Master Duel

Fusion event tomorrow.
What are you running and what deck are you aiming to shit on specifically?

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Even Sky Striker can go DPE and ruin my Diviner or Nu Beta

Whatever deck I played against earlier today where my opponent dicked around for ten minutes until he drew through his entire deck, banished a shit ton of cards from his GY, and then banished the entire field except for his 7k attack link monster

>Yang zing
Haha, I wonder what they do!
>Auroradon into Fleur and grandmaster and archnemeses
It's all so tiresome

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>card named Nu Beta

Doesn't it start in like an hour? Also I'm playing both Thunder Dragon and Zombie World for it.
Not really looking to shit on anything specific.

For me its HERO

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Fusion event in 2 - 3 hours, depending on time zone and daylight savings time, really.
Also currently running sacred beast.
Though for the festival, hard to tell.
Either Clown World or Zombie Land Saga.

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>What are you running

Benkei OTK and Burn.

I cannot give a shit about a deck that I barely use.

Gaia but might switch it up to clown depends on how I feel

Educated yourself.
Stars tend to have Greek letters as designation aside from their given names (which are usually in any of Greek, Latin or Arabic)

In 2 hours unless Konami fuckedup with my Timezone

Who here FEARLESS CHAD, and ranked up to Diamond before the event?

I'm just hoping to get in and clean up with my Cubics as fast as possible before some yugituber shits out a new True Draco deck or something that makes the event unplayable.

>one match til rank up
>brick til back at the bottom

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Why the fuck aren't they banning true draco in events

Honestly, same.
Just get in and out as fast as possible, because you know for a FACT dgayed is already cooking up some crack for the basic bitches.

>new True Draco deck

Nothing changes except changing 2 skilldrains and summoning limit with other floodgates.

thunder dragon invoked with a bit of shaddol

1 hour and 48 minutes

any pics of DPE ACKing while dabbing bros....

>It was actually Mu Beta
Fuck me

>opponent has "lose and you'll be demoted" sign
>surrender out of pity
I dont know what compels me to do this honestly

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I hope whoever saw turn one multinegate end boards and thought "this is healthy" gets explosive diarrhea

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I'll probably play by the rule and use despia this time. I used stun in the synchro event because I fucking hate them.

Who fucking knows. I would be running my Predaplant deck but they banned fucking Lair of Darkness of all things, so I can no longer guarantee turn one Tryphoverutum and something to protect him, as well as generating tokens for next turn. Actually cannot fucking understand why, when TD is mostly untouched.

Seeing Skill Drain at 1 is at least something but fuck.

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surely someone's made an edit of that one .gif

Melffy-Engine Master of Oz.

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When does Despia becomes meta?
I'm actually having fun with my despia deck right now and i can't wait to use it in the fusion festival

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Can you share?

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when the albaz strike cards come out

>What are you running
PURE danger
>what deck are you aiming to shit on specifically?

>What are you running
>what deck are you aiming to shit on specifically?
I run three Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

>What are you running

>When does Despia becomes meta?
Branded fusion.

What should I do bros.
I don't have any decent fusion deck, what is the best pack to build a half decent deck to complete the event.

>A SINGLE Increase
>open with him the last 5 games

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it's not actually branded fusion; if Guardian chimera comes out first it will also be at least almost meta

Yosenju Kaiju
Virtual World
Despia/Darklord Despia
Sky Striker
Live Twins
If it's GOAT, I would happily build Chaos Control
Zombie World Control
Shiranui Eldlich
Dark Magician

I guess I'll have to build XYZ and Pendulum some day. I just don't know what archetypes in those decks interest me.

Exorsisters are XYZ, so maybe them... I could do Red Eyes Burn, but the best version needs Rokket Link to work properly. I dislike Zoodiac so that's a hard pass. As for Pendulum, I like the Dinomists, but they kinda suck... Pendulum Magicians look cool, but I dislike COOOOOOOOOMBOshit. Any suggestions?

Is it really that much trouble for you to use a loaner deck?

>What are you running
Albaz Maids

>what deck are you aiming to shit on specifically?
Anyone who turbos DPE and nothing else. There will be a lot of new toy syndrome. I expect a lot of Structure Cyber Dragons too.

Because using Troon Draco is the punishment itself
This is event duel, not ranked duel. You doesn't get penalty at all (de-ranked) for scooping. No one will humour their floodgates in this event, everyone will scoop and move on to the next game and while it's true that Troon draco player get a free win, they will struggling with event mission just like at Synchro event
>deal "X" amount of damage
>destroy opponent's monster by battle for "X" times
>special summon monster
Good luck trying to clear that event missions when playing dishonest nigger deck!

It becomes meta when they throw away all of Despia's defining traits as an archetype and give it a 1-card fusion spell that summons a mechanically unrelated monster with a quick effect non-targeting banish and a delayed Absolute Zero effect.

Enjoying summoning Quaeritis? Like how your cards all float into each other? Ever summoned Proskenion and thought "wow, that's neat!"? Slotted in a Branded Disciple, maybe, for funsies? Too fucking bad. The REAL Despia is Mirrorjade Turbo featuring Guardian Chimera.

Pend mage is the most decent (budget wise). But I don't think the pend fest is possible though.

DPE bros... it's over.

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Dragonmaids, maybe ill change to Despiamaids, Albaz's maids or Depialbaz.

>everyone will scoop and move on to the next game and while it's
Great, quick game for quick gems. And I can finish others mission with a shitty deck too. What a deal.

>But I don't think the pend fest is possible though.
It's literally already been confirmed.

The answer to all of these and more is: Performapal!

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I literally just started playing yesterday and managed to build (copy) a predaplant deck, because they look cool

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i wuv dwagons oh my dog guise dwagons!

Special summons?. Searchs?. Negates?. All yours my friend, as long as you have the life

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Can't wait to suicide again like every other event. Never have to worry about people surrendering so it's easy to get all missions done.

It's a win win situation for them
They get free gems, tickets and medals for anyone scooping and they'll complete their missions if anyone stays and fights
They can easily get their shit done and fast

That sound pretty lame

This is a very funny image.

Used Ghostrick and had a blast
Used True Draco because Swordsouls weren't out yet
Used Frogs
Thunder Dragons and Zombie World Eldlich
Fur Hire t
I have no idea. Probably some annoying stall thing
Plunder Patroll
Frogs probably
Odd-eyes was the first deck I made

Wait, where? I know about link, classic, attrb, and type. Where did you get that from

>What are you running
True Draco, like every event. I'm even chucking in a DPE this time, so I will be Fusion Summoning.

>know about link, classic, attrb, and type.
It was literally a part of those leaks / data mined at the same time.

I haven't decided yet but it sure as fuck won't be a fusion deck. Only cucks and bootlickers play the intended deck of the event.

>admitting you ran TD and Furfaggotry

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Thunder dragons are rad and Folgo's +3ing is awesome.
Also I don't really care about being judged by the brainlets on this board.

Well shit. I should have read. It is on the fucking list but not in the picture.

I am dumb. Thanks.


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Is this guy supposed to be scary I regularly spend 4000 LP just to summon one hero I will gladly spend 6000 LP to clear the board then swing for victory

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True Draco not Thundra, you dog rapist.

>tfw still in silver for event
hopefully it won't be as cancer as gold/plat in synchro fest

You'll die from like 3 cards activation if you use a hero live and they have 2 on board