Open Beta coming soon

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not playing it if lola bunny isnt in sorry

>It's been vewy vewy quiet

Elmur Fudd??

>autistic weeb speak

Hard pass on this faggot ass game

This motherfucker hasn't seen looney tunes, what a maroon.

Everyone laugh at the fucking zoomer

Obligatory roster post. Do ya think they'll show off anyone aside from Velma, or are we gonna have to wait until the next playtest drops?

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Aside from the obvious inclusion of Mortal Kombat reps, which WB gaming reps would YOU want in the game? Personally, I want either the Joust Knight, Juliet Starling, or Slugcat.

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Could you post Garnet edited skin? I missed out on that. I forgot to save them.

The whatnow, did I miss something?

They edited Garnet's model.

Huh, I didn't know about that. I wonder what the differences are.

Are you talking about the blackface garnet from the last mvs threads

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Yes! That.
Can you send another?

What art?

oh ok, heres another pic of nigress garnet (this is the last one btw)

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And as always here's the obligatory tier list maker link post

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Thanks. I'm going to use this as profile picture

oh shit lol, where are you gonna use it bc I wanna see it now

You will find it tomorrow.
On Twitch. >:)

Imma just repost this here

To any doomposters saying that multiversus is gonna fail like nickelodeon all star brawl, Nasb failed because it was given a shit budget by nickelodeon, was overhyped by smashtards and hungrybox, and was advertised to a very niche audience being melee players, knowing damn well melee players only play melee and nothing else. Most of the developers for nasb didn't even wanna work on the game because they knew how shit it was gonna be.

Multiversus knocks it out the park with its polish and care put into each character. Yes the combat is floaty as hell looking at it but its still in a testing phase and its still a lot of fun playing it. That along with it being free is gonna give MVS a bright future.

all in favor of lynching any bootlickers for warner bros shovelware game say "Aye"

Eh, combat didn't feel that floaty, though I would prefer if it was a smidge faster. But yeah, the playtest already confirms that game MVS already has more content than NASB despite still being a beta. I do find it funny how both games are getting updates just a day apart though.

Who's the most likely to be added?

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I watched a friend played the close beta for a while. If they didn't remove perks, leveling, and the f2p model of having to unlock characters, it's awful and will die so quickly. Also, it's got slow and floaty physics and it looked like sword characters were broken.

Didnt the original leaker post this because his family got harassed by niggers during the blm riots

Which leaker, we have like 3 or 4?

After playing the game, it really is fun and the focus on doubles is great.

NASB failed because it looked and felt like shit to play. I refunded that game after not even playing it for 5 minutes. Multiversus is actually fun.

The one that has a foreign way of speaking, and posted those gray models of the confirmed characters a few months ago, along with posting the credits to the game

Eh, if Brawlhalla can still have a consistent playerbase after half a decade despite crossovers only being an afterthought, Multiversus will be just fine.

It sucks man, I really wanted to have fun with Nick, but it just felt so janky. It also didn't help that the characters that I wanted weren't on the roster.

and i thought smash leakers had schizo levels of weird history

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Ohh, that guy. When you were talking about the original leaker, I thought you were talking about the Marvin larper.

>announce a smashlike game with the potential for a huge varied roster full of familiar faces
>already forgotten

> He doesn't fucking know

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Wile E. Coyote and Samurai Jack seem the most likely.

because of this spic

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Brawlhalla's system isn't half as cancerous. Unlocking perks to equip pre-game and then having to also unlock the characters using in-game currency is awful. And then you also don't unlock the per-character perks IIRC, it's random perks when you level up. Hopefully they reworked that shit hard. It was only enjoyable for about an hour for my friends. The skins are cool though, but the sound direction was awful too. The characters spew cheesy one-liners, and then you only hear YOUR character while the others are muted because there'd be too many cheesy one-liners. Makes me wonder what they do for local multiplayer.

Jake bros. How we holding up?
I had fun in the beta. I want to play more.

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It's less that people forgot it, and more that the people who actually played the game can't say anything without getting hit by the WB ninjas. A lot of pics and vids got DMCA'd in an instant.

The playtest comes with a survey, you should probably tell your friend to mention some of those problems the next time they play.

I doubt many of these dudes are getting added but I can dream

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I managed to find the archived thread where he talks/larps about his mom getting killed in the BLM riot

idk if this is just peak schizo trolling for a niche game or we're witnessing gypsy crusader but if he was foreign and did video game leaks instead

imma just place my bets on Rick Sanchez since he had a fuckton of voice lines referencing him along with that moveset that got datamined for him

say cheese, furfag

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If I remember correctly, Rick, Gandalf and Taz seemed to be the most ready out of the datamined characters so far, so at least one of them might show up in the next playtest.

>comparing an aryan beauty to some literal who that leaks information for game that'll die in 3 days after release

You don't want to know. Trust me.

From the gameplay that I saw a few months ago, it looks like shit with the god awful physics and knockbacks

it was a shitty drawing of lebron james fucking ben ten so hard in his twink guts that you can see lebron's cock bulging in ben's stomach

It feels better than the initial trailer showcases, I still don't know why they even considered showing slowed-downed 30 fps gameplay when the game runs at a full 60.

What's their chance?

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don' tell them what you saw

>the central antagonist and cause of the multiverse bleeding together is The Nothing
>WB can't use the actual character because the owners of The Neverending Story are still assblasted about the third movie, so they took the name and stuck it onto something from another WB IP that's a mass of static and darkness that devours everything
>it fights the same way Master Core does, forming weapons and forms with itself to launch attacks with

It still hurts.

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Wondy is perfect.

>I do find it funny how both games are getting updates just a day apart though.
It can't be a coincidence.

Does anyone else not want this shit to happen?

We will eventually get to the point where we all live alone strapped into a chair living our whole lives in virtual worlds.

The fuck are you going on about?

Schizo moment

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This is Multiversus not Metaverse