Who is the best Mario girl?

Who is the best Mario girl?

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>official art
How the fuck


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Which one has the biggest futa penis and saggiest balls?

>Most fuckable = Daisy.
>Most fun to play as = Peach.
And if you count spin-offs Dixie kong, Ashley, Wanda and Syrup are also good.

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never seen the red bitch in my life

Pauline is sexy

she's in Mario Golf, Donkey Kong and Mario Odyssey

Dude, she's the very first Mario girl from the Donkey Kong game, also makes regular appearances in Mario vs. DK and she's the mayor of New Donk in Odyssey.


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Whenever I see Wendy all I think of is how annoying she was in the Mario cartoons.

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Unfortunately after years of being a basic bitch Peach fan I've realised I have more Pauline pics now.

Also fuck tumblr. Like it wasn't shit enough now it requires you to login.

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>a fairy named Wanda
Wtf, Mario ripped off the Fairly Oddparents.

mesugakis, user. got to love em

The Mushroom Kingdom is a Utopia because there's no black people living there.

I wonder if the Broodals will ever make any appearances outside of Odyssey.


I can't imagine they wouldn't.

Futa is good. BBC posters are kidding

Wait, who's that bitch in the middle? I've played almost every Mario game and I don't recognize her.

Oh yeah, forgot Wario had a princess as well. You know who should be brought back? Captain Syrup.

For me, it's the captain. Too bad she's forgotten.

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Princess Shokora from Wario Land.

Daisy > Paper Peach > SMG1 Rosa > Peach up until the 64 era > Toadette > Pauline > Rosa in everything else since > Peach since then > Pom Pom > Wendy

Liking futa is just being a faggot in denial.

My wife is the best, but all four are great and I still want a new game with them as the main characters.

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Ah that explains why I don't recognize hey. Thanks user

Figures a daisyfag would have no taste

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That's not a Daisyfag, that's another faggot trying to start shit.
Wendy is fine. Not to my taste, but I can see her appeal.

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Wario's girls are better

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I just had a crazy idea, what if they made a new Wario Land where Captain Syrup tried taking over Diamond City, and you could play as Wario, Mona and the other Warioware employees.

5-volt, bar none.

You are in charge of making a new Super Princess Peach for the switch. What does it look like.

not sure. but wendy is extremely cute so probably her

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I've always wanted a game where you could explore Diamond City.

Fire Peach is absolute kino.

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Nah, I've posted that list before, with minor variation, and I stand by it.

Rosalina > Pauline > Peach > Daisy

even her scary side?

Ashley is the perfect girlfriend.

Daisy and it's not even close.

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ESPECIALLY her dark side.

I still fap and coom buckets to that futa animation by hard degenerate, you know the one, the sleepover one.

Rosalina's 15 inch cock fucking Peach

So all of them?

I believe the only game outside of Warioware that showed off Diamond City was a track in one of the Mario Kart arcade games, and that didn't mean much since the tracks in those games are usually super basic compared to mainline tracks.

they asked best not worst

Cute but isn't she boring?

She had a certain je ne sais quoi

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Lady Bow
I dont even like ojousamas

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A braver man than I user
she is still pretty cute though

No way, she's a cute rich goth girl who lives by herself. What could be better than that?

Just seems like typical witch character to me. She's cute though.

underrated wife


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