Imagine "playing" JRPGs

Imagine "playing" JRPGs

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imagine "posting" the same file hundreds of times despite it being refuted basically every time in a desperate effort to take down an entire genre from the comfort of your favorite mongolian basketweaving forum


That's just a set piece disguised as gameplay

>not showing the entire fight

it was made because a FFXV fanboy hated that people said that FFXV is literally Hold O to win

Here's a scene from a recent JRPG I played.

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>play in a boring way
return to plebbit soulsfag

lmao horribly animated

Japanese """""humor"""""

This webm is disingenuous. For one thing, the battle starts with Rufus and his dog creature. Also they start the battle with Barrier. So the player has already defeated the dog using magic or excessive attacks. Not only that but Rufus has already been weakened. Whoever created this webm should be drawn and quartered to be honest.

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Anyone have the FFXV webm where they are holding one button the whole fight?


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One casual pandering webm, coming right up

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>y-you don't get it its good gameplay

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Somehow better than chrono trigger.

isn't this clip from some anime eceleb

cope harder weebs

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You can't refute the webm. You literally just select options from a menu and watch animations play. That's it. That's the "gameplay" of FF7.

Still better than peesona 5.

Looks like a meme low effort game streamers would play to do dumb shit in for views like goat simulator.

no idea but that doesn't negate the FFXV is causal pandering garbage

video games are just pressing buttons, this is no different but at least it looks cool

Your point?

This is what good gameplay looks like, makes weebs seethe at their menu clicker
must really suck to slowly start losing your reactions to play action games, i suppose you can cope playing menu simulators

>Entry level shit that panders to casuals is shit.
Who would have expected such a thing?.
Next time you will shock me with the revelation atlus games and nintendo jrpgs are easy and with little depth.

That's not a video game. Its a DVD menu.

> he's never played a DVD
And the other clip was a walking simulator. Your point?

So why does this schizo hate jrpgs so much anyway.

Why can't someone like both types of games?

At least include Dark Nation in the webm

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the one... who... always... speaks... like this...

He's probably throwing a tantrum wrpgs self destructed over the last decade and his beloved action games became glorified movies.
Seriously, how old is this game?

Wait, which one? Practically all ecelebs speak like they just ran a few meters and are about to die from lack of oxygen, especially on video essays, it's not just anime ecelebs that do this.
You literally have to watch at double speed to hear them speak normally.

Even as far as turn based JRPGs go FF7's gameplay is among the worst. Its pokemon tier braindead.

It's easy but it gives you a ton of fun options to play around with and it's fast paced. I think the gameplay is great, though it would be cool if there were more challenging fights in the game (the original Japanese version didn't even have Emerald or Ruby).

>and it's fast paced
It's not, once you get used to JRPGs, ATB will always be excruciatingly slow.
STB or CTB, doesn't matter, you will be blazing through turns in a split second, sometimes holding the button that either skips or speeds up animations.
Going from that back to ATB is just painful, maybe if ATB had something to speed up the ATB bar gains it wouldn't be so bad but at the end of the day ATB is just CTB but worse and slower.

I like ATB more, it adds some tension. It feels faster because enemies attack while you're selecting things rather than waiting. At any rate, it's faster than other games in the series like IX.

They could have at least kept the puzzle element of boss fights from FFIV. Obviously not the lobotomized original US release but you get it. Its like they didn't think FF7's balance through at all. 30 gil consumables hit harder than your limit breaks or any spell until halfway through disk 2. Then you just abuse an effect of one of Tifa's early weapons to 9999 everything until the end of the game.

It also butchers any potential depth the game could have, exactly because it has to be balanced around casuals that think the semi-real time element adds "tension" because they take 2 years to select an attack or heal.

Just because we're on Yea Forums doesn't mean you have to be a dick user. I'm not a "casual" because I disagree with you on battle systems. I've probably played way more RPGs than you anyway.

it's called turn BASED for a reason

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>Just because we're on Yea Forums doesn't mean you have to be a dick user.
I do, ATB is a blight and it's existence was a mistake, it's an extremely poor attempt at pandering to people that hate jrpgs, just make an action game at that point, ATB is the worst of both action and turn based.
>I'm not a "casual" because I disagree with you on battle systems.
You're saying you like ATB at all, yes, you are a casual user, this is an undeniable fact.

It doesn't butcher depth, the timing element adds another potential layer of depth. Most ATB games just don't expand on that element as much as they could. Things like timing your attacks with different enemy phases and stuff is interesting. Can be made even more interesting when there's factors like positioning combined with the timing.

I get that you were saying it's butchered because it's balanced to be easier for people who are slow at selecting things, but that's still a balance issue rather than a fundamental flaw with the system.

imagine playing this trash

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japanese and their over the top action shit is so cringe, its why their movies suck as well, it's just too over the top and ridiculous to where it's beyond parody and tongue in cheek because it takes itself seriously

like when snake rides the missle in MGS remake on GC

I see someone hates fun.

Maybe TLoU2 is more your cup of tea

Here's the things that flat out don't work with ATB
>Any decent number of party members and enemies at once, more than 3 on each side is already almost too much for ATB players.
>Positioning, something like Trails of combat would never work with ATB when people are already struggling to select actions on time.
>Counter attack and counter-counter-counter attack stacking, as well as other reactive actions, and other kinds of repeated actions (when attacking, x% chance to attack again, etc).
>Minute spell range selection, something like Disgaea spell targeting will never work on ATB, there's either too few people, no movement and if there is it would be too much complexity for the speed.
>Bigger fields like Fire Emblem or other tactics games, for the exact same reason as above.
>Complex enemy attack patterns and AI, just try having everyone defend in time before a big charged up enemy attack, and that's the simplest thing I can think of.
>Unorthodox party compositions, something like Refrain would never work as ATB without dumbing it down first.
>Unorthodox combat systems, something like Library of Ruina (which is pretty much STB with extra steps) would never work as ATB the price of silence is not ATB.
>Timed hits on attacking and being attacked, unless you pause the ATB gain, having to time hits would screw you over by locking you into the mini-game while the enemy keeps attacking, and by pausing the ATB gain at that point it's just even closer to CTB but worse.
Try to make any of these work while keeping the ATB aspect and it wouldn't even be a turn based game anymore.
There's more than this but I got sick of coming up with easy to understand examples.

there's fun and then there's just bad anim. Have your motorcycle do crazy stuff but give it appropriate weight

nta , have you played Caligula effect? Its pretty much a perfect rebuttal to a lot of things you've mentioned

It's already been done though, nothing stopping people form having positioning elements mixed in with ATB. Chrono Trigger, FFX-2, and Grandia games all do it in a simple way. Somebody could easily expand on that idea.
>Any decent number of party members and enemies at once, more than 3 on each side is already almost too much for ATB players.
FFIV had no problem with 5 party members and plenty of enemies.
>Counter attack and counter-counter-counter attack stacking, as well as other reactive actions, and other kinds of repeated actions (when attacking, x% chance to attack again, etc).
Already exists in FF games.

A lot of your complaints are either "the games will be balanced too easy" or "it can't be this other unrelated type of RPG like Fire Emblem." There's nothing preventing someone from making a ATB game that's more difficult, and the rare challenging battles in FF games and other ATB games proves it. FF hacks are more fun than most RPG hacks because the system allows for a lot of interesting situations.

In my personal opinion, balance and difficulty is of overrated importance. I can enjoy both easy games and hard games. An easy game like FFVII that gives a bunch of entertaining options to play around with can be more fun than a balanced and challenging but limited and boring game. Same reason something like Symphony of the Night is cool even though it's braindead easy.

>and the rare challenging battles in FF games and other ATB games proves it
There's challenging battles in FF games?.

If you think Caligula Effect is "a perfect rebuttal to a lot of things" in that post you are either intentionally being disingenuous or dumb beyond saving.
It's not even ATB, it's CTB with extra steps, ever heard of Grandia?.

That said, I do love challenges and it would be cool if the FF series would include more difficult parts even if they're optional.
Yeah. Almost no JRPG battles are all that hard if you're prepared and know what you're doing. Most superbosses aren't easy for most people on their first playthrough. Neo Exdeath is pretty tough if you're under-prepared. If those are too easy for you, there's hacks with harder stuff.

>positioning elements mixed in with ATB.
>Chrono Trigger
Lmao even
>and Grandia

Grandia is totally ATB (with wait). I said "simple" and Chrono Trigger does in fact have "simple" positioning elements from the enemies moving around and you being able to time your attacks based on where they are. The game never does much with it, but it's there.

>"it can't be this other unrelated type of RPG like Fire Emblem."
Fire emblem is a jrpg user, it's not "unrelated" at all.

It's an SRPG, it's a different type of game. A game's system being a different system isn't a flaw. And I imagine you could come up with an ATB SRPG anyway.

>ATB (with wait)
That's literally CTB while having to wait for the turn bar to fill up between turns, user.
This is not using the word literally for an exaggeration but, LITERALLY.

You mean RTS/MOBAs or Diablo clones?.

Tactics was the only good Final Fantasy and I'm tired of pretending its not.

If you removed the wait while selecting, would it ruin Grandia's system for you? Does ATB in FF stop being ATB if you select the Wait option?
Pretty much, yeah