What are your proudest gaming moments? How chad of a gamer are you? Stories/greentexts encouraged...

What are your proudest gaming moments? How chad of a gamer are you? Stories/greentexts encouraged. And keep it Yea Forumsidya

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I have never held a girls hand. I have never been hugged by my parents. I hate my life. My life is a joke.

I wonder if his wife has nice nipples

We're in the same boat.

>be me
>go to friend's house party thing with lots of cute girls
>They're playing brawl
>Get on that shit with my Ike
>Fucking beat everyone
>Rub it in their fucking faces
>Everyone just thinks I'm a faggot and doesn't care about my brawl skills

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Maxing my stats in Runescape.
Winning some scrims in Battlefield
Owning, running and playing Cs Source servers.

>be me
>PhD student at Stanford
>Presenting research at a huge international conference on machine learning and AI that was held in Beijing that year
>Knew no one
>Put cute anime girls in my presentation to spice it up (though I prolly ended up looking like an autist)
>Bonded with a bunch of guys who were into it
>They were from all over the world like Greece, Britain, etc.
>Had a great fucking time in Beijing with them
>One of them is happy to recommend me for a position at Amazon
Where it on your sleeve, lads. It'll help you find some good ones

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>be me
>talk to no one outside of work
>no family
>no friends
>hate new games
>try to play childhood games to recapture something
>turn off the ps2
>get ready for work
>rinse and repeat

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Hey keep your chin up gamer, your headset is sliding off.

Wife/gf braggers should be gassed

Play Trails in the Sky FC. Trust me, just do it. No spoilers.
Or else, play Ys 8. Once you're 30 mins in, you won't regret it. People say it's unironically the game that got them to love games again

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cope, seethe, dilate

is he still on heroin?

Damn, actual genuine envious seething.

Girls skin is so soft. So soft and smooth. Everything else kind of sucks. But hand holding with a girl is the best.

with the way he cuts bread, yeah it's obvious he doesn't ask for sandwiches
toddlers need constant pushes to eat

>gran turismo 2 had just come out, was playing the fuck out of it
>was driving to a friends place for spring break and took a freeway exit into a clover leaf way too fast because the sign had been knocked down
>started to spin out but was able to save myself and do a wicked drift around the clover leaf
to this day i assert that the only reason i survived was because i'd been playing the fuck out of GT2

Thanks for the suggestion, user. I'll pick them up when I get my next pay cheque. Trails in the Sky reminds me of Harvest Moon Back to Nature graphically, so that's neat

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Just make sure to not get spoiled whatsoever. And play with headphones if you can.

I have a wife and a new baby boy. Can't wait to shit on him in every game. Humble his fucking ass early.

Then train him up in CSGO. I won many old CS LANs and work in the industry. My kid has ridiculous esports privilege, should be fun.

its not really just the skin, everything is softer even the muscle and fat. even a really skinny girl's thighs feel like theyre filled with warm cream cheese.

I held a world record for 5 minutes once

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it's okay they'll live to see their wife/gf perish in the war to come.

>What are your proudest gaming moments?
Veigar Pentakill. My team of complete randoms actually cut DPS on the last guy so I could have it.

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>filled with warm cream cheese
quit larping fatty.

very based user, no matter how short your reign you were the fucking KING

picrel is what i imagine everytime someone online talks about their wife/gf

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Probably not an amazing tale, but
>Nosgoth releases on Steam
>It's set in the Legacy of Kain universe
>Get it, play some open multiplayer games
>Get into a game with devs, holy shit
>Feels pretty cool to play with the devs, even if I'm on the enemy team
>I'm playing the winged vampire race when on the vampire team, and the basic dude as the hunter
>Expect the devs to be tough enemies
>Nope; I'm fucking obliterating them
>My team? Not so much. They're getting fucked like prison inmates that drop the soap
>When I'm on vampire side, I'm swooping from random alcoves and dropping one of the devs to their death at every opportunity without a single death on my part
>When I'm the hunter, I notice the devs in vampire form really quickly and shoot them, killing one or two before they even get close
>End up being MVP by a massive landslide
>Game dies a month later, no longer kept running
I miss swooping and grabbing people before dropping them off of ledges for instant kills.

Also, when you play Trails in the Sky FC, DO NOT use any of the Evo mods, everyone says they're objectively worse. But feel free to add the Japanese voices. They're quite good and enjoyable, if you want to hear the lines voiced.

nigga youre a dude your fat doesnt feel the same as a woman's

During every alliance raid/dungeon, I consistently parse the highest. Yeah, I'm a pro gamer desu.

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It's not the fact they have a wife or gf, it's the obnoxious way they insert them "casually" into something they post online just to let us all know they're getting pussy, That's something a 14 year old with his first gf would do, there's no need for adults to do it.

>playing DoTA2
>wife hints she wants sex
>leave mid match while winning
>Have sex
>Uninstall DoTA2 and never touch another Moba again

>Humble his fucking ass early.
that's how you convince your kid that they're shit at videogames and they should choose to do something else

Probably because you have low sexual marketplace value and can only imagine being with 2s or 3s.

sounds like a good thing honestly

I don't eat while on the computer, that's gross.

My gf says you're a faggot.

Why the fuck do Americans eat chips with sandwiches?

I reached top 500 in Overwatch Lucio Ball

>oi m8, why don't you have some fish liver pie? Me mum makes it for me every day

in bongland you'd call them crisps, the salt brings out the flavor of the lettuce and tomato without having to salt the sandwich itself

I beat Zombies Ate My Neighbors, no passwords or savestates used.

Yeah if you have no competitive drive. If he has no competitive drive and just wants the minimal effort feel goods then he'd be the type that's ruining video games now. Honestly that user would be doing his son and the industry a favor.

>If he has no competitive drive and just wants the minimal effort feel goods
those are not the same things though, you can like a challenge but not like the compfag mindset

I never liked Ninja, though I never kept up with him even when he was the star of Twitch at the time, but I also find it odd you'd share that on social media. "Hurr hey guys my wife wasn't wearing a bra and MADE ME A SANDWICH! I didn't even have to ask for it! She just did it because she knows her place and I'm better than you!"

I feel like men who would post something like that to social media are very insecure with themselves, which is strange to me because you'd expect someone like Ninja to be secure with himself, he's filthy rich, but maybe he can't handle that he just isn't famous anymore, or not like he use to be. If he had stayed on Twitch he might still be somewhat relevant. If I had a girlfriend I'd just comment on Ninja's post that my girlfriend also didn't wear a bra and brought me a sandwich, so yeah.

What a tool. The first time I saw Ninja I thought he was either a pedophile or homosexual, he certainly didn't come off heterosexual to me, figured he was in a gay relationship.

My bf (female) who just poured me a glass of 18 year glen morangie scotch wearing only panties and 8 inch high heels says you've definitely sucked at least 8 dicks in your life.

I fucked MatPat’s wife Stephanie at a convention.

People like a "challenge", not a challenge. That's why hard is the new normal.

You wouldn't know what to do with success either.

holy shit I also fucked MatPat's wife. Is he really that much of a cuck? lmao

>Beat Lord Gwyn on my first try
He's easy as shit but God damn it I was 100% immersed in the game at that point and the atmosphere was gdlk. Whenever you die in a game that immersion is cut off so I was pretty happy I got to do that in full retard mode

I can't fully know that unless I was in that situation, though I can see how too much success can be a bad thing. If you get everything you want then life is boring, or as I said, Ninja realizes his fame is gone and he can't accept being a nobody now, despite being rich and married.

i fucked you're gf

When did you fuck Steph?

Does he really have to say "bra-less"? That's just inviting other men to imagine your wife like that. See That's some cuck shit, hell no. I always knew this blue haired cunt was a faggot. Absolutely DISGUSTING.

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he's definitely pedo any man that dyes their hair and sanitizes their stream to target minors is guaranteed pedo.

ontop of that he appeared on ellen so its pretty obvious

wouldn't surprise me, there's always something wrong with those people in seemingly perfect marriages

that's what happens when you're a literal clown who performs for children
his "wife" will eventually leave him when the money dries up and he will be too socially retarded to figure his shit out afterward

That's rather impressive actually.
Did you do it alone or with a friend?

Tell us more.

I've never read or heard this kind of shit without having some level of pity for people like this.

I maintain that the GT2 license tests have contributed to avoiding a few close calls throughout my early driving years.

I still remember they got him to "perform" and appear at the New Year's Eve event in NYC, not sure why? All he ended up doing was floss dancing on stage in the pouring rain and it was so awkward, like nobody danced, and everyone looked him like he was crazy. He then took to social media to make fun of the situation, and he was trying REALLY hard to get people to floss dance with him like it was a big deal.

It was the most awkward/cringe thing I've ever seen. He was soaking wet, and just danced in the rain on national TV. I don't even think a lot of people knew who he was. He got famous mostly off Fortnite, but when he left Twitch it was the final nail in the coffin.

speaking of gran turismo 2, doing my first endurance race for the F1 car was pretty rad

Why hasn't anyone shot this blue-haired faggot in the face? Not trying to be mean or anything just curious. The same goes for most public figures. Maybe modern life is more comfortable than I thought?