Meanwhile in highschool Yea Forums

Meanwhile in highschool Yea Forums...

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>Americans have to hide in toilets at school to avoid being assaulted and murdered by roaming niggers
Do they really?

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Nope. Never got these memes, I was a piece of shit loner who talked to no one yet ate at the same tables and what not.

>Japan is now America
do shitskins really?

haha that is a funny fact my friend =)

I just ate and sat with different people then went to the library to either use the computer or take a power nap in the beanbags. sometimes just do my homework in breaks too.

>american school

>Third worlder sees literally anything
>Starts screeching "America!"

where is there a trashcan in a stall?

oh man im so excited for my first day at videogames high school guys, will i see any of yall in videogames class? I hope we learn about videogames there, i heard the teacher is videogames

I lived in America and had to wear a uniform in public school?

High School was fine for me. It was a little annoying getting made fun of/teased for playing my DS/3DS there but it wasn't that bad. I don't regret a lot of how I did there.

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Are you 50 years old grandpa? Only schools that uses uniforms in America in the modern era are catholic and charter schools

lol sucks to be you faggot

>in public school
why would you LARP as an american

In highschool I sat down with my peers and babysat them, meaning, I hanged out with them.
After eating, I'd go on my own to do my own thing (homework, chill, etc) because I'd rather not mingle with them, but when I had to because circumstances forced it, I had no problems socializing with whoever.

As a matter of fact most of the normies wanted me to hang out with them but I rather just play videogames or be on my own. Didn't really share interests with anyone, and the few that did were autistic losers/socially awkward wierdos that I rather not hang out with.

I hanged out more with the normies than the nerds because at least the normies were socially pleasant.

If you don't enjoy their company or you can't have sex with it, don't even bother socializing with them.

Not true, my school had uniforms

I'm 22 and live in hellish urban New Jersey
I never wore it anyways, most school staff didn't give a shit.
Yeah as opposed to a private school

>parents bought your uniform
>never wear it
again, bullshit

Daily reminder that females can not be lonely or outcast.

damn too based to make all the amerishits start seething

In highschool I was actually prom king
because I was funny and I'm 6'4 handsome
I hated every single one of those faggots though. I rather just play PSO/RO with my bros.

I still think they were losers, but they were kids after all.
Love seeing the mid-males in Linkedin sucking up so hard to people for networking their shitty underpaid office job and I'm here rich thanks to bitcoin.

>still writing about his highschool achievements into his 30's
get lost grandpa

Nope the uniform consisted of a shitty polo with a logo in either blue or gray and khaki like pants it wasn't crazy. Considering my body never changed throughout high school I've had like the same 2 shirts I never wore.

It usually wasn't a uniform, more of a dress code. Ours was polos and khakis, you could always get away with a hoodie tho with the excuse that you're cold and nobody could stop you.

>In highschool I was actually prom king
>because I was funny and I'm 6'4 handsome
>I'm here rich thanks to bitcoin.

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I wouldn't know. I was home schooled. I had a perfect SAT score and IB scores and had no trouble entering college of choice.
my parents forced me to do sports, stay active and i thank them for letting me avoid highschool. when i entered college most of the freshmen were fucking stupid which was dumbfounding. is american education THAT bad?

Ay yo, gonna drink your milk?

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it's ok to be jealous

t.- posted from my yacht

God I miss highschool. I miss pre 2010 internet. I know you guys hear it constantly, but truly take time to enjoy it. You're going to be old in no time.

post yacht with time stamp

I miss Gunbound
I miss PSO
I miss RO
I miss mIRC chat
I miss emulating gen 5 and below and thinking it was the best thing in the world

I don't miss highschool, but I miss being 17.

Neither of those are that unusual on Yea Forums. I made my networth with altcoins at age 21

What's crazy is I went to the school library to eat lunch

and the worst part is this boyish girl who always buillied me saw me there and started messing with me and then started eating her lunch there too.

What a fucking horrible year

I snapped and took a knife to school once. I remember the other kids knowing something was up with me and whispering and pointing all day long, after lunch we they were lining up outside the classroom waiting for the teacher and I remember sitting a bit away from them with my hand in my bag holding it, when I pulled it out they all screamed and ran into the classroom, when I walked in some of them were actually sitting at their desks, I find that so strange even today. There was a lot of panic but I don't remember what it sounded like, I was watching the girl I wanted to stab and she looked like she was trying to merge into the wall, she was sobbing and I remember thinking that it was the happiest I'd ever been, I didn't understand why at the time but now I know that it was because senpai finally noticed me. After that a teacher finally showed up and talked me down, I never really wanted to hurt anyone after all. I ended up getting charged with "entering in a public place with intention to cause fear" but it only resulted in a probationary sentence and a slap on the wrist. I ended up being pulled from the public school system and going to TAFE to learn to program, I look back and strictly speaking I benefited out of my actions, school was terrible. I ended up using the TAFE credit recognition to get into university earlier than kids who went through highschool and cutting off a a semester of work using RPL.

good on you
public education is shit

>bringing a knife instead of a gun to school
Eurotard moment

I hated highschool, but it forced me to be around people and make friends. Thats what I miss. I only have 2 friends from school I still hang out with. It's just a bunch of 40 and 50 year olds at work. I'm a sad 30 year old boomer now that just thinks about the past.

post mansion

my highschool peers work office jobs that pay them 1500 usD an month (Argentine pesos pays that equivalent)

and I'm here in Canada just working for uber/uber eats getting 4800 a month with minimal expenses.

>user thought the tomboy girl bullied him when she was just flirting with him
>not only that but she starts to eat there too, another signal user didn't catch
Sounds like you missed out on having a tomboy gf

>Be Eurotard
>Take knife to school
>Get told off and shitpost about it years later on Yea Forums
>Be ameritard
>Take a gun to school
>Shot dead
hard choice

Ugh, I wish this lousy day would end so I can go home and watch cartoons...

I haven't really changed since highschool.

do my responsibilities then play vidya to chill
i was like that in high school
i was like that in college
and I am like that now, working and at 29

I don't miss highschool, but I miss living with my family in the big house all together. I also miss those times which was pure vidya soul, everything before 2007 and the internet , smartphones and social media ruined the hobby forever

good riddance. I didn't appreciate her "flirting" punches and name calling. Glad she was a senior and left the next year

if you miss communities where you naturally socialize with others just join a video game community/tgc community and make friends.

not kidding. It's a fun way to make friends. most of those kids are harmless dorks. the problem is that niggers have infected the FGCs and zoomers will take a good 40% of the members, but you will still meet cool people.

she was a woman. tell her to fuck off.
the best you can do is stare at them shaming them if you want them to fuck off. shame is woman's biggest weakness.

Check it out guys i got Stacy's nudes!

I don't really give a shit about highschool.
But I miss those times. I miss playing sonic heroes with my bros then watching porn together.
I miss our BBQs and pizza gathering with smash
I miss some of my highschool friends, but we lost contact. i should try and re-connect.

Nah, Stacy's mom has got it goin' on.

i should've killed myself when i was a kid

ummmmmm... bros?????

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never too late to play videogames and eat food with friends.

Despite how much of anti social faglord I was in high school, at least I never fucking ate in the bathrooms. Holy fuck dude, do you know how fucking gross the average public restroom is? Now times that by three because teenagers are retarded and don’t know how to wash their filthy hands and throw tampins on the ceiling.

that's actually so cute...
I wish I could reward spirits for interacting with me in my dreams by honoring their physical effigies

I honestly stopped playing vidya. After work I will play games, but in moderation. not because I have responsibilities now, but because I rather socialize, go to the gym, or do other things.

Videogames are fun, but if you do it all day you're wasting your life. there's more to life than games. you'll just burn out on vidya and be on the state where you can't even start new games with a huge backlog. Go out, go to the gym, meet people. go to a bar and try to hook up a chick/guy/whatever you like. pick up a sport. pick up a book.

Videogames, MMOs specially, are bluepills, and they have their uses in times and place but you don't wanna be bluepilled all the time.

t. Janitor

If only I was white T.T

Me but in college

Any good janny story?

She wanted your fat autistic cock. Were you a freshmen?

I hate women and I want bad things to happen to them.

that's a garbage bin with a little gate for the toilet paper.


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do you collect them and drink the blood?

I remember getting a note from some girl that said she liked me. I assumed it was a joke and threw it out.

but why in college? Everyone in college mind your own business unlike in highschool

I want to talk with a femanon

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yeah and I wasnt fat just a skinny pale nerd. She was tall part of the swimming team and was lean muscley

i was never the nerdy dorky in looks
in fact my parents forced me to do gym exercise and sports through all my childhood and teenage years, despite me not really crazy for them.
I liked to draw and I was good drawing but kind of never explored that since I went straight to college with the idea of banking money after graduating.
I remember drawing cool stuff after school in the room with the PC where I played gunbound and RO with my online friends. good times.
but in hindsight, I'm also glad those times ended. There is more to life than that, Im satisfied because I know times now will never be as good as post 2007-11 internet.

I remember writing a love letter to the fat kid at school and getting one of the girls to give it to him. Retard probably believed it lol

Nothing that hasn't already been told before a different hundred ways. Those bins due tend to be filled with discarded bottles of alcohol rather than tampons. Women tend to fuck up bathrooms more than men except for mirrors in my experience, which makes me think that most women don't wash their hands.

my brother is going to highschool and said that an actual tranny won Prom King this year. Zoomers are doomed

>go to college in Vancouver
>it's all asians, slanted eyes, indians or muslims
>just wanna make fellow white friends

at least Canada is black-free.

that's awesome but
>tfw no money
>tfw no degree
i lost my motivation a long time ago, if it doesn't come back i'll just die like this.