have to remember that region exists first. as far as they're concerned Johto is just Tyranitar and a few evolutions of gen 1 pokemon.

>>Of course they could remedy this by just letting the weak Pokemon like Mawile and Pinsir evolve into slightly nerfed versions of their mega forms normally, but we all know that's not gonna happen.
They should have done that from the start. Creating a different form of Pinsir or Mawile and calling them Mega-shit was extremely dumb and lazy.
And don't get me started on regional forms.

I just want the full dex back. I dont care if have to import by trading/home. I wsnt to be able to craft a team from the full roster.