That's how you do it!

That's how you do it!

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I completely forgot about this. Did the kickstarter make progress?

People who like this game are all underaged btw

It finished with a solid 2 mil in the pocket and then Week 8 hasn't released in a year.

>reddit night funkin
go back.

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>MOEdow the MOEhog
BABABABABAB-BOOOOOOM. Do you see? Do you SEE how these rats try to take each other down? Fucking putrid MOEshitter in-fighting is DISGUSTING. OUT OF MY SIGHT. NOW.

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>[horsefucking noises]
What was that?

>no good dragon ball mods
Shit game
Shit fanbase
Shit mods



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Fucking classic


/funkg/ malding

daddy... me too

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Jiren lost.
Return to the trash heap you call the “Hallowed Halls” never to return again.


based bejitachad

They recently showed a teaser for it to launch on Pico Day and then announced a delay. PhantomArcade has fairly regularly posted art related to it and proof that they're working on the physical rewards.

>BF's left/right arrows change to mimic the mook's dance

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I was worried that Yea Forums wouldn't survive the future.

t. bald

Why did this artist try so hard to hide the fact hes a pedo for so long

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>lose interest in board-tans in favor of wojaks and wailing about cringe
>kids find them through a mod that wasn't intended to be secret
i lhate you Yea Forums

That little girl saying "daddy, me to"
Comedy gold.

The mod author included the Yea Forums goes to the movies comic in the mod so that it would get taken off of gaybanana. It certainly was meant to be secret

FNF was a mistake.

spent da money on crack

that was /vg/ shitting its pants and keeping the secret club intact last i checked, i don't think the mod author was the one to upload it to gamebanana in the first place

That was added in an *update* to the mod so that it would get taken off of GB, it was not in the initial upload.

Wait, so Vs. Yea Forums wasn't meant to get popular?

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Shit game, even shittier "rhythm" game

/vg/ apparently didn't think it would even though it had all the trappings of one that would got popular, chiefly original music, a clear theme to its content, good visuals (and things happening in the fucking background, so many FNF mods are guilty of boring backgrounds) and autism hard optional stuff

Yes, hide. Hed make "wholesome" loli shit before losing it and posting nothing but loli incest seggs

It was meant to be an inside joke mod on /fnf/ threads

Not really no. Someone uploaded it to gamebanana without the dev’s permission which gave it mainstream attention that they didn’t actually want. Eventually they tricked the uploader into updating the mod which had that Yea Forums comic where he rapes /jp/ in the game files. It got taken down but by them the damage was already done

I don't really think a boring background matters. The more important part should be the main sprites because thats usually the focus of FNF. Backgrounds at least have an excuse, which is why alot of base game can get away with it.

>Wholesome loli shit

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That isnt the same artist BAKA

it matters a lot more than you'd think, FNF's visual appeal is the sum of its parts and evens out what would be an otherwise monotonous play session, every rhythm game on the planet has stuff going on in the background to keep player engagement high. DDR, elite beat agents or osu, parappa, patapon, FNF's sole exception to this rule is the first week, which is a tutorial level and establishes GF as the game's metronome and a central focus for the event

it is the absolute cardinal sin in my opinion that the whitty mod and tricky the clown mod have nothing going on in their backgrounds, and it's especially puzzling with tricky because madness has plenty of background gags or characters and scenery shuffling around outside of the actual fight going on

So what was the damage? Is it short term or it's too late?

Yeah that makes a little more sense when you put it like that. Following traditional rhythm game rules a boring background does lead to losing focus of the gameplay. Luckily most modern mods rectify this, but those old mods suffer for it.

gutsybird both of those comics

Looks like it was short term. I haven't seen many Yea Forums characters getting raped by opportunistic normalfag Twitter artists lately. On here, it's probably too late, because, well, just look at how fucking weird these FNF threads always turn out.

Too late, as illustrated by . FNFfags have already claimed the characters for use in their projects; there’s already fanart for them, as well as variant characters used for other FNF mods, even a mod for Sky uses the Yea Forums mod’s artstyle
Long term, though, only time can tell, depending on how slow FNF loses relevancy. Either it goes forgotten or you’ll be see gen alphas who saw the mod on youtube will get nostalgic for it

Okay well my point still stands

the secret club of Yea Forums isn't in any danger of coming under fire if that's your worry, that ship sailed in 2006 anyways

> tight bars little man

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>that animation loop someone made with her having a dog eat peanut butter off her crotch with her saying "that's how you do it"
never coomed harder

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>there’s already fanart for them
Outside of Twitterfaggotrys, isn't it still based to even see kino artwork like this?

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It's really neat to see the rest of the internet liking the idea of board-tans even if they're supposed to be an injoke. I genuinely don't get the possessiveness over the idea beyond the modder not wanting his work distributed, because we haven't used board-tans in any wide capacity in roughly a fucking decade. Hell, /vrpg/ didn't decide on board-tans UNTIL the FNF Yea Forums mod rekindled interest in the whole idea.

I thought /vrpg/ already had board-tans. They tried to use Jay and Wes in that RPG Maker collab that died.

Hard designs weren't really cemented down for them until the mod released but the idea of WRPG tan + JRPG tan had floated around prior to that. I think before that it was a White Mage.

>They tried to use Jay and Wes in that RPG Maker collab that died.
There was a collab attempt? Is there a beginning and end of the archive?

>tried to find this on 4 sites and failed

Can you share it

The what now? Gotta source?

I would have shared a crop of it here if I still had it. It was on R34 but I can't find it anymore. Maybe it wasn't properly tagged, making it hard to find again. You'd be surprised how many pics/videos for animated zoo stuff either doesn't have the zoo tag on R34 or doesn't have the dog/canine tag in respect to having that animal in it.

Yes. I even made music for it because I was ready for more after participating in Yea Forumsorld 1 and 2.
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