Dook thread

>tfw no thread
>try to upload an official image from the game folder
>find the old logo
>4chinpo doesnt have bmp support
ive never noticed this until now

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Enjoying your first week here?

Why would OP never need to upload a bmp?

when are we getting webp support

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When is the faggot that made webp going to be strung up by their balls with piano wire?

any modders finish the leaked game yet?

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How did douk get away with this?

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What are the odds one of the people who have a more complete version (Leaked build is from late 2001 when we know there's versions from 2002 out there) decides to stop being a faggot and leaks their version now that it's not nearly as special?

I think no one noticed yet, but thanks to Embracer merging with 3dRealms and Gearbox
3dRealms has the rights of Duke Nukem once more, but at the same time 3dr now owns the rights of working on a Borderlands game since they all are owned by Embracer, and Embracer owners are pro 3dRealms and fans.

The fun is about to begin

Wait there's a more complete version?

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fuck that shit ass format

The fact that this got leaked with the 2002 version hinted.
i see that June will be full of retro surprises.

also makes sense

Woah cool. Thanks fren

Also Modddb should change TBD to 2022 DUKE IS BACK

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nigga it's been like two days

Apparently, don't know how much more complete in comparison, but even a build from a couple months after the build we have now would make it a lot easier some autistic modders to finish the game.

the fact the game was made in 2001? you do realize that trannies are a relatively new phenomenon right

Here's my special poster.

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The press kit has the logo

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>here's your modding community in 2022 bro

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>The fact that this got leaked with the 2002 version hinted.

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I dont see myself playing memelands no matter who does it.

It's more that the term used to refer to transvestites

yes, but 3drealms now owning shitterlands is ironic.
what comes around goes around

>you do realize that trannies are a relatively new phenomenon right
Tell me you're underaged without telling me you're underaged.

im not even sure whats happening anymore
didnt embracer buy the old eidos? who the fuck is mbracer anyway
yeah gonna be a rough wait with the current state of (((communities))) today
Technically they all are former 3dR guys with Saber being their subsidiary
this makes me think if Timmy Wallets who is now working for them was a 3dR plant since the beginning, hence the fuckery at id once he was hired.

He's right though, they obviously existed but there were nowhere near as many of them because it wasn't trendy like it is now and also there wasn't this whole "movement" surrounding it creating droves of people to get offended by something like this.

All of this shit started after Occupy Wallstreet.
Previously everyone mocked them and it was a mental disease per WHO known as Sexual Dysphoria, and Sanitariums existed for that.

And this was before Embracer buying them, now this is another story.

So I'm playing through the first episode as legit as possible, using ghost just to proceed when things are legit not finished and it's.. surprisingly more finished than my first impression while loading random maps, feels almost nostalgic. I would have loved to play this back in 2002.

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>it wasn't trendy
Trannies have always been loud fuckers about their desire to be accepted.

>All of this shit started after Occupy Wallstreet.
"""They"" enabled the entire woke bullshit to dismantle that movement and keep everyone divided to preven anothe OWS.

>all those (((names)))
fuck i almost forgot how the industry works
also i wasnt even aware 3drealms was a rebranded apogee software
does that mean i could get a new death rally on a non-cucked platform before i die?

i will kek if Embracer rebrands themselves as 3dRealms and Apogee becomes the dev company allong with saber and gearbox

i genuinely don't know what's happening anymore

>Trannies have always been loud fuckers about their desire to be accepted.
They really haven't been, but you might think that if you're younger than 20

that could be the biggest blow it out your ass towards cuckbox and badass
hopefully they manage to get rid of the trash taht was always a roadblock towards projects, like that fatnigger crying about dnf leak on twatter

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nope still slows down

is duke 3d worth playing on a 3ds

>referencing the doom comic

I don't know, any where to play it is good, I even played it on PSP and it was awesome

what is webp and why is it bad

Fucking autist George. Instead of forging on releasing this noooo we gotta chase trands and be like halo, noooo gotta use a new engine.

Fuck man this would've been a great game. Even in its current state its 1000% better then Randy's 2011 garbage.

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image file type that sucks ass

old good, new bad

So what are the odds that the fags at Gearbox realize that Duke could still work, and decide to bring him back with a proper sequel? Sure boomer shooters aren't as hot as they were when Eternal released but c'mon

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duke is too scary for fags like randy to touch in this day and age despite a clear want for edgy or possibly even emo washed up duke nukem
there never has been a better time for boomer shooters and just the fact that duke cared for women who weren't fat dykes meant he was doomed

It's better this way, imagine if they did a reboot with Duke acting like in those cringy meme dubs made by that Italian faggot

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Have you seen the latest Borderlands? It's all woke writing across the entire game. Even if Gearbox developed Duke, it wouldn't be the same. They'd have re-create the character for modern standards and then do a ton of PR and marketing on top of that because every journalist out there is going to be writing articles about the franchise's history. Half of the game's budget would go into marketing and PR trying to convince the older audience Duke is still for them and half trying to spin damage control on any potential audience outside of that. It's a lose-lose situation.

The reality is, no publisher. IP holder, whichever, is going to go back to the franchise. PR and image is key these days. Even Koei and Team Ninja had to cancel Dead or Alive 7 because it's too problematic these days.

If something like Postal can still get new games so can Duke

Yea Forums doesn't support it and certain websites have converted all of their images to it.

>game leaks
>everyone who worked on the game is malding over it in one way or another

they're mad because they cannot hide the fact that gearbox fucked it up and they're retards for even demanding doom 3 lighting in a game that already looked good

Agreed, probably it would be right there in the hall of classic 2000's FPS along with RTCW.

it has been a wihle since i watched stuff related to dnf but the shift between duke tournament to doom nukem was absolutely retarded and teh fat faggot is triggered because he knows its his fault
i was looking for some old videos and i think i didnt see the 2008 footage before, looks like a blend of both of those phases of duke

>the 2006 gameplay
>ain't that some sheeit that's why i still mop the floors
I hate the 2010s so much

pngs but google fucked with them a bit so they can exert even greater control over the internet as a whole

The fact DukeEd makes Actors disappear when you try to move them makes me want to rip my fucking EYES OUT

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DukeEd doesn't start for me anymore and I don't know what I did to break it. I think, I extract the game again and start from scratch. Somewhere, I fucked up.

Why do trannyjannies report video game threads?

>Game leaks after a decade of everyone saying we should have got the 2001/2003 version
>It includes modding tools
>Still think we won't see gigaautists to the needed work to actually finish the game
Kinda weird, this build seems just enough to be actually playable, but not enough to actually be finished by gigaautists because there's so much missing.
Would have been in the works for at least another year if this version actually came out.

is dukeed easy to use? i'd try making mods for fun but i dont know any programming or coding

>Who Wants to be a Tranny

Literally no one wants to be a tranny, not even trannies themselves.

there's enough for it to be finished it's just they have to fill holes and look at trailers


What's with all the pride shit then?

Its basically just UnrealEd so its incredibly easy to use but its also DukeEd so it constantly breaks and is actually AIDS to use. But its also very fun.

What level is this?

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It's even worse that modders have to manually figure out the pacing and story structure which requires extended amount of time and resource to do so.