What are your most fond memories of G4?

What are your most fond memories of G4?

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i dont have any because g4 was never good

watching E3 on G4 felt like Christmas in July

Frosk ranting was my fondest.
She's quite cute when she's angry.

I watched Gamespot shit instead, gratefully.

a three... out of five

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basically being oblivious to anything political on the AOT and X-play. Sessler is now a onions boy cuck lefty while morgan webb is doing better things with her life. Techtv was better though


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X-Play or whatever had a whole episode on Dr. Muto. It had a review, a partial walkthrough, and a segment on QA with people testing Dr. Muto.
Also that 3D animation clip show.

Layla Kayleigh.

>Diane Mizota hosting Filter
>Morgan Webb's titties
>Tommy Tallarico shitting on games for the pettiest of reasons
>Geoff Keighley and those two other ladies on the g4tv.com show discussing the merits of the live ammo in Oddworld Stranger's Wrath
>Sessler on GamespotTV on ZDTV way back in the day reviewing Half Life and complaining about the repetitive scientist models
>Leo Laporte ripping the songs off of the supposedly unrippable The Fast and the Furious soundtrack CD live on air

Honestly this. Also Portal was the best show ever

The legs broooooo

>2007 was 15 years ago

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I still listen to Leo on KFI 640 every chance im in the car, always enjoy listening to his shows/segments. I should probably start watching him more on whatever site he streams on though

i liked the "is it on thr NGage" jokes

>when she got married

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When it was called TechTV and wasn't geared toward idiot nugamers.

Ronilyn Reilly, had a big crush on her.


Basically this.
When they had shit like Robot Wars is when it was at its best.

I remember G4 advertising the fuck out of Psychonauts, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, and Beyond Good and Evil.
Maybe that's why they all flopped

zoomy here, the only g4 I got to see were clips of the game awards that I would sneak downstairs to watch on the family computer in 2009. Is there anything worth going back and watching now or did I have to be there?

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g4 was good before social media rotted adam's brain

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which one is adam?

>Maybe that's why they all flopped
G4 died the second we went into a the first big game drought, after they were doing code monkeys, american ninja warrior, cheaters and cops it was on hard life support. At least TechTv had quality shows and when that stuff wasnt on you had unscrewed, wired for sex, thunderbirds, and anime unleashed.

falling asleep to Cinematech almost every night when I was in my first year of college.

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the lost media that pains me the most

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You had to be there desu. I'm sorry zoomzoom.

I have the best memories of Portal, but watching it again...it was a different time



Cops, cheaters, attack of the show, you know the G4 essentials.

You could watch some Icons. For many people, it was our only source for any kind of documentation about the making of video games. A lot of the information is either editorialized or straight up false. For instance, many people still believe that Keiji Inafune because of that show. You'll find better documentation on Youtube nowadays, but back in the day Icons was about as good as it got.

This. Screensavers gone, and G4 had maybe 2 good hours of content across a whole day but it was obvious how much more studio oversight got involved.

>fond memories
lol that was always fucking massive normalfaggot shit

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oh man, it's been a while since i seen this
when mafks on Yea Forums had talent and were funny

That comic was from 2008, years after the best spirited E3's happened and G4 buried all but their most lucrative TechTV assets. Geek chic man.

don't you know? zoomers decide everything other than a pepe or wojak is cringe and autism. original content is gay, just make edits of stuff people made almost 20 years ago

>all that early CG kino lost to time
I used to sing the theme song quietly to myself while waiting in the lunch line at school

I thought it was the coolest thing ever flipping through channels when I got home from school and they just had an hour airing footage from a UT2K3 tournament.

This programming is more interesting than anything game journalists are shitting out nowadays

>two women in the thumbnail
user it's obviously normalfagged beyond belief, women don't play video games, they pretend to for clout which is why they get zelda tattoos

their coverage of the Halo 3 launch was phenomenal

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Why do people like Kristin Holt who clearly doesn't give a shit about video games host shows about video games?

Eye candy, dummy.

Wishing for it to come back was serious monkey paw shit.

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but why not host a show about something you care about

Same reason game journalists exist. No talent

>Balding even in his early 30s

Morgan obviously

seeing how many times i could jerk off to morgan before the show ended. I could only get up to 6.

Laura Foy: "If you like big boobs and tennis than you're going to want to go anywhere because Tina right here is gonna give both those things right after this"
>Geoff Keighley: "Wow! I appreciate that."
>Laura Foy: "Tina, you give so much for the show"
>Tina Wood: "If you like small boobs and blonde hair, you can do it"

Tina Wood was adorable

Geoff Keighley - "that jiggle technology!" in response to response to the boobs in Outlaw Tennis

Based. I used to love KFI back in the day. It was my go-to talk radio.

I was fortunate to catch some of the good shit of G4 as a kid, before it all became cops and cheaters. Shit that I remembered really enjoying was X Play, The Halloween saw parody, Cheat!, Attack of the show, Codemonkeys, and I always thought Cinematech was the greatest idea for a TV show ever invented. I also remember my first exposure to happy tree friends was on G4. As I got older watching G4 I always wondered why they stopped showing that kind of stuff and did endless reruns of shows nobody really cared about.

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Watching X-Play mainly.

Holy FUCK I forgot about her, thank you!

Morgan Webb, Olivia Munn, and Kristin Holt the GOATs

You will take Frost and like it.

The Halo 3 X-Play episode is always a fun memory to revisit and Cheat!

we didn't get G4 at home because we stole cable from the neighbors growing up, but I really enjoyed watching all their shows when I'd go visit my grandparents

Olivia Munn putting things in her mouth. I would have killed a village of underage kids just to put my tongue in her asshole.