Examples of this relationship in vidya?

Examples of this relationship in vidya?

I'm actually being serious, this stuff is nearly non-existent.

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Sorry OP, I only fuck oversized anthro women.

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>Thinly veiled HMOAF thread
Based, if not completely disingenuous

Spice and Wolf DS game


>thiny veiled

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fuck this is me right now but it's not a fox it's some stupid annoying boyish girl

This barely exists in fiction, much less vidya
Dust: An Elysian Tail is the closest off the top of my head because Dust keeps his face covered and you can basically pretend he's human.

is the appeal of this fetish the fact that you're exotic to them? like WMAF?

All I can think of is twilight princess

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elora but she only fucks dragons
stupid sexy goat bush

Why is human male and non-human female auch an appealing couple?

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>Yea Forums poster
>has girl interested in them
>a tomboy, of all types
>"ugh, how annoying"

you're either lying, a faggot, or a lying faggot.

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there literally isn't a veil at all

Ash’s Chikorita/Bayleef really wanted to fuck him

Animal Crossing I guess


fidget in dust an elysian tale
but more like the reluctant anthro

Can't think of one, but I do like this picture.
My brother in Christ, Dust has a huge ass tail and fox ears poking out of his rice farmer hat. No way anyone is able to pretend hard enough to ignore that.
Fidget was a cutie, though.

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>My brother in Christ, Dust has a huge ass tail and fox ears poking out of his rice farmer hat. No way anyone is able to pretend hard enough to ignore that.
Man, he's just cosplayin

user she's 10 years older than me, you realize how fucking weird it is to have a boyish girl fluttering her eyes at you and constantly follow you around and constantly ask some time alone with you from the friend circle your in? I keep telling her no and she's stubborn .

What's the issue? The image is the same one as the thumbnail

Are fairies small woodland creatures? They are always jealousy thirsty.


either lying, a faggot, or a lying faggot.

Lying faggot it is

This trope is better

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Why do the character designs in this game look so much like Neopets?

ngl i read that as if a basedjack was screaming his lungs out

it's nearly non-existent because if i'm playing a game with cute furry creatures i don't want any filthy humans on it

>angry edgy protagonist
>sentient item
That's the best duo, don't even bother thinking of a better one


This but the smol is obsessed and might rape the human


let ask tell you something, if you're in your prime, why would you date someone way older a roastie. I rest my case. I'm not an asshole so I'm not telling her she's too old for me but I am telling her no.

Lets combine it with this one

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literally me

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>Yea Forums poster
>in their prime

user, I'mma make something very clear
thats the best you're gonna get.

>I'm not an asshole
Why do you keep lying?

This human male on girly male anthro is better

>a 31 year old woman who's prob fucked alot is the best a 21 year old me is gonna get


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>let ask tell you something, if you're in your prime, why would you date someone way older a roastie. I rest my case.
you have no idea how many people would like to be in your position right now, there's no way this isn't a LARP

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based user

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The older Animal Crossing games get surprisingly close to this territory at times

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yes, YES

>giant anthro women and short human guys

It was truly a different time

you're a 21 year old Yea Forums poster, user. Wherever you're at right now, it's gonna decline hard and fast.

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>you have no idea how many people would like to be in your position right now, there's no way this isn't a LARP

no I don't because you guys CONSTATLY say shit like
>too old
>past 25

and now you're shitting on me because I have a prefrence for dating girls my own age?


Busted many a mighty nut to the model viewers in Jak 2 & 3.

games with cow love interests?

>tfw no big minotaur gf that secretly likes girly things

Stellaris, unironically.
>playing as xenophobic, egalitarian, militarist citizens republic Humanity
>every species I meet hates me from the get-go
>the feeling is mutual
>spend most of the early game in defensive wars, unable to explore most of the galaxy and meet other empires
>finish latest war, meet a species of little fox people
>the are a fanatic xenophilic and egalitarian Mega-Corp
>they fucking adore me
>they immediately ask for embassies, trade agreements, defensive packs and technology sharing
>they become my greatest and only ally
>no matter what I do, they support me
>when the end game crisis arrives, only give a shit about defending myself and my foxy frens
>despite my best efforts, most of their worlds fall to the crisis
>by the time the crisis has passed, they only have a couple of systems left
>have to vassalize them to keep other empires from trying to subjugate them
>in a Human dominated galaxy, the foxxos are the only species that have the privilege of being considered equals and the only species to ever be allow to live on Earth
>for standing with me, they live lives of endless bliss and non-existent struggle
Sable is CUTE

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you do realize different people use this site, right
i'm aware everyone is named "Anonymous" but that doesn't mean everyone is the same person, people can have different opinions retard

>might be alright

No user, what we're saying is no woman will ever want you like that again. We know this because you're a Yea Forums poster.

very based

I want hot male human on female wacky toon
is that so much to ask?

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Upper left is literally Slayers

as much as I get the way they ended up, I was also a little sad that the dynamic was lost because of it. even if she's also cute as an Otsel

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sounds based