Game has obvious best girl

>game has obvious best girl

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woops put the wrong image for the middle

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Ones the one thing they all have in common

Ann's tight little but...

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I love Ann!

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Obvious NTSbait is the worst kind

/trash/ thread

teasing kohai gf...

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Why are translators like this

>best girl
BAAAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA LAWL! She's a Rise tier dumb whore

None of the P5 girls are particularly good

Hilda is a pit slut.

What do they have in common?

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>bitch bitch
>best girl
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA LMFAO sakura sub humans should commit suicide

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My favorite girls from these respective games are Sumire, Rhea and Carmilla

i can't allow you to post my wife's hilda with these bimbos

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'ate NTR
'ate cuckposting
'ate fanart edits

luv dumb bimbos, simple as

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>Neither Makoto nor Shamir

What'd they mean by this?

I love you BB-chan!

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Hilda fucks Caspar in their A support.

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pick only one

Hilda fucks anyone, support or not.

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And that's a good thing.

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so this is why Persona is so popular, I see...

Its to show that the word is being spoken slower with emphasis on each individual syllable.

I already know that. Now think a level further.

Ann: Has no yuri ship
Hilda: Gets shipped with Marianne
BB: Gets shipped with Hakuno

Obviously you didnt. Try lurking more.

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if you think repeat letters are better your a idiot

You do it by syllable like it's supposed to be, not by letter, and if your word doesn't have enough syllable, you find a synonym or word it differently.

that's literally how it's punctuated in the original Japanese you fucking moron

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Because each character is a separate syllable.
It doesn't work in English because a single character isn't a syllable, we instead combine multiple characters to form a syllable. Please is pronounced as a single syllable, you don't pronounce each letter individually.



Eat shit and die, Moloch3151

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They're all pitsluts, user

I want her to fuck another guy and make me watch

These girls make me feel funny.

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you know what to do user...

She is majorly tittylicious.


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She would fit right in with the OP girls.

How do I stop fapping to my waifus getting blacked it's been a year and it's still the only thing that gets me hard


Ah, só this is the NTS thread.

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In order

>Sae (I will accept Lavenza as a substitute)
>Rhea (I will accept Flayn as a substitute)
>No clue, haven’t played

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Patrician tastes.

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>Ann AND Hilda as the thread pic

What tipped you off?

Rhea is a good choice too.

Ann and Shiho is a very common ship

OP, you clearly have a porn addiction

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She's not that kind of girl.

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The character is not speaking English, it's just translated for your benefit.
Also: puh-lease.

What makes you think that?

If I see p-l-e-a-s-e written like that then I instantly know what effect the original Japanese was going for.

Every Ann/Hildafag I have ever met has one
Both at the same time makes it an absolute certainty

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