Why aren't shmup games popular with the mainstream?

Why aren't shmup games popular with the mainstream?

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gatekeeping working as intended.

Most people don't care about playing the same thing over and over again chasing perfection so shmups only offer like 30 minutes of middling content for them

because that's a good thing

Being hard and simple is a bad mix for the general audience.

its gay tryhard shit. also not a fun genre.

fucking HORSESHIT game but its pretty fun
You don't want them to go the way of fighting games, be glad they're niche

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No ones going to take that bait

sonic is technically shmup

>Entire genres "gameplay" consists of pushing in one of 4 directions
Now granted, idle games are weirdly popular and they have no gameplay but shmups are fun for like 10 minutes and then you're over it

>credit feed through a shmup while not engaging with the mechanics or scoring
Sigh... another genre conquered.
After fighting games (just hit the other guy by mashing buttons lol) and RTS games (just click faster lol) fully mastered I fear there is no genre left

a lot of people only want to see the ending, so when they mash a million credits to get to the end they think the game is easy, lame, gay and simple. And if they are told "to see the REAL ending you have to 1cc and not bomb!" they'll say, not without reason, "that's bullshit"

so you got a bad mix of elements that push people away.

the shmup community you find online is also generally super-opposed to practicing, getting better, or sharing strategy, which makes it harder to stick around when you have a bunch of shitters that think beating Baby Mode in Dragon Blaze in 20 credits is worth praise and respect rather than the small step of a longer journey.

Then you have the other autismos who hate the games in general and hate everyone who plays them. These people are on /shmupg/

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They're boring

I heard Japanese STG communities are pretty autistic with Caveshit, but overall there's forums and information everywhere.
Perhaps they've calmed down and started sharing, because I've found a ton of useful shit online.

It's one of those genres where it's only fun if you're good.

>gameplay front and center, minimal story until you beat the game
>requires paying attention at all times, cannot autopilot until you're at a high level of play
>actively shames you for playing like shit via continue screen, some genuinely lock content behind not using any continues as well
>usually very short, extended value comes from learning how to play better rather than raw content
its like they're tailor made to filter shitters

You already know user.
It's not that they are too hard, there's plenty of easier curtain shooters that exist.
It's not that the gameplay's repetitive, walking movie simulators are popular after all and are more repetitive.
It's because the mainstream audience doesn't like games that are about gameplay first. They all bought into the story meme

Too autistic for norms
They don't understand that you're supposed to 1cc it

>t. has never developed a skill in his life

>politely ask if someone has 1cced a shmup
>they completely blow my question out of proportion by saying ridiculous shit like "no i didn't beat it blind one handed while never shooting"
What is this meme, its just a 1cc.

>Dude lol you never took the time to move up down left and right haha I'm so good!
Whatever floats your boat

anything can sound incredibly simplistic if you break it down to the most basic thing.

>the shmup community you find online is also generally super-opposed to practicing, getting better, or sharing strategy
this is the exact opposite of my experience with anyone aside from touhou casuals. when i was trying to learn how to 1cc deathsmiles and asked for advice i got laughed at for needing help with what is generally considered on the easier side of the genre. was genuinely refreshing and it made me want to not be fucking shit.

>watches streamers for 18 hours a day
>practice a shmup for an hour every day?
>ayo fuck that fr fr i can't waste my time on that shit

Even if someone calls you shit and doesn't help just keep asking around and you will find help.
This alone filters out secondaryfags because only those truly interested will wade through it all.
We have to be harsh otherwise we'll end up like the FGC, a fate worse than death.

Moving in 4 directions while dodging enemy bullets is literally the entirety of your genre. It's not an oversimplification this genre IS simple.
Which is why it's boring. It has no depth, you either dodge the shot or you don't, repeat infinitely until the game ends or you give up

>doesn't post 1ccs with proof
>doesn't stream for us
Sure user you definitely play shmups and aren't a fucking shitter

Based, keep it that way before normies ruin it.
t. doesn't play shmups

I'm glad you had that experience, when I tried to give newbs advice all I heard was bitching about gatekeeping so I gave up.

there are lots of helpful resources and if you ask for advice people are usually falling over to give it cuz they want to talk about their favorite games.

you just get weird situations where shitters get turbo upset and take it personally instead of trying to get better, like go from 10 credits to 5 to 3 to 1, etc.

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im sure your post was good but I got distracted by the extremely erotic fairy

grrr. damn fairy! erotic... seducing 20cc shitters... needs correction

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Go play mars matrix
I'll stream for you if you want. I am working on thunder force IV right now

go do it then
post link

Too many pedos in the community

Good, go back to twitter and the FGC faggots

This, it's just boring and a thing that belongs to the past.

This, they're way too videogamey.
We don't play shit like Crash or Dodonpachi anymore, we've matured into real games like Last of Us.

You can only play so many until they repeat.
I don't know how the 360 got a few dozen of them.

you didn't beat the game

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They are. Touhou exists.

Also this, there's literally no difference between Ketsui and Border Down
Also all FPS games are the same and Doom clones and all fighting games are SF 2 clones

only 33% of Touhou fans actually play the games

33% DIDN'T play the games, not 33% DID play the games. You read it backwards.

i will now play shmups

Which of these guys gave you the most trouble?

For me it's mk. III. The speed of those lasersin Gradius 3 arcade is not OK.

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That's about 33% out
Touhoufags really don't play

They're gonna be once we're done with our game.

You keep spreading this meme and keep getting BTFO'd every single time. Why?

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Observing reality

Observing your own delusions, you mean. Unfortunately for you, the actual data doesn't care for your false narrative.

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This is the smoking gun touhoufags have? Asking a bunch of LARPers "without proof what have you totally 1cced teehee"
That's just sad

They are a cancer that should be permabanned.

>hurr touhoufags dont play the games
actually they do, here's sourced data to prove exactl-
>durr it's just a LARP
Come up with a better source then or shut the fuck up like the good little soigolem you are.

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Visit any touhou thread on Yea Forums and you'll see easily.
Or you could start a stream right now, but you won't

Tohotroon stop larping and fuck off.

>Visit any touhou thread on Yea Forums and you'll see easily.
You mean the ones full of players with lunatic 1cc clears, with replays to prove it? also
>recommending I touch the underage cancer that is streaming just to please some autist with an axe to grind
No fucking thanks. Will never understand why zoomies like you are so obsessed with that trash.
Sorry that you're butthurt your false narrative got called out dude, but touhou is a video games series and belongs on Yea Forums. Feel free to cry about it to the mods on IRC if it helps you sleep at night.

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>instead of simply streaming to prove he plays the touhoufag instead is continuing to avatarfag and write paragraphs
Like I said, they don't play

Tohotroon go and never come back!

>ignoring hard data because it conflicts with your false reality
Like I said, delusions.

It was literally proven touhoufags don't play, given I only asked you to stream and you haven't

I was going to make a thread
What's the most visually impressive sprite-based shmup?

>still hasn't provided an alternate source
You're really not good at this, you know?

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darius gaiden

It's legitimately just too repetivie, the reason why normies can't name the latest shmup but can name galaga or ikaruga or touhou is because the genre hasn't progressed much since the 90s. It's the same core game each time with different gimmicks. Even the yearly COD or FIFA game gives a unique experience each time, meanwhile in the latest anime shmup game its just the same shit as the last

Rayforce aka Gunlock aka Layer Section aka Galactic Attack, Jesus that one game has names.

Kek where is this pasta from, reddit? What garbage.

All video games is pressing buttons at the right time none of them are really hard lmao

>It was literally proven touhoufags
Incorrect as usual. See

>normies can name galaga or ikaruga or touhou
What planet do you people live on? I swear to fucking god you people want something to complain about so badly

its not that its just that the game genre is literally not fun. my type of games are more along the type of factorio. ToME, RoR2, Mount and Blade, MGSV, and Running With Rifles.

Fuck off normies, my games aren't FOR you

Back to twitter

kys shmup tranny.

Not sure what any of this garbage means

There isn't even anyone to gatekeep the games filter people by themselves

Rec me some real true visual KINO shmups like Einhander, G-Darius and Border Down