You didn't beat the game

You didn't beat the game.

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Bet you're the same faggot who is against abortion. Mind your own fucking business. There's a reason you're a lonely slob and it's not because people don't understand you.

maybe, but you still didn't beat the game

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>Mike Matei and JonTron

They're actually based and both of those opinions are %100 correct fag

I fucking love Mike, I really liked when James and Mike did their monday thing. They had good chemistry

>Mind your own fucking business
Pay for your own abortion.

If you aborted a baby irregardless of how long it's been on the womb, you still murdered a baby.

>Mind your own business and let me commit murder, it doesn’t affect YOU!

That’s not how a civilized society works, roastie

based jon tron fighting for meritocracy

mediocre zoomer casuals begone

Ok, I didn't.

What happens now? Do I go to Gamer Jail? Do you get some kind of bounty or a "good boy" sticker?

pve games take no skill only memorization

>irregardless of how long it's been on the womb
I get being against late abortions, but its not even a fetus really early on

jon tron is right about people hiding behind shitty arguments like that
the one that irks me is 'some of us dont have enough free time to git gud' but then will watch 8 hours of netflix every night.

no one cares its a fucking video game

don't care killing babies is based

I could not give a shit less about what some other retard does in their singleplayer games.

you cared enough to rewind

Abortions would be fine if the mother was killed too

It's the same shit as people who want easy mode in games, who really gives a shit, it's singleplayer, people can do whatever the hell they want and sniff their own turd.

I'll call a casual a casual but there needs to be some standard for what? For how a stranger spends their own time?
Fuck off.

I don't care about abortions but fucking own it. Pay for it out of your own pocket, call it what it is: murder of an unborn, and pay the social price for your crime. What you want is get away with being a whore in the most vile and disgusting way possible, to suffer zero consequences and rub it on people's face, when you have so many ways to avoid unwanted pregnancies ranging from not putting dick into your pussy, to getting female vasectomy with anything in between including but not limited to birth control, condoms, making the guy pull out to cum. You're the female equivalent of a gay bugchaser, you put yourself in a bad situation for a fetish and then ask society to take clean up your mistakes.

I use the rewind feature in the Castlevania Advance Collection since the drops are so rare and I don't want to have to spend another 30 minutes trying to get the drop again.

One less mouth for social welfare to feed.

Here's a "hot take": Bad bait should be a permanent machine ban

Jon is always so consistently based.
Too bad telling it like it is a no-no in today's limp-wristed society.

Do you even know how much more your taxes will spend on an unwanted child over aborting it you braindead moron?

I dont get why people get upset at being told 'You didnt beat the game.'. It's fine, you cheated, you didnt beat the game. Just accept it. You're just not as good as someone who didnt use those features- you're like the guys who used Game Genies, Game Sharks, Cheat Codes, etc.

And that's fine, too, you know? Some people are mediocre at things. If you're playing tennis againts someone and you begin the match with a handicap or shoot the other player with a tranquilizer, you didnt win the game really, either.

Why is this so much of a hot take?

>murder of an unborn
Damn, I'm a mass murderer every time I put on a Hitomi Tanaka video.

Because it's no different then someone just replaying the game until they memorize it. A savestate or rewind feature doesn't actually help you beat the game.

Both sides are retarded, people get upset for being told they need a crutch to play the game are retarded, people who insist playing the game with crutch didn't "beat the game" are retarded.
Both sides are just looking for validation on their opinions. Just play the fucking game, Jesus Christ.

>If you subscribed to Nintendo power you did not beat the games

Once it's attached/conceived it has a new unique dna sequence different than the mother and father


>against abortions even in the case of rape
>isn't aware of the many problems with the foster care system
>has no ideas on how to fix said problems
>isn't going to adopt ant kids themselves or advocate for other people to adopt
>isn't pushing for better financial aid to those who have to raise a kid despite being poor
>isn't pushing for better Healthcare
>isn't really a pacifist and only brings up the beauty of life in this specific matter
Why is this so common?

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It has DNA to begin with doesn't it? Is it just the uniqueness that's sacred?

Abortions are MEN'S RIGHTS, sweaty so yes, I am allowed to be against abortion, bigot.

Wildly incorrect, it completely depends on how competent you were at the game already. If you can consistently get through every level without losing any lives and die on the last one over and over, then using a rewind or save state doesn't change anything whatsoever, you still beat the game all you did was cut out the time spent going back through the part you've mastered which poses no threat. The save state or rewind feature is not altering the outcome in any way.
If you do still die sometimes on those stages, then it becomes different because the rewind or save state is infact altering the outcome, you might beat the game with 1 life left by using them whereas you had a substantial chance of having lost that life progressing up to that point again.

It's really not that fucking complex, very straight forward

>Support abortion because the world is overpopulated and killing would-be leftists is good, reproduction is degenerate
>Also don't want w*men or libtards to get what they want
I'm so on the fucking fence I can't fucking take it anymore I'm going fucking insane

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they don't realize the vast majority of abortions are nigger babies, simple as

Big cities existing is the main problem. Small communities the way we are supposed to live wouldn't have these hoes sexing 10,000 people before 16.
But regardless the pill and condoms along with 100 other contraceptives exist

>isn't a vegetarian

Too busy beating your mom

Not just eceleb Twitter garbage but 3 year old rotting eceleb Twitter garbage

Cruelty is literally the point.


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>beat the game
>schizo says you didnt beat it
>correct them
>lol u mad??

I'm here to help you user. Reproduction of the (wrong) people is degenerate. waman and libtards shouldn't get what they want. Just bring back the sterilization and eugenics programs.

i know it's a meme and all, but he's 100% right

Don't make your decisions based on what other people want. What do YOU want?

Here's my position: What's the race of the baby and is it mentally retarded? Simple as.

Get sterilized.

>Just bring back the sterilization and eugenics programs.
I don't disagree with this. I hate being a genetic fuckup, I wish I'd never been born.

>What do YOU want?
I want my enemies to die painful deaths, but that's not possible.
So realistically I just want to be able to say nigger or I hate women in public and not lose my job or life over it.

>hoes sexing 10,000 people before 16
post some more schizophrenic shit that only exists in the minds of /vpol/

You're a retard if you think death is a preferable alternative to foster care

You ejaculate fertilized embryos?

Someone who is that competent at the game isn't any of the disingenuous twats who will brag about beating said game with cheats in the first place. Or if they are it's a speedrunner cheating scenario in which case we get shit like the Riolu scandal.
It's really not that complex.

pathetic mindset, kill yourself

>Look, I know I beat the with a overpowered weapon, but so what? I enjoyed the game and I can experience the game however effin way I want! Doesn't mean I didn't beat the game, incel!
>Look, I know I beat the game on easy, but so what? I enjoyed the game and I can experience the game however effin way I want! Doesn't mean I didn't beat the game, incel!
>Look, I know I beat the game using exploits, but so what? I enjoyed the game and I can experience the game however effin way I want! Doesn't mean I didn't beat the game, incel!
>Look, I know I modded the game to be what's essentially vidya journalist mode, but so what? I enjoyed the game and I can experience the game however effin way I want! Doesn't mean I didn't beat the game, incel!
>Look, I know I watched a full LP of it, but so what? I enjoyed the game and I can experience the game however effin way I want! Doesn't mean I didn't beat the game, incel!
>Look, I know I completely dreamt myself beating the game, but so what? I enjoyed the game and I can experience the game however effin way I want! Doesn't mean I didn't beat the game, incel!

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Your entire argument stems from an irresponsible whore taking dick. Not getting pregnant in the first place also solves all those problems you listed without murdering a child.

because any claims regarding the sanctity of life are fraudulent. it's always been about forcing poor people to make more future wage slaves. otherwise the first world would cease to exist.

Doesn't matter because it takes two to tango. Coom is just as alive

>Look, I know I completely dreamt myself beating the game
you fucked up because this is based actually

uhhhh, horse shoe theory

We arbitrarily rank human life above cellular life, but it's pretty clear people have entered into giggle at the bad actor territory when they start advocating for single cell life. Not even a whole cell, a gamete.

Depends how early. At some stage the life can't feel pain, can't feel fear, it won't know suffering, it has never known happiness, love, personal possessions or relationships and so won't have had those taken from it.
Some would envy having their life extinguished at that point.

My point wasn't that abortion is good its that if you think it's wrong then there's a lot of issues you should also care about, for example why depend on adoption as a solution and then do nothing to fix the problems with adoption? It seems like no one actually has morals anymore they just have excuses

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>you still murdered a baby

jontron is a cringey racist

I'd rather the citizens of a country reproduce than import the third world and have that country's culture destroyed.

the very first thing he said was rape
you're right about the rest though

You're an unwanted child, sucks to be you.
I love my life and family and wants kids of my own.

Well we could do it more proactively and humanely against everyone we judge to suffer more than experience joy, but somehow that's "Taking it too far" and life becomes precious again.

Fine, fine, name a based racist then.

>Your entire argument stems from an irresponsible whore taking dick.
No it doesn't, my argument is about moral hypocrisy


Id beat the living fuck out of you, bet you have shriveled arms and got tossed in trash cans as a kid.

I've never seen anyone advocate against abortion in the case of rape or the death of the mother. Maybe in some backwaters, but nowhere near the mainstream.

>stopping a child from existing solves all those problems you listed without stopping a child from existing
You don't say