ITT: Best minigames

ITT: Best minigames.

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auto attempt!

auto attempt!

Pic related.

>forces you to max out hacking
i still dont understand how this works

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Wordle but worse

looks like wordle


sup shit sniffer

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>that one instance where the prong magically teleports up and falls down immediately, breaking your lockpick

The only reason you need to level up hacking is because of the skill check to even attempt it.
Otherwise it's just a simple process of elimination.

Two Worlds 2 had the best lockpicking minigame

Somehow a mod added it to Oblivion. It baffled me.

i just realized this said "best" minigames
sorry for the confusion OP

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Look for all instances of opened and closed brackets in the same line.
Like, even if it is "((((.,/4.3/)" you get five instances of "dud" removal or allowance replenishment.
The skill check increases the instances of such brackets.

Like, yeah, it's a process of elimination, wordle or the game Mastermind you might have played as a kid. But that's secondary to clearing duds.

if your science is higher there will be fewer bogus words to pick from, so for on easy machines you will notice it's... easier.

I actually like this minigame.

>so popular it got a standalone

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caravan is a surprisingly fun game and useful as well, if you don't cheese it and instead just randomize your deck (with say 50+ cards minimum) it's bretty good

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I honestly found higher stats to make hacking harder because the words stop being a process of elimination and just a matter of picking the right word by guesswork
they get so different as an effect of being limited that you can't just work out which one is right by previous choices

welp wrong pic, i meant new vegas

I never played the standalone but I find the version in Witcher 3 more fun and interesting than Hearthstone.

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Which always happens right after it's really slow, which means they are extremely consistent if you just click at basically the same time as you move it.

I just brute force this shit like the gorilla brained retard I am

triple triad is cool until you find the bullshit cards


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i like the one he has in Mobius Front '83 also.

As a mahjong player I fucking loev shenzhen colitaire tohugh.

>Elder Scrolls had a perfectly fine card game in the form of TESL
>Bethesda abandons it
>TESO is going to have a brand new in-game card game
for literally what purpose

this filters so many retards its unbelievable

this was the best part of the whole xenosaga trilogy
Also spheada from dark cloud 2 is pretty fun once you get the hang of it

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>he never played mastermind as a child

wtf is wordle?

Minigames are cancer.

>dark cloud 2

One of the worst games ive ever loved

I thought the card game was pretty good too. The artwork alone was excellent. I was really said to see them euthanize so quickly.

It's just button mashing, but it was magical at 7yo

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Unironically enjoyed both of these.
Lockpicking in Fallout and Skyrim is trash though

Select the fuggin' characters inside like brackets.

Sad it took this long for someone to say it


>eject disc 5
>Insert disc 1
>wrong place
>go back
>eject disc 5
>Insert disc 3
very interactive

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How about a game of Gwent?

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Fun but too easy.
Then again plenty of retards were filtered by Caravan so I don't blame them for the difficulty.

It was shit, you could effortlessly lockpick anything at 5 security if you knew what you were doing.

that's what makes it the best though

>a minigame that rewards skill

You are both retarded.

I hate that minigame. It's by no means difficult, it's just so hideously tedious.

Lmao at this retard who can't play the tumbler game.

RPG? What's that? Character skill? Huh?

You are quite literally the dumbest fucking person I've ever had the misfortune of speaking to and I once met Donald Trump in person.

I lost interest in oblivion because of how stupid the lockpicking and conversation minigames were
another way that fallout3 was a huge improvement on their formula

You can literally tap square/x whatever and have your character attempt to complete it based off of stats you absolutely no game playing fag.

I loved this one even though it was impossible to figure out and I never got past it

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click out of one...

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Pic related will forever be the king of minigames for me

>plenty of retards were filtered by Caravan so I don't blame them for the difficulty
Carvan being shit is not because of the difficulty of the game, it's because the rules are only explained in a note that is annoying to read/scroll through. Plus there is no real 'incentive' to play.

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Chaos Theory's lock picking was simple but satisfying with controller vibration feedback. It was quick enough that it never got boring and you had the alternative of breaking most locks at the cost of creating a loud noise that enemies could potentially hear.

Blitzball. I would unironically play a standalone Blitzball game if it was more complex.

Skyrim lock pick was faster.

>Plus there is no real 'incentive' to play.
You can earn loads of caps early in the game and buy some expensive gear in Freeside.

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I remember this. That means I'm old.
Fuck you.

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Does this count

Is it a games jurno playing this

>no real 'incentive' to play.
It's free money. Novac in particular is a huge jackpot. Get No-bark's 2000 caps, spend them all at Cliff Briscoe's shop, win a game, spend your winnings, and repeat until he won't play any more.

For me, it's any gambling or fishing mini game

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