Its shit

its shit

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She looks like a kid dude

how? that's clearly a kid girl

>coomer game is shit
Stop the fucking presses.


Who's surprised at ecchi games being garbage?

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yeah a regular rpg

So OP, what is this and why should I care?

You can grope loli breasts (individually) to expand them

I know you are LOL


Can you grope them without expanding them? This is important.

There are fun ecchi games, and there are boring games with no ecchi.

Can i have sex with them

I haven't played that far, but someone please answer him if you can do this in an endless version of the mini-game

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yes but its key to increasing their stats/making them stronger. breastlets are faster and move more often from what I understand so their is some strategy.

you can ruin them? why?


Technically yes but you have to grope them using the method that doesn't increase size. Instead you'd be changing other attributes of the breasts. It's been a while so I don't remember all of them but you have stats like size, weight, softness that change not only the breasts but stats associated with them
>Size up = STR up, DEX down
This kind of thing.

Ecchi games are fucking pointless when actual H games exist. It's like jacking off to your mom's Victoria's Secret catalog when the internet is right there.

its a $20 game sold as $40. a super repetitive 3d rpgmaker-tier title that spent its entire budget on breast physics.

You can also make the busty ones flat. It's your choice

I disagree

>There are fun ecchi games
name 5

do you get a boat?

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SK: Bon Appetit

this is such a fucking based mechanic, wtf?

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Can you pick a side and only grope that 1?

>female protagonist
Of course it's shit lol

Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive 2
Dead or Alive 3
Dead or Alive 4
Dead or Alive 5

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Is it possible to emulate this game yet? Sound was fucked up last time I tried.

H in Japanese means ecchi. They don't use Hentai to talk about porn.

Genkai Tokki is a series is experimental and tries all manner of strange mechanics for the sake of ecchi.

I knew it was too good to be true.

*is a series THAT is experimental
Should've proofread my post first.

Can't believe they deleted this over the dancing N gif
mods really are on a whole different level of faggot

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What did you expect, a new breath of the wild masterpiece?

That company games are always decent.

Did it leak already?

It's out now for digitalfags

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we are the knights who say NI

Is it the same as the Vita version? I only got to the second stage cause I get a massive boner and have to stop and fap.

How did they get the titty rubbing past the censors? You cant even have headpatting these days

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7 Pirates released well before Sony became Snoy. There's still one game after this that uses an enhanced version of that system that also includes butts called Castle Panzer.
On top of that Nintendo have kept true to their word about letting CERO do their job and not touching games otherwise and CERO have kept their standards of what constitutes a CERO D game.

This is a lie, they banned Duel Peincess
In japan too

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We simply do not know why this was pulled and as far as I know it's still been isolated to this one single game. The devs even said it will come back. Unless it starts happening to more games we can't say Nintendo is censoring/banning. Not when this game literally just released and Gal Gun Double Peace just released.

>devs said it will come back
Yeah like six months ago

At least we have the rom to emulate

The game has a native PC version for sale on DLsite right now.

It's actually natively on PC now, sold through dlsite.

Oh didnt know. But the fact that its banned on steam means it will stay banned on switch too

We'll likely never get a concrete answer as to what happened unless someone breaks an NDA or some other legally binding agreement.
We can only speculate based on other information which we have nothing of since it's a single case.
After DP was released 7PH released in Japan with no issues whatsoever. Same goes for the port of Double Peace. On top of that they announced that new Zashiki Warashi game for Switch.
So again any data we could use to determine a trend is non-existent since there's nothing comparitive.

>But the fact that its banned on steam means it will stay banned on switch too
How so? Steam we know are hypocritical faggots that have a strong bias against Japanese ecchi games and eroge. For example Steam forced GunGun Pixes to be marked as adult only despite being no different from your standard ecchige.
Meanwhile we have one single case for the switch version being removed but also no reason why it was pulled or who made the call.
All you can do is speculate but you can't speak definitively on a speculation since you could also be insanely wrong.

The difference is that Duel Princess hs the whole “consent” meme

Reminder that Omega Labyrinth hot a ed because one girl during the touching minigame said “please no”. Thats it.

Look at this pic
Some feminist gook cunt could have easily said she is being raped here and the game needs to be banned

cheeky cunt

The reason Sony banned Omega Labyrinth Z was because of this little brat right here.
She's pretty much responsible for the West's absolute crackdown on anime and push for censorship
She's the most powerful mesugaki ever created.

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Thank god translation patches exist for the Vita versions of those two games. I just started the first and am enjoying it so far.

If I like games like senran kagura will I like this game?

Not a bad attempt at logic but you need to be familiar of all the games in question here.
While your case would be strong with only OL in question that'd be one thing however we have a number of other games in question here.
7 Pirates H a port of the vita game doesn't have all the girls being into getting their tits played with, you still get that IIYA DAME from them much the same with some girls in Double Peace. Both of these games released initally before DuelPri but also had their switch ports release AFTER DuelPri came out.
While I don't disagree with your last sentence it's nothing more than speculation and imperfect at that due to the fact both games in question have the content you claim got DuelPri banned.

They do?

>two games
There was a second one?
Damn, time to hack my vita